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First Time Water Fasting, Age 63, Suspect Cancer

I should say this is my first really serious attempt to water fast.  I tried before and didn’t make it to 3 days. This time I am now on day 7 and aiming for 10 days water fast and then switch to juicing for 20 to 30 more days (have not decided yet).

I feel pretty good today as far as not being weak or foggy brained as in the past days sometimes I have felt weak and befuddled and achey.

I am doing this to try to get right with God, and as a way to get my health back.  I have no confidence whatsoever in allopathic doctors and have not been to one in 30 years, although I do not really feel well. I just try one supplement after another and try to eat right (ie raw milk and pastured eggs and as much non processed “real” food as I can.)

If I had cancer I would not want to know and if I did know I would not let the doctors near me with their “treatments.”

My digestive system is not working right and I figure this fast will fix it.  My mother died a horrible death of colon cancer, and you could not pay me enough money to go to a doctor.  I didn’t think much of allopaths before my mother got sick, and when I saw what the doctors did to her that clinched it.  They pretty much sent my father to an early grave as well with their “treatments” for rheumatoid arthritis (that destroyed his immune system and a common cold took him down to the grave).

I am obese (250 pounds at 5’2″) and my health is going straight downhill. No energy at all, and always hungry.

I have been drinking Essiac tea with dandelion root powder mixed in along with IP6, dandelion root, and Citrimax (gardinia plant). I don’t know if my body is absorbing any of that. I have been taking my supplements also of B complex, C and some others.

Today, day 7,  I am starting to dream of mashed potatoes and gravy and roast beef and buttered corn and tossed salad.

But it will be many long days before I can eat regular food again and hopefully by the time I get to the end of my fasting journey the food won’t have its stronghold on me anymore.

I am looking for a new lease on life. For those of you who are Christians, if you want to pray for me to hang in there, that would be great.

This is a great site.   I did not know about catabolism.  Seems like everybody who is feeling sick and has conditions should be fasting. If people can be pulled from death’s door after undergoing the chemo and radiation and surgery, just imagine what people can do who have not gone that route.

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25 Responses to First Time Water Fasting, Age 63, Suspect Cancer

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Cab,
    One thing I seriously recommend is to own and juicer and know how to make fresh juice. The foods you dream about are the one you can binge on if you blow the fast. If you do blow a fast or are breaking a fast juice is amazing. It also floods the body with nutrients that are needed for healing.

  2. cab says:

    Hi, Tom. Great site here. Thank you so much for the extremely helpful, cut-to-the-chase information.

    Actually, I do own a juicer, a cheap one that leaves very wet pulp behind. I have also placed a bid on a Champion juicer on e-Bay, and I will know in a few days if I won it or not, so by first week in April I may own a commercial type juicer by Champion. I have already purchased six heads of cabbage and a lot of carrots, and will get some beets when my daughter can get to a store in the city that carries them, since they are out of season now. I will be planting my own veggies and hopefully will have lots to juice during the summer. I think I’m going to have to be on this juice fast for a few months to accomplish what I want.

    Well, it is 12:06 a.m. and I am officially now on day 10 of my water fast and have not cheated one time. I am proud of myself. Especially because yesterday (or actually day before yesterday) I took some dandelion root pills (supposed to be good for the liver, a spring tonic, you know, and all kinds of good things, curing cancer too). But dandelion root stimulates the bile to flow, which produces HUNGER. Well, that made me very, very hungry, and not the kind of hunger pains that go away after awhile, but the kind that just stay on and gnaw away. I couldn’t think straight all day, could hardly function.

    I recommend not to take dandelion root powder when on a fast.

    I spent the day dreaming of food, called my daughter to tell her of a great recipe she should try. Living vicariously through someone else, enjoying food through them, you know.

    It’s a good thing I cleaned out my refrigerator and sent all my perishables away with my daughter.

    I don’t feel very well today either. The fact is, my digestive system is just not working right. I knew it was not, and is one of the main reasons I am on this fast and able to focus and stay on it. I feel like it is a matter of life or death, and I am not ready to die yet.

