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Is fasting safe?
Everything has risks, but juice fasting is a safer healing method than medications. Your physician will monitor a fast if you request it but fasting is a normal body system that can be stopped at any time. Most overweight people carry enough calories stored in their fat reserves to last for months without food, so worrying about damage due to starvation on a 5 day juice fast is foolish.

Can I exercise while fasting?
Exercise oxygenates the blood. The pumping action of the muscles flushes the lymph system and cells of metabolic waste. Exercise is important but not necessary during a fast. You will feel weak during water fasting, and rest is advised. While juice fasting, you may experience an abundance of energy that can make exercise easy. At other times you will experience energy loss. At these times, limit yourself to stretching exercises, light walking or deep breathing. During a fast, try to avoid intense, physical activity even if you feel energetic. You can feel tired and weak for the next day or two after intense exercise as your body tries to recover the glycogen reserves in the muscles.

How much should I drink?

As much as you want! When water fasting, drink when thirsty. Your body has a homeostatic mechanism that triggers thirst in relation to the body’s need for liquid. On a water fast, I drink small amounts of water but a juice fast is another world. More juice means more calories and more energy. Drinking less juice means more intense detoxification and less energy. Working 14 hours a day of hard physical labor may require the calories of three cantaloupes or honeydews, one watermelon, plus herbal tea with honey and a vegetable juice combination. That is a lot of juice. If you do not have to work at hard physical labor, you can cleanse more quickly by drinking smaller amounts of juice.
Be careful not to drink too much watermelon juice in the morning. Gastric secretions are also waking up to activity. Too much acidic juice early in the morning may cause stomach cramps.

Will I get too thin during my fast?

If you are thin or average weight and you fast for 30 days on juice or 10 days on water, you will become very thin. Ribs will show, the face will become gaunt, and friends and family will display concern. But the body will quickly normalize its weight in 5-to-10 days after the fast. If you are thin to start with, fasting may allow you to gain additional weight after the fast. Metabolism is normalized due to the cleansing process. It is very important not to try to gain weight too quickly. The body can rebuild only at a set rate. Overeating will burden the body and undermine the rebuilding process.

Will fasting shrink my stomach?

From years of over-filling the stomach, it is no surprise that it has lost its natural elasticity. Fasting helps recover the stomach’s natural elasticity, restoring a flat stomach. After water fasting, you cannot eat big meals without feeling bloated, but that is a sign of a healthy body.

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88 Responses to Commonly Asked Fasting Questions

  1. patrick says:

    I am really intrested in fasting and detoxification. However, i have high liver enzymes and a fatty liver problem is fasting bad for my liver.

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Patrick
    Fasting is the best thing for your liver. The best is beet, carrot celery, apple, lemon made with a juice extractor. You should do at least a 3 day juice fast before attempting a water fast. The liver recovers very quickly with fasting. Just type liver in the search box of the site and you will see Carl Winebergs testimony it will be encouraging for you.

  3. Sheila says:

    Hi Tom,
    what about fasting during menstration? Im not sure it is wise for a woman to start one during her cycle but maybe afterwards? Let me know what you think.

  4. Ivie says:

    I am planning on starting a 10 day water fast, I feel I have the right motivation and will to do it. I have researched a lot about it and I feel is something I can do. But the only thing is, do I need to use an enema while fasting?, is it completely nescesary? will it be harmfull if I don’t?

  5. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Ivie,
    Using the enema is not required but it helps the fast.

  6. afton says:

    I have been having an upset stomach for two weeks now. I heard that fasting will help this. I also am about 40 pounds overweight. Will fasting help my stomach and help me lose weight? How long should I fast and what should I drink?

  7. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Yes fasting will help you stomach ulcer. Juice fast adding potato juice to the mix. I guess you did not read much on the site.

  8. courtney says:

    i’m a 15 year old girl who has researched fasting for months now. i’ve been eating strictly raw fruits & veggies for a week now. i weigh 126 pounds and am 5’5. i’m going on a 30 day water fast. could you give me an estimate of how much weight i can expect to lose? that’s not solely why i’m doing it, mind you. i’ve had a POOR diet for 3 months. and i want to detox and clease my system. although, losing weight is a plus.

    ps. this site is awesome! very inspirational

  9. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi courtney
    I always recommending juice fasting before water fasting. It build health and nutitional supplies. It also gets you through the start of the detox with ease.

