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Why Fast  
All the great reasons for you to fast. 
Ron and Tom  Length: 20 min

How To Fast
The basics on fasting to get you started 
Ron and Tom  Length: 21 min

Fasting For Intercession   High Speed    56K 
Move the mountain with prayer and fasting.
Ron and Tom  Length: 15 min

Tom McGregor's Fasting Testimony
Drug addiction and pain to freedom and health.
Tom    Length: 20 min

Fasting For Weight Loss
If you are fasting to lose weight then this is for you.
Tom   Length 11 min

Transform Your Eating Through Fasting
Hit the homeostatic reset switch and take a vacation 
from you cravings.
Ron and Tom  Length: 18 min

  DIET AUDIOS                                          

The Health Advantages of Eating Raw 
A fun pump up on the benefits of eating raw..  
By: Ron and Tom  Length: 15 min

How To Change Your Diet  High Speed  56K
Fun ideas to get you eating raw.  
By: Ron and Tom  Length: 17 min

Challanges Of Eating Raw 
A fun mp3 about the difficulties of eating a raw food diet. 
By: Ron and Tom  Length: 11 min


Call To Greatness 
In every trial and every step consider it greatness. 
By: Tom    Length: 18 min

I Give It All To You 
A story told in song about entering Heaven. 
By: Tom   Length: 6 min

Mastering Peace
How to readjust the heart to be at peace.

By: Tom   Length: 10 min
Battling Depression To Win 
  High Speed     56K 
The ways out of depression. Super encouraging. Classical guitar background. Nov 1/02
By: Tom  Length: 14 min

He Chose US
High Speed  56K 
Encouragement form the bible when you are down.
By: Tom  Length: 7 min

Waiting For a Spiritual Harvest 
How to wait patiently. 
Tom  Length: 8 min  

How to Pray   
Praying to move the heart of God.  
By: Tom  Length: 7 min

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Praying for what we need. 
By:  Tom  Length: 3 min

How to Forgiving Yourself
Letting the grace of God heal your heart.
By: Tom  Length: 9 min  

Finding Your Purpose   High Speed     56K 
How to find your purpose in life.
By:  Tom  Length: 12 min NEW


Tom's Bike Trip
Fun story about a mountain bike trip.
Tom   Length: 20 min

      It the audio breaks up, hit the pause button wait a few minutes and then play.