    I took your advice, Tom, about the enema on the first day of my water fast, and I guess it didn’t do the job. I had edible clay (bentonite) and activated charcoal a few days before I started my fast and I think it is still inside me.

    I am suffering from severe brain fog also.

    So today is the last day of my water fast, but I may actually end up keeping on with it if I think I may go overboard on the juicing. Also I do not have the beets and radishes yet that I need for juicing, and I will not start until I have the beets.

    I don’t have a scale so I can’t weigh myself to know if I am losing weight or not. I have noticed that my legs don’t hurt like they used to and I am able to walk better. I am sure this fast is going to make a huge difference, for the better, in how I feel. I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I have no doubt whatsoever that fasting is going to be the best thing I can do for myself to change things around.

    God bless you, Tom, and the rest of the people who post on this site.

  3. cab says:

    One other thing. I guess my edit time has expired on my original post, but I wanted to clarify my statement that colon cancer killed my mother. Well, I would truthfully say that the treatments she received for her colon cancer are what killed her more than her colon cancer. And perhaps of those “treatments” out of a Frankenstein horror movie did not exist in today’s wonderful modern world with its medical wonders (or horrors, whichever you prefer to call it)she would have instinctively gone the route I am going, fasting. Obviously if what you put in is not coming out, it means you should stop eating, right?

    Instead she had her myelin sheath removed, and half her insides, and my poor mother suffered so much.

    I am so glad I have been taking vitamin D throughout the winter. This will keep my bones strong. Having a digestive system that does not work properly means getting very brittle bones at my age, and that would be all I would need to fall and break a bone. Then I would have to go see a (shudder) allopathic doctor.

    Sorry to be so biased against these “doctors” but I am just astounded at their lack of knowledge of nutrition, diet and common sense things to do to be healthy, and the way they push their murderous medicine as agents of Big Pharma. Why bother going to college for 7 or 8 years, if you can’t even do anything but prescribe Prozac and statin drugs when you graduate? May as well go work at MacDonald’s, do more good for society that way.

    Sorry to be so crabby. Maybe it is my brain fog and lack of feeling well.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Cab
      I think that many would agree with you the dangers of doctors and modern medicine. It is a money machine and corrupt. Yet there are good hearted doctors, trying to do the right thing even if it means going against the norm. Cancer is a blank pass to for many expensive and ineffective treatments. We saw tumors shrink daily using natural low cost treatments. To promote it may be years with a few hearing the message.One month ago, a 93 year old woman who juiced every day in excellent health, broke a hip when she feel. The doctor thought is may be bone cancer and prescribed chemo. She died with the first injection. The tests came back that she did not have cancer.

  4. cab says:

    Tom, that is a horror about the 93 year old lady who died with her first injection of chemo. What can doctors be thinking to inflict that kind of poison on a person as old as that.

    My uncle was about 93 when he broke his hip. They put him in a nursing home to “care” for him, and when he objected to the way he was treated and demanded to be let free, they injected him with “tranquilizers” and killed him.

    My father was “treated” for his rheumatism with cortico-steroids which destroyed his immune system and weakened him, ate away all his muscles. He was a very muscular and active man before. When he was 72 he caught a cold and could not fight it off and died in the hospital on tubes and such, unable to speak, in a semi-coma, able to hear and understand but not able to communicate. What a horror.

    I want to die at home. I don’t want to know what is wrong with me, just know when I don’t feel well and do what I can for myself with fresh air, sunshine, herbs, and fasting.

  5. cab says:

    My aunt was in her late 70s when she suffered a mild stroke. Rather than sit on the porch and take it easy, she elected for heart surgery. Of course it killed her, even though she was in great health otherwise. A person that old cannot withstand that kind of abuse to their body.

    I hate modern medicine. Now with Obamacare we will all be forced to not only pay for it, but also to be required to submit for their tests and vaccines and such. What a horror.