  10. Jess says:

    Hi Tom!

    Hope you are happy and well!
    I am inquiring if fasting helps in the healing of ulcers?

    Jess :)

  11. JustJuicin says:

    I’m totally new to fasting of any kind, but I intend
    on giving it a go. I am a female truck driver, so I am
    very limited in space and possibilities. I am interested
    in juice fasting, but feel that due to circumstances
    bottled juices would work out best for me. Access to fresh
    fruit isn’t always easy. Could you please check out this
    website (, and tell me what you think?
    If you think it a good option, then which flavor would be
    best to use for minimal stomach upset?

    I want to try fasting because I am addicted to carbs & sugars.
    I would like to break this addiction!! I am 38 yo, 5’8″, &
    260#! I have bad knee joints along w/Fibromyalgia. I have
    PTSD from traumatic childhood events, along w/depression, ADHD,
    & OCD (all of which I have successfully been counseled over &
    am on many psychotropic meds). This leads me to my last question,
    will I be okay still taking these meds while fasting?

    Thank you so much ahead of time,

    P.S.- Sorry so long winded :P

  12. GreyMistFarthing says:

    Hello Tom,

    After reading your initial recommendation about starting a water fast with a few days of juice fast and then ending the same way, I started reading further. The impression I get is that I’ve approached the desire to fast naively. In this day and age, with a person close to 50, a lousy diet for years, on medications, what are the chances for a safe, let alone successful, long term water fast? I know nothing of the science other than what I’ve read recently. It appears that, if I am serious about this, then I need to research the topic of juicing before I consider going on the fast.

    Perhaps I need to re-think this and my approach?

    Thank you,


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Wise move Jeff. Water fasting of 20 days and up is like climbing a very high mountain with risk. Most fail. Most end with sore stomachs and depression. I just try to reduce the damage by supplying some wisdom. If you cannot make a 5 day water fast and break it correctly, you will never make a long water fast. My first water fast caused excessive vomiting for hours, dizziness and blinding headaches, and eating made it worse. You want to avoid that.

  13. Jess says:

    Hi Tom

    I was wondering if donating Plasma is okay to do while fasting?
    Thanks Jess

  14. Amanda says:

    I want to know how long a person can fast safely. I am very overweight, and diabetic (type two). I am only drinking teas, and boullions, with a small bit of half and half to keep blood sugar up. I am on day five, and want to continue for an extended period.

  15. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Jess,
    The will be the best plasma they ever took out of an arm.

  16. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Amanda,
    With a slow metabolsim you could do 100 days like that but not recommended as you are getting zero nutrition. We reverse diabetis here at the hospital, but what you are doing will not work to cure your body.
    Read this /juice-fasting/fasting-stories-and-testimonies/fasting-cured-hypertension-diabetes-cholesterol-arrhythmias-and-arthritis

  17. Frank says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’ve had stomach/digestive problems for most of my life (more than 30 years). I started taking supplements about 3 years ago and these helped a little. Recently after a two day headache, I decided to try the Candida diet. After only one day, my stomach pain disappeared. After 14 days and feeling pretty good, I decided to do a water fast (can’t have juice with candida). I’m on day 5 now and plan to “try” to make 10 days. I’m surprised by the results though. I guess the candida diet, helped to ease into the fast. I’ve been doing about an hour of walking each day, otherwise minimal exercise. I’ve only been tired for about an hour in the morning when I get up. Yesterday I seriously questioned whether I would be able to finish this fast, but today am feeling ok. Is it normal to continue to have regular bowel movements even after the 4th day? Also, when I drink water, I’ve been getting some uneasiness, acid reflux and feel like I want to throw up sometimes. Also, I feel like I have to have to have a bowel movement all the time. Are these symptoms normal.


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Frank
      These are normal symptoms. The desire to through up is due to the detoxification. Some potato juice will help, raw from a juice is the best or simpler some anti acid or calcium tablets. Also lemon juice may help with the candida. We have discoved the all bacteria in the blood is reduces by increase blood alkalinity. Both calcium tablets and lemon juice will do that. Take the calcuim with water.