    The whitecoats are coming!! (That is what Dr. Carley calls them)

  6. cab says:

    The good news is I made it through my 10-day water fast without cheating. The bad news is that my juicer does not work. It is an Admiral, something a friend of mine bought for me at a thrift store a few years ago and I used it about twice and packed it away. It was working fine, then.

    Now it will not turn on at all. Nothing.

    So I guess I will be waiting to see how the auction a ebay turned out and staying with my water fast longer than I had planned, but I was flexible about that anyway, so it is okay. I woke up in the middle of the night and my stomach was hurting, and I felt sick, nauseous, so that is when I got up and hauled out my juicer, cleaned it up, and cut the carrots ready to go. But nothing.

    I drank an ounce or two of carbonated water tonight, and perhaps that is why I feel just downright sick, and was wanting to juice something to feel better.

    Sometimes that is the way things go, and in fact quite often they do go that way around here, it seems. But I am praying I win the auction on the Champion Juicer. If I have to go another week or so on the water fast, so be it (Lord willing). I am not giving up on my fast because of an electrical failure of a juicer even if I have to go 40 days before I can find an affordable juicer.

    What a shock though to see my juicer just stone cold dead. Maybe that is why it was in the thrift store, because it is “tempermental?”

  7. cab says:

    Well, I solved the problem of my juicer, or rather my daughter did. I was so foggy brained today I could not think straight, and plus I don’t feel well, a fever and sneezing and I just feel out of it today. My daughter came over at 4:00 today and it took her two seconds to figure out the problem with the juicer. It has an automatic safety feature that you have to snap the top on tight and that presses a little button that I had overlooked in my brain fog, and allows the juicer to start.

    So I made one glass of carrot, celery and apple juice. Tasted great.

    Then an hour later I made cabbage (good for stomach problems), celery, broccoli and I found one more apple in the vegetable bin, kind of puckered, but oh well. That was also delicious.

    This juicer I have, an Admiral, juices really fast. I shoved the cabbage in the top and the juice just gushed out. Same with the carrots. Celery seems to be mostly water, lots of juice from that. The broccoli, not so much juice, but nice and green, and I could taste it.

    My stomach has been hurting, bothering me since yesterday, and I have the chills alternating with a slight fever, so I figured I must be coming down with a cold, so just now at 7:45 I decided to make myself a glass of grapefruit juice, and juiced two red grapefruits. Yum. The juice was kind of thick. This juicer I think does let in some pulp.

    Tomorrow I find out if I won the Champion Juicer on ebay. If so, I can let my daughter borrow this one. It is a dandy juicer, this Admiral my friend bought for me at the Thrift Store for $3.00.

    All in all, a pretty good day. I made it through 10 days of water fasting without cheating, and today I started on the juicing, three glasses of satisfying and delicious juice. Is it true I can have as much as I want?

    Tomorrow, I want to buy some pineapple (good for the digestion), Granny Smith apples if they are on sale (if not I will get whatever is on sale), and some more citrus fruit.

    Beets seem to be hard to find this time of year, so we are still waiting to find them in the stores.

    I think I could write a recipe book on all the things I have thought to cook while on this fast! I should note them all down because later I won’t remember them. They are pretty good ideas for making healthy, delicious casseroles.

  8. cab says:

    Obviously I have a food addiction and a food obsession, and Lord willing, I will break it on this fasting journey I am on.

  9. cab says:

    Well, it’s day 13 of my fast, which is no longer a water fast. It is now a juice fast or a — I’m not sure what. Let me explain.

    Day 11 I had three glasses of juice made by my Admiral juicer but they did not agree with me. I had to get up in the middle of the night and do an enema. I lay in the hot tub for awhile.

    So yesterday I had a glass of carrot juice and that’s it. I drank ginger and turmeric tea and ate a Granny Smith apple. Why? Because my juicer was not acting right and also because I thought it would help me clear my colon which still, after all this time, is not clear. And I had bad pain under my ribs and just felt sick.

    Today I ate some pineapple and I am sipping ginger and turmeric tea and taking milk of magnesia. I will make some cabbage juice later when I have enough focus to handle the clean-up.

    I’m just not doing that great. But fasting has its ups and downs, and at least with the fasting I know there is hope for the future instead of a steady down-hill plunge without the fasting.

    I did not win the juicer on e-bay but there is another one “buy now” for less than the one I bid on went for and for less shipping. But now I am considering a Brevelle juicer. Meantime, my juicer does work, even though it is hard to get it apart to clean it. Maybe it is just that I don’t have patience or focus to figure out how.

    I’ve got other things going on right now that are draining my attention and energy, such as sick goats who ate too much grain and trying to nurse them so I don’t lose them, and bills to pay, and just stuff.

    The discount juicer site guy recommends not to juice fruits but to blend them, because they are mostly water and are hard to juice, and because he says you end up with “sugar water.” He recommends blending the greens and carrots and celery and root vegetables that he says we do not get enough of, and the fruits to blend instead.

    I’m wondering, Tom, what your opinion is of this.

    Meantime, today I’m going to be drinking ginger/turmeric tea and I might eat one more small granny smith apple today, which with the two slices of pineapple I had for breakfast will be it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  10. cab says:

    Wish there was a way to edit these posts. I meant juice the root vegetables, not blend them. Also, I will try to incorporate juicing cabbage today if I can focus on the clean up, taking the juicer apart. It is hard to unscrew the two parts of the blender to get the top part off to clean it, and I don’t know if I have the strength.

  11. cab says:

    Not to leave on a sour note, I just want to say I thank God for this site and for the opportunity to fast, that I have my own juicer, and a supply of fruits and vegetables, that I have already gone through 10 days of a water fast and now on day 3 of a sort-of juice fast. Brighter days are ahead, and if it takes two or three or four months to get my health back, that is a small price to pay.

    I also home-schooled my daughter, and it was not a bed of roses either, but still worth it. One thing I am not doing is giving up on this fast, and I will probably be a juicer the rest of my life. I do know that people when they get older produce much less hydrochloric acid to digest their food. Yes, I have tried taking the pills, but they don’t really agree with me either. I drink vinegar sometimes to help things digest. But when we get older I think we need to juice to get more concentrated nutrition that is quickly and easily absorbed by the body.

    • Once says:

      Hi Cab,

      I’ve read your posts, and have a lot in common with you. I have had stomach troubles all my life, and had low hydrochloric acid on a test at 15. And several pregnancies certainly did not improve my GI function. In fact, it has all but packed up, and I’ve had IBS, SIBO, and DEFGH!! As much as I’d like a raw diet – a small selection of cooked fruits and veggies, and avoidance of dairy and wheat/gluten has kept it manageable. I have resented my “precious” digestion – but in a way it’s kept me from junk food, meat, alcohol – it hurts too much to eat it!! Fasting is really helping me, although the juice of raw fruits and veggies is too intense if I don’t dilute it with water, and I am 100% in agreement with your views on “modern medicine”. Every time a prescription is given to one of my kids I am in a real dilemma. If you’re in imminent danger from injury or disease, they can probably help you – emergency surgery is a godsend, but for chronic conditions – I try avoid doctors like the plague!!! My last gastroenterologist was unable to help me, and each new medication he tried me on made me really sick! He told me to stay off the internet, but I’m glad I didn’t because I found this site, and finally, help! Good luck to you!

  12. cab says:

    Hi, Once — Have HCL pills helped you? Have you tried that?

    My digestive system used to work great, but after I had my daughter (at age 42) a few years later I started packing on weight almost overnight. I gained 50 pounds in one year and it has not stopped since then.

    For quite a few years since now, my digestive system has not been right, and I am not digesting my food.

    I was watching videos on last night and the guy was demonstrating these gadgets you can buy that will make big strings of “spaghetti” out of zuchinni, cucumbers, daikon radishes, anything that is long and round. I thought, wow, what a great way to get away from pasta! Just make that and put the sauce over it, and not even cook it. If the sauce is nice and hot, it will still turn soft. Otherwise, maybe steam it for like 10 seconds.