  18. Kim says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m totally new to fasting of any kind, but I intend
    on giving it a go. I am a female truck driver, so I am
    very limited in space and possibilities. I am interested
    in juice fasting, but feel that due to circumstances
    bottled juices would work out best for me. Access to fresh
    fruit isn’t always easy. Could you please check out this
    website (, and tell me what you think?
    If you think it a good option, then which flavor would be
    best to use for minimal stomach upset?

    Thanks a ton,

  19. Jess says:

    Hi Tom

    During a Juice fast how much Protein do we get from the fruits and veggies?

  20. Jess says:

    Ok..I was just wondering about the protein because to donate plasma your protein level needs to be at a certain point or one cannot donate. Thanks!

  21. Skye says:

    Hi. I work long hours at work, and would like to do a juice fast. I can’t take the juicer into work, yet I’ve heard that freezing juice destroys the beneficial enzymes, and that refrigerating the juice leads to oxidation.

    How can I do a juice fast whilst at work?

  22. mark says:

    Tom i am on day twenty of a juice fast and my tongue never coated up like is says it will and i never noticed the foul breath does this meen that i am not detoxing? also have you ever had any experience with glyconutrients, my girlfreind is using them and her tongue is coating up.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Mark
      A coated tongue is due to detoxification. As to the glyconutrients there is nothing to substantiate their claim but they cannot hurt.

      Glyconutrient is a term used by the multi-level marketing company Mannatech, and other supplement vendors, to describe dietary supplements that contain a blend of simple sugars (monosaccharides) which are found in glycoproteins.

      As Mannatech uses the term in labeling many of its products, glyconutrient refers to mixtures of polysaccharides, such as exudate tree gums and high molecular weight aloe vera extracts containing fermentable dietary fiber and plant extracts, as well as simple sugars or starch.[citation needed] The company’s SEC filing more precisely identifies the contents of Ambrotose, its lead product, as “a glyconutritional dietary supplement ingredient consisting of a blend of monosaccharides, or sugar molecules.”[1] In the marketing literature, these sugars are said to be a blend and the precursors of the following eight simple sugars: Xylose, Fucose, Galactose, Glucose, Mannose, N-acetylgalactosamine, N-acetylglucosamine, and N-acetylneuraminic acid[2].

      The glyconutrients are identified in the textbook Harper’s Biochemistry as providing the composition for glycoprotein structures which are the basis for cell-to-cell communication.[3]


      * In an in vitro study whose lead author was a paid consultant[4], glyconutrients were added to samples of peripheral mononuclear cells taken from patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). When these cells were subsequently exposed to cells infected with herpes, they demonstrated increased activity compared with placebo. Other abnormal immune parameters were also improved in the CFS cells. [5]

      Many glyconutrient supporters claim that these sugars have become deficient in the modern diet; they maintain that supplementation can provide health benefits across a wide array of disorders. The American Cancer Society states “Available scientific evidence does not support claims that people are deficient in these sugars, or that dietary supplements containing them can prevent, treat, or cure cancer or any other disease.” [6] There are rare genetic disorders, such as leukocyte adhesion deficiency, in which the body cannot transport[7] a specific sugar due to congenitally deficient enzymes. There are no reliable, controlled studies to show that glyconutrients provide any improvement against any medical disorder.[8]

      The claims for the value of glyconutrients have not been substantiated; a lawsuit was filed against Mannatech in September 2005 for violations of the Exchange Act related to material misrepresentations made by the company concerning its products’ efficacy and uses.[9] This law suit was settled in mid 2008.

  23. mark says:

    so Tom does that meen that i am not detoxing if my tongue never coated up?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Mark,
      If you are juice fasting your body is always detoxifying. When the tongue is coated and the breath is bad then the body is cleansing a lot of mucoid matter from the lymph. But that is my theory. No serious research has been conducted to my knowledge so these cleansing events become speculation.

  24. Renay says:

    I wanted to find out if it would be safe for me to fast for 30 days if I have a concussion. I was in a serious car accident on April 20 I have whiplash and also injured my back. I will be off work for a few more weeks.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Renay,
      Yes, fasting is the best for recovery after accidents. I fasted after 2 accidents to speed recovery time. Juice fasting is recommended for a first fast with some water fasting days.