    As you can tell, I am really into food. Too much. I need to stop thinking about it so much. There is more to life than food!!!

    I appreciate you sharing your story. I wish you the best.

    Definitely stay away from the whitecoats and keep your kids away too.

    • Once says:

      Hello Cab
      No – I’ve tried all the different kinds of digestive enzymes and HCL – to no avail…the only thing that did help a bit was a combination of HCL and ox bile salts, but it’s obscenely expensive, and stinks of – well – bile! ugh! That gadget sounds interesting – I love pasta, but it’s wheat and definitely does not love me back!! Also, they make noodles out of kombu, etc, which I use. Minerals for people w/poor digestion are always in demand.

      And I am always researching food in spite of myself. When eating is painful and you must eat every day (unless fasting) you spend a lot time trying to make it work. The only thing I try to avoid is gadgets or recipes that demand a lot of clean-up time. Juicers are bad enough!!

      • cab says:

        Hi, Once.

        Yeah, HCL didn’t seem to do anything for me either, or enzyme pills.

        Have you tried lacto fermented food? Keeps all the enzymes and vitamins, still living food, but the fermenting partially digests it and even ADDS enzymes. Kimchee (sp?) for example? I just mixed up a huge batch today, and they are sitting in big bowls with whey covering them and salt. Tomorrow morning they will be half their size and I can put them in gallon glass jars. The juice will cover the contents completely and they will continue to ferment. They are preserved with whey.

        And have you tried raw milk? Many people who cannot digest pasturized milk can digest raw milk without a problem.

        This is, what, day 14 and I still do not have a clean colon. Something is definitely not right in my intestines. At least I am not in a lot of pain, just very, very hungry, but I don’t dare eat except for a bite or two of fruit.

        Here’s how I make kimchee. I use a food processor to shred up the cabbage, make a lot because it keeps. I use two huge bowls. Also do carrots, broccoli flowerets, radishes, green peppers, anything you want. I like to do the cabbage separately from the other veggies so I can layer it when I spoon it into the glass jars because it looks pretty. Salt it with gray or pink salt, toss the salt throughout the vegetables, and pour some whey over it (ie a cup or less). Then press it all down and put a piece of plastic over it. Keep pressing it down until it is half or less its original volume and gets real juicy.

        Now this part is fun, making your dressing for it. I like to use at least one fresh lemon and whip it up in the blender, rind and all. Also one apple, a handful of those dried chili peppers (or those things called “chilis” that Rite Aid sells in their discount spices (to taste), I made my dressing with a whole lemon including the peel and a whole apple and a whole onion and a couple tablespoons of chilis (those cheap spices at Rite Aid) whipped up in the blender. You are supposed to use sesame seed oil and fresh garlic and fresh ginger but you can get away with using powdered garlic and skipping the oil and ginger if you choose. Blend it all up in the blender and then add to your fermented vegetables and stir it all in. Then spoon it into your glass jars.

        You can buy those big jars of pickles and get free jars that way.

        I hope Tom doesn’t mind us discussing lacto-fermented foods here in lieu of juicing. I agree that juicing is a great way to get a lot of nutrients into the body to heal it. This is more for down the road to ease into eating fermented veggies and the raw things like those spiralled carrots, zuchini, onions and such raw to replace the grains and starches.

  13. cab says:

    Okay, today is my 14th day on my fast. I got up and made carrot, celery, cabbage and Granny Smith juice, drank two glasses. I think it might be okay this time.

    And last night I cheated, again, on the juice fast. I started cheating the second day, when I ate half a Granny Smith apple, not juiced. Last night I drank some chicken broth of chicken soup I made for my daughter who is coming down with a respiratory illness. The broth definitely agreed with me, killed the hunger, and seemed to settle my stomach.

    I guess this could mean I have now kicked my digestive system back in gear, undone the good of my fast, and now my body won’t be able to devote as much time to healing my body? I wonder how long I must juice fast before my digestive system shuts down again? I would guess as soon as it doesn’t have to digest anything it will stop doing so.