  25. Shawnaa says:

    Hello Tom;

    I asked for my parents’ consent for fasting, because it would make this easier for me as i wont have to lie to then about why I wont eat. But my mother said if i fast (I’m doing a 12 day water fast), then i’ll lost alot of weight, but gain even more back! I’m average weight right now but i have a lot of problems like i’m never hungry at the right times, I am constipated since i was very young, and my skin has patches of different tones and dry patches. I’m hoping this will help cleanse my body. Will I really gain twice the fat back? Because I am a teenager and I am very very body image concious.

    Thank you SOO Much;
    Shawnaa <3

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Shawanna
      Fasting is a science. Try a juice fast with a juicer before going to water fasting. It is far more therapeutic for your health issues.
      You can mess up your system with water fasting. And blowing a water fast can be very painful. If you do 3 days of juices you can do 2 on water and back to juice for 3. You will have more energy and fasting will be more enjoyable.

  26. Ollie says:

    Its awful when you’re in that hole with depression, but I believe you can climb out of it, its a long journey but boy is it worth it, as the suffering and the experience in the long term becomes an asset. Would you agree?

  27. paul ewing says:

    after 5 days im still deficating hows that possible without eating food or is this stuff that has been sitting in my gut??

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Paul,
      The average healthy male has about 5 lb of impacted fecal matter that fasting quickly removes often with strange sightings in the toilet bowel. Also juice has some pulp if you are juice fasting.

  28. violetlanice says:

    hey tom

    i am currently on day 8 of my juice fasting and have lost 20lbs.

    lately i have been feeling nauseated and dizzy!!

    i believe it may be the toxins now entering my blood, but when will it stop?
    I was 185 now i am at 165, 5’6

    I have had to leave work bc id get sooo dizzy and nauseated!!

    HELP! (with anything?)


  29. sunshine says:

    Hi Tom!

    Running across this website is a huge blessing, as I’ve recently become overwhelmingly drawn to holistic health and natural nutrition for healing. My question is regarding food allergies – I have Oral Allergy Syndrome which gives me allergic reactions to many raw fruits and vegetables. I am curious how I could follow a juice fast, with this being the case. If I stick to fruits/veg I can tolerate, will my OAS eventually be reduced so I can incorporate more into my juicing menu? Have you seen any cases like this?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Sunshine,
      OAS is a first for me but there are so many things you can try to juice, like yams to find the juice the works for you. Stay with the juices that do not cause a reaction. Generally food allergies can be completely healed through fasting.

  30. Karen says:

    Hi Tom,
    I know I have seen a post here about acid reflux and fasting, but have not been able to find the information. What juice do you recommend for that ??

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Karen,
      Potato juice may help mixed with other juices. Search ulcers in the top right as there are some stuff that may help.
      We discovered that 3 miles of road was wiped out here in the Philippine Mountains, getting power could take a few more weeks. Mostly the power never goes out for more than a few hours at the most. But 3 typhoons in a row did its damage. It is safe here in Sagada. I will answer when I can. I an in the van running of the car battery. And I sure do appreciate Kieth and members who are supporting each other.

  31. keith101 says:

    Acid Reflux

    First of all, try to eat small, frequent meals instead of three big meals a day. Small amounts of food each time would exert less workload on the stomach and therefore requires less acid secretion for digestion. Make sure to include foods that are high in complex carbohydrates in each meal. These foods, such as rice, breads and pasta, are able to tie up excess stomach acid and are often easy on the stomach.
    Avoid high-fat meals such as those from the fast food chains. High fat foods will remain in the stomach longer, thus causing the need for more stomach acid in order to digest them.
    But remember, don’t overeat! Eating too much of any foods will stimulate the stomach to secret more acids for digestion.
    Avoid or limit alcohol.
    Maintain upright position during and at least 45 minutes after eating.
    Try elevating the head of bed six to eight inches when lying down.

    Don’t think that beverages just quickly flow through your stomach without affecting acid production. Surprisingly, a lot of beverages stimulate acid secretion such as beer, wine and pop. The worst of all is beer. It could double your stomach acid within an hour.

    We have been told for years that coffee, acidic fruit as well as spicy foods can aggravate acid reflux. Therefore, we should avoid these in our daily diet in order to reduce acid reflux. A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, showed that none of this holds true. Researchers from the Stanford University found that the only two behavioral changes can reduce symptoms of acid reflux – eating less and elevate your head while sleeping.
    Hope this helps you Karen.
    Best regards Keith.
    Tom can advise you more soon, he is having problems with his internet conection as there was a typoon where he lives.

  32. Karen says:

    Thanks so much Tom for your response. I’m sorry you are having trouble with roads and power. Glad everyone is o.k. in your camp. I will tell my friend to add potato to her juice. Thanks

    Take care

  33. Stef says:

    Hi Tom, I am on my 8th day of fasting and have lost 14 pounds but I have not had a bowel movement. Initially I was on a water fast but on day 5 I drank some juice and had a small bowel movement, but none since. I started drinking juice again on day 7 but no bowel movement and my weight is staying the same. What can I do the get a bowel movement and keep the weight coming off. I dont have any hunger pains and I am shooting for 40 days. I feel great now but I want to detoxify and lose more weight.

  34. keith101 says:

    Hi Stef
    What you have said on your post is normal on water fasting, you wont have bowel movments, you had a slight movment with juice this is normal, the only time i had bowel movments on my 30 day fast was when i took an oral enema, you can buy these from the chemist or you can do a salt water flush, you take 1 ltr warm water 1and a half table spoons of salt, mix it through the water then drink it in one sitting, it should take about 1hr 30 mins to work, but trust me it will, do not stray too far from the loo, you can add a little lime to offset the taste, or go to the chemist and buy an oral enema.
    However i have read that taking oral enemas powder or pill form only flushes out the colone, however the salt water flush does flush out the colone and also the intestines, only drawback is horrible to do but the benifits of this is that your waight loss will start moving forward again, only do an enema which ever you choos 1 in every 4-5 days
    Best wishes on your fast Keith Site Admin.

  35. spartunz says:

    I have heard conflicting arguments in terms of fasting for the purpose of weight loss. Is the weight loss permanent if you incorporate a daily exercise regime as well as change the bad habits that were part of your daily life prior to fasting? Or do you gain all the weight back? Any and all responses are greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Spartunz,
      Weight gain is excess calories. Weight loss come by a change in lifestyle. Fasting can be a quick temporary fix of a huge step toward a dramatic transformation of lifestyle which is dependent on how much you want change and are you willing to be uncomfortable and out of the comfort zone long enough for the lifestyle to become a way of life.

  36. Nancy says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have read up quite a bit on fasting but still very confused. Nevertheless, I am very eagle to try out because I really hope that it can heal my depression.

    One question..if after 4 days of fast (alternate between juice & water), there is no bowel movement, can I take pysllium powder?
    I read that laxatives are not recommended. I am not comfortable with using enema. So, I suppose I need to take something to make my bowel move.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you & God bless.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Nancy
      If you do not eat your bowel do not move. It is not constipation of a problem just physics. Yea you could take psylium but I find it mucus forming. No bowel movement is not a problem during fasting, it is normal.

  37. keith101 says:

    Hi Nancy
    The best cleanse you can do is the salt water flush.
    I stand by my recomendation of it” as it cleans out the intestines and colone.
    I have read extensivly into the flush and have performed it on myself many times, without any problems “apart” from a good sleep and a deep cleanse of the inners.
    Try getting that from colonic irregation?
    Blessings Keith.
    ps if you need information how to do the {SWF} let me know.

  38. Nancy says:

    Hi Keith,

    A colonic irregation? Does it mean I have to get a professional to do it? I do not wish to incurr more cost.

    How to do a SWF? Will taking salt hurt an empty stomach? I am afraid of getting gastric problem if I do the whole fasting wrongly.

    Thank you.

  39. stargaza1124 says:

    I am interested in fasting, but I have lymphedema. I’ve done A LOT of research, but can’t find anything linking to it. I’m nervous that all of the toxin will wreak havoc on my engorged leg. What are your thoughts? Would fasting be ok or beneficial? Or harmful?