    My juicer is a cheapie and does let in pulp and also the pulp that is spit out is not fully extracted. I find I am not able yet to make a decision on which juicer to buy. The Champion I know will do a good job of juicing and will last forever. But I know you have to lean into it to push hard to get the vegetables in and that it is slow compared to the centrifical juicers. I don’t feel well enough or focused enough to decide now so I’m just trying to get through each day with the juicer I have. Sufficient for the day is the evil therein, as the Bible says.

    Anyway, I have given my body concentrated, nutrient dense drinks this morning, also low calorie, and I pray God will bless it to my body and use it to heal my body and strengthen me for the day.

  14. cab says:

    I forgot to say that I also cheated not only with eating raw apple, but also raw pineapple. About half a pineapple, actually.

  15. cab says:

    Some people probably are better suited to water fasting, and one of them might be me. Give me an inch and I will take a mile. All I have done all day is dream about food — roasted lamb, which lamb is on sale now at the stores (I even checked the flyers to see what food is on sale). Ummm. Sliced lamb sandwich with lots of raw onion.

    And I am looking at my last half bag of carrots and celery and thinking, what a waste to juice it. I want to make it into chicken soup.

    So you cannot trust me near food. I just love it too much. So I am back to the water with a shot of lemon, and my citrimax supplements and IP6. My colon has got to get clean and whatever is messed up inside me needs to get reset and fixed, so as of now I am back on the water fast.

    Today I had just two glasses of juice and then later the rest of the pineapple and two (tiny) Granny Smith apples. But I keep thinking how delicious the chicken broth tasted to me last night and I was almost ready to make some soup for myself. I sent all the other soup away with my daughter so she could eat it for her cold.

    But I have to keep going with this. My food addiction is worse than it was before I started this fast, and I just cannot live for food, especially if it means my life will soon be ended. I can’t be controlled by my appetite, because that makes me no better than my pet dog. I have a lot of things I want to do and being overweight and tired all the time is destroying my life.

    So that is why I am back to the water. You can’t give an alcoholic a little glass of wine or just one beer because he will want to go on a rampage. Well, that is where I am now with the juicing.

    Once I feel I am more in control of my appetite I will do the juicing again, especially if I can find a source of cheap carrots. Celery, it seems a shame to juice it because I use it in everything, soups, kimchee, tuna sandwiches.

    I wonder how long it takes to catabolize all the bad things in the body. It doesn’t seem like I am losing any weight, so that must mean there is a lot to catabolize in me.

  16. cab says:

    Today is my 17th day, yes? Actually my 7th day of juicing, 10 days of water fasting. Things are definitely looking up.

    It has taken me a week to get into the swing of juicing. I still am not on automatic pilot by any means, but I think I have rounded the corner on it. I am still cheating a bit (ie this morning I ate some raw pineapple instead of juicing it. And when I get grapes at some time in the future I will eat them and not juice them. Berries, same thing. And since I am an onion freak, every so often I might be eating them raw as well. I’m wondering why I can’t put any salt on onions since salt flushing is considered a good thing while fasting, so logically I think to myself, “well, why can’t I put some salt on my onions?”

    I haven’t posted the last three days, but I am happy to say that my digestive system seems to be working perfectly now. I am regular and having normal bowel movements. I am quite amazed about that, and thankful.

    Right now I am drinking my morning juice I just made — 5 carrots, 3 long stalks of celery, 3 inches cut off a huge yam, two tiny granny smith apples, a few chunks of pineapple (eaten raw), one broccoli stalk, and a hunk of cabbage. This is enough to make three glasses of juice and feel stuffed.

    I am all stocked up on fruits and vegetables to last me probably more than a week. I wish I had bought more heads of cabbage last week when it was on sale for 17 cents a pound. Cabbage does juice up very nicely, and I am also making up big batches of lacto fermented (kimchee) cabbage for later when I go to solid food.

    I also purchased a Champion commercial juicer on ebay for $100 and $20 shipping, supposedly gently used and not missing any parts. This is a better deal than the juicer I missed out on.

    I also ordered a sweater drying gadget (Hamilton Beach) off Amazon for $30 (includes shipping). It has a built in fan and the 4 shelves are made of mesh to allow faster drying of sweaters. I figure if it will work for sweaters, it will work to dehydrate food. I’m planning on growing vegetables and I can dehydrate them for the winter with the sweater drying gadget made by Hamilton Beach.

    I am feeling very tired though and just wanting to sleep. But I am happy with the progress of my fasting, and it seems that I am finally starting to lose a little weight. I must have had a lot of catabolizing to do during my 10 days of water fasting because it did not seem I was losing weight, and I also was having diarrhea the whole time.

  17. cab says:

    April 4, now it’s day 19.

    One bad thing I have noticed on this fast is that my eyesight is getting blurry and it is getting hard to see. I am thinking my body cannot take all this sugar.

    I wish I had not ordered the Champion juicer. I won’t be able to use it much.

    I am going to have to eliminate the carrots from my drinks. Too much sugar. I am thinking I need celery and kale and things like that in my drinks.

    Has anybody else ever had this kind of a reaction to juicing?

  18. keith101 says:

    Hi cab
    I have been reading your posts, well done on your fasting, good to hear you are doing well.
    Blurry vision during a fast is normal you can have a look at my site about the 6 stages of a fast.
    Click on
    You can see my water fasting videos to.
    God bless you. Keith.

  19. cab says:

    Hi, Keith. Thank you for your encouragement and for your videos. I have watched some of them. Very inspirational and helpful.

    Yesterday I kind of jumped off the wagon (didn’t fall off, just stepped off). I had Easter dinner at my neighbor’s house, and they were serving, what else, roast beef and gravy, mashed potatoes and corn. So I did eat. But I did not go over the cliff, had a small helping. I had some raw vegetables with some salsa/cheese dip also, but I also held back on gorging myself.

    So today I am back to juicing and had my carrot, celery, apple and yam juice. When I get hungry I am drinking water.

    I absolutely hate the clean up and trying to get the juicer all lined up so it will work. I don’t like fussing with machines I’m not familiar with. Don’t have the patience. Eventually it will be second nature, but now it is a big fussy job that is almost as much trouble as cooking a full meal would be, but when you cook a full meal you can eat leftovers for awhile so you don’t have to start cooking from scratch and make a big mess.

    If I did not know the benefits of juicing I would not be bothering with it. Knowing about catabolism, that juicing is an amazing way to get a new lease on life, to free up the digestive system to eat up the placque and gunk in the arteries and the tumors and diseased cells — makes it worth the trouble to mess up the kitchen for a glass or two of juice.

    I wonder what juicing would do for an Alzheimer patient. Has anybody ever heard of someone with that condition having their condition reversed or halted? It seems like a logical condition for juice fasting in my opinion.

    I noticed when watching Keith’s videos that the weight was really melting off. That is not the case with me. I must have the world’s slowest metabolism.

    I see this fasting I’m doing as my main tool or weapon in a war that I am waging to overcome my food addiction and to regain my health, spiritual and physical health.

    I’d like to do a salt water flush, but I guess you only do that when you are water fasting?

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Cab
      Dont beat yourself up about treating yourself on easter sunday. Look how far you have came on your water and juice fast. I think you have done amazing, well done.

      I have been reading into Alzimers and new medicines that are being tested. Did you know coffee slows down alzimers, 2-3 cups per day slows down the deteriation of brain cells affected by this illness. They are in the process of taking the chemicals from coffee that slows alzimers and putting this into pill form.

      You will gain Spiritual health and wellbeing through your fasting journey, thats for sure. Food addictions are the same as being an alcoholic, there is not much of a differance !!!…The one thing you have to tell yourself is.


      Fasting gives back control, where there was no control?
      Blessings and good tidings