  40. coburn says:

    About 2 months ago, I successfully completed my first 14 day juice fast. I am going to go for 30 days next. I think I may have found a worm in my stool and I was wondering if the is a cocktail I could take to help eliminate any worms/parasites I may have. Though there was no movement it sure looked like it may be a worm , better safe than sorry! Thanks for any help! Liz

  41. violette says:

    I am 5’3, weigh 121 pounds, 22 year old girl. In the past few months I gained 20 pounds because of compulsive overeating, so my reasons for fasting are breaking this exhausting habit, weight loss, and learning to deal with my emotions. I just did a 2 day water fast, and had to break it on the 3rd, because I woke up feeling extremely weak, with very strong and fast heart beating, and strong acetone breath, all which got me pretty worried and scared. This is the second time it happens, my last attempt at fasting ended exactly the same way, on the 3rd day. Other than that I’ve done several 1 day fasts. Are those symptoms normal? I could try to get through it, but I’m afraid it might be dangerous. I would really like to do a 2 or 3 week fast.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Voilette
      You have not slowed down and read much. Fasting is a science. NEVER WATER FAST ON YOUR FIRST FAST has been repeated thousands of times on this site.
      Buy a juicer then try again. You have to find peace. You have to invest time in prayer or at least some positive calming thinking. The battle with food is the battle of you thoughts and emotions; you cannot win unless you win in the mind. Slow down, and read.

  42. violette says:

    And also, I felt very nauseous, and had an urge to vomit. Thanks in advance for your reply!

  43. Samuel says:

    Hi, I recently read about a coconut oil fast, which benefits include a killing of candida in approx 7 days.

    Any research available, or anyone tried it?

    I may try it for a few days to see how it goes.

  44. Ron says:

    Hi Samuel, First I’ve heard of it.

    Candida (believed to be a fungus) is one of the hardest things to get rid of. It’s organic, but acts like a parasite! Very strange substance.

    People that have fasted several times have (not) been able to achieve total eradication. The candida can actual hide and go dormant for long periods of time.

    Sugar (in any form), or food that turns to sugar in the body will feed it forever!

    There are “chemical” medicines that are very potent, and successful at getting yeast out of our bodies. But, at what costs? Some medications change the molecular structure of our organs, and bodies! I’ll stick with all natural thank you!

    Anything is possible, but I wouldn’t trust “fully” any claim unless there is proof positive. There is a test for candida, but in a dormant stage it will not show up in the blood.

    The best we can do is keep “ALL” processed foods and sugars to a very small percentage of our diet. And keep up on our “pro-biotics”. Then our “healthy” body is able to protect against the yeast overgrowth.

    Natural substances that are proven in fighting candida are: Oregano oil(very powerful anti-fungal), Garlic & Aloe vera juice.

  45. jasminy says:

    hello. I am on day 10 of a juice fast. I have lost 12 pounds so far even though I am not necessarily doing it to lose weight. I do need to lose weight so it’s an extra bonus. I am fasting for lupus, thyroid nodule and OCD. My lupus symptoms have been so much better since I started the fast. I stopped all medication except for my lexapro. I am weaning myself off. My question is do you think fasting while weaning myself off lexapro will help reducing withrawal symtoms? thank ou

  46. Ron says:

    Hi jasminy, I don’t know for sure, but fasting does help with many kinds of withdrawals. Rest assured that by juice fasting, you are giving your body all the tools necessary to rebuild and revitalize. Just go slow. And stay in touch with your doctor about your plans, and results.

  47. jasminy says:

    Hi Thank you. I was and i guess still am, (just a little concerned) optimistic since i HAVE been able to lower my dosage without major OCD symptoms which was never possible before. I just worry about the next few days and didn’t know if anyone had experience on that. I guess if i feel bad i will start taking a small dose again, maybe every 4 days…. thanks again and I am glad I am here for support.

    by the way I am sorry I didn’t put my info, i am a 32 yr old female. 5ft 9 and a half. 160 pounds. fasting to get rid of symptoms of lupus, hashimoto, thyroid tumor that was recommended to be removed because 30% chance it is cancer (biopsy came bck suscpicious) and OCD which i have had since 2006. Been on lexapro and ativan sincw 2007. I stopped taking my PLaquenil, Neurontin and Ativan on day 3 of my fast.

  48. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Jasminy,
    For Lupus a 30 day juice fast may heal it and at the worse boost your immune system. It will also address the root cause of caner. It will also reduce the OCD. Take a look at

    • jasminy says:

      Thanks it is a very interesting article.

      I always used to think that my ocd symptoms would come back right away if I stopped my med AND didn’t eat anything. In the past if I missed a dose, I would feel terrible or have crazy cravings for carbs. Today, it’s been 5 days since I last took my lexapro and I am not as bad as I thought would be. I have trouble sleeping so I bought some homeopathic liquid remedy which was recommended by someone I trust at WFoods and it has helped. I was confused the past couple days though because my head feels odd, as if I am a lighted all the time and I first thought maybe it was from teh fast but i think it is a withdrawal symptom now.

      I worry now that 30 days might not be long enough? How will I know? Should all symptoms be gone before I stop fasting?

      I have another questions about taking supplements, I read on this board that it is ok to supplement vitamins but I am confused…wouldn;t that wake up the digestive system? Should I take liquid vitamin and supplements?

      Thank you. Support is important now. I have much fear about not being able to last 30 days lately but I know my body needs to heal itself. It has been too many years of suffering of ailments, etc.

  49. jasminy says:

    Can i have your opinion on this article from : this site:

    Myth #13. Cleaning out toxins will take care of burnout.

    “The accumulation of toxins that occurs as the body can no longer remove them properly contributes to burnout. Exposure to toxic metals or chemicals can be an important factor in burnout. Eliminating them is helpful. However, energy is required to release toxins. If the energy system is weak, just fasting or detoxifying will not be enough. One must rebuild the entire energy system by balancing body chemistry and providing nutrients as well. A one-month or even six-month cleanse is nowhere near adequate. It can take a year just to replenish one mineral. For those in burnout, extreme detoxification programs such as fasting, raw foods or even chelating agents can be dangerous. This is because the body lacks the vitality to properly eliminate toxins, the eliminative organs are compromised and toxins may be redistributed in vital organs. A gentle, complete program of rebuilding and nourishing the body must accompany any efforts to eliminate toxins. In fact, as vitality improves, toxin elimination will proceed on its own.”

    do you agree that fasting can be dangerous for those with adrenal fatigue?

  50. Ron says:

    Hi jasminy, I read it with interest. But, I still believe with the help of God the body can heal itself from anything, given the proper nutrition, rest and exercise. There is proof of these facts all around us!

    Where is the proof of those claims? If you read all the way to the bottom of that article you will see that it is just an opinion (see below):

    “All information posted on this web site is the opinion of the author and is provided for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the United States. Consult the healer of your choice for medical care and advice.

  51. jasminy says:


    I have had so much doubt and worries lately. I just don’t want to make anything worse. I am at day 11 of my fast and I guess I need to suck it up and have faith. I told myself today that if I make it to 30 day then i can do anything in life. I think this fast is more than just a fast. It is definitely an emotional and spiritual thing too.

    Thanks for reminding me that this is just someone’s opinion and that I can do this.


  52. jasminy says:

    Hello everyone,

    Today is day 14 of my juice fast. This weekend, I decided to do a water fast which was actually not as hard as i thought it was going to be. I was just a little tired of juicing and felt the weekend would be ok to water fast. I had no energy though. I basically sat all day and took a nap as well.

    I have a few questions if anyone can answer: i have been having shooting pain on the left side sort of where the liver is but maybe it is my intestin? I did an enema hoping it would help but it’s still there.Is this just a detox symptom?

    Also my other question is, i do not feel as good as did a week ago, is it normal to not feel as energized and tired at this point of a fast? What do you normally notice at day 15? I have also been thinking of food a lot, which I read somewhere is sometimes an indication the fast should be broken? Is that true? My tongue is still coated and I don’t know if I am “clean” enough to stop but it is definitely harder now that it was the past two weeks.

    Suggestions? Thoughts? I need support. Thanks so much


  53. jasminy says:

    oh and also I have sore throat and head pressure. Is that normal at this point (two weeks in)

  54. jasminy says:

    sorry me again. I have been really struggling and I am not happy with me wanting to eat. It is so important for me to stick to this until I hit 30 days. I have read that having some almond milk is ok? That would mean the world to me if i could drink other things than juice. I normally drink vanilla almond unsweetened milk in my protein shake….does anyone thing is it is ok. It is only 45 calories per serving? It’s not really bad is it?

    Gosh I just need something to change things up so I can keep going.

  55. Ron says:

    Hi jasminy, The pains are most likely detox effects. Your organs are working overtime to process all the crap in your body. Soy & almond are protein based. This will slow or stop your detoxing. It won’t end the world if you need to mix it up with a protein based drink now and then. But keep in mind that you cannot fast properly on proteins. In fact, long-term protein fasting has been considered dangerous.

  56. jasminy says:

    Thanks Ron

    I was just going to drink the almond milk (which actuallly says it only has 1g of protein per serving) without protein shake. But I might stay away anyways. I drank tea today and put a little tiny bit of honey in it bc my throat was really hurting. I hope honey is ok.

    My back is really hurting! I thought it would get easier but this fast is becoming harder and harder everyday.

    Tomorrow is day 15. Half way there. I only drank 16 oz of juice today (carrot celery apple ginger). I took a 30 mn walk and sweated so much.

    Thanks again. have a great day

  57. jasminy says:


    I am finishing day 18 today. I am really thinking i should stop because the past 4 days I had had really intense pain on my right side (around the liver) I am afraid I am developping gallstones. I did a gallbladder flush but it didnt help. All it did is make me gain weight. I am really worried i am going to jeopardize my health by continuing. I wish i could go on but I am really worried and I do not want to go to the doctor bc they will want to probably remove my gallbladder.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  58. jasminy says:

    Hi Tom. I saw your response on my email but do not see it here. Anyways, thank you, I appreciate it….do you think I should stick to it though ( either way I am going to continue through the weekend) but I am still debating if I should stop at day 20 bc of the pain.

    Can I possibly be damaging my liver and gallbladder? WHat a bummer. to have gone this far and stop. Will breaking the fast with raw food make the pain subside? I feel like I am cheating on myself if i start eating but i want to what is best.

    Thank you. This site has really helped me through this fast.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Tom, I have been off line for 4 days and now we still have a poor connection so sorry for lack of support. But yes, as I said in the email water fasting can damage the liver and kidneys.
      Best to juice fast as that heals the liver and kidneys.

  59. jasminy says:

    Hi everyone. ,

    I have been coming out of my juice fast slowly since sunday. I pretty much have only been eating watermelon, cucumber and I had some endive once. SInce I have been breakiing the fast my anxiety has been worse, my aches are back. I am a bit worried and it makes me wonder….is this normal. Also it is hard going to the bathroom. I feel a little bloated too. It’s so strange.

    any suggestions or experience with breaking fast greatly appreciated

  60. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi jasminy,
    Questions like this should be asked on “your progress report” so we can see the background.
    You need to replace your intestinal bacteria.
    Other than this I do not have enough info.

  61. jasminy says:


    Oh I realized 10 days into my fast that I could do a progress report here and so I didnt do an official one but I gave my info in a previous posts. um, none of my health pbs were digestive. was fasting for lupus, thyroid tumor and ocd. Did a juice fast for 20 days. I will follow advice on the intestinal bacteria! thx.

  62. Hollyz32 says:

    Hi Tom, Please answer a question for me.

    I’m on day 6 of a 10+ day water fast and its been much, much easier than water fasts I’ve done in the past, 5 days was the most until I needed to switch to juicing. I may go longer depending on how I feel at day 10 but no longer than 21….because of a trip and need time to break fast slowly. I’m fasting for several reasons, mostly spiritual, followed by getting in control of over eating, lastly weight loss. Although, I’ve already lost 10 of the 20 pounds I needed to shed. Here’s the question I have for you. On day 6 my lower back started hurting really bad. I did an enema last night and will again tonight. I did read you page on intense back pain, but my concern is that may sites say that if not under supervision you can actually cause permanent kidney damage. I really want to go the entire 10 days, at least., but don’t want to be foolish about it. What do you think?

  63. Ron says:

    Hi Holly, Tom is on a mission in New Guinea. There is a blog on the front page of this site explaining the wonderful work he is doing. He checks in from time to time. I’ll try to help.

    If you are relatively healthy, and are not on any medications a 10 day water fast won’t be a concern. Just break your fast slowly by juicing and eating raw foods for a few days afterwards. The back pain is normal, and usually a symptom of detoxification. Your kidneys are working their magic!

    If you feel you may have health issues consult your doctor for a physical before fasting. Also most local holistic consultants are very knowledgeable and helpful about fasting these days. Ron