Exercise During Fasting?

Question about exercise during fasting

What acivity should I do during the fast? I read that you did hard physical labour.
I thought one should conserve energy.

Thank you

Nathan Gogol

Fasting gets easier the longer you fast. There will be days you will have boundless energy and others with low energy. When they come is totally unpredictable. The change can come within and hour. Dragged out and tired to energetic or just the opposite. I water skied 6 miles on the 5 day of a water fast but the next day I paid a heavy price. With water fasting conserver your energy. Do not exercise except for stretching exercises or a walk.

When juice fasting, I exercise on the good days. But sometimes, I get dragged out halfway through the workout. Taking a big thermos of fresh juice to the gym really helps. For the first week of the fast exercise is difficult but after 20 days, wow look out.

Fasting with Raw Egg Whites

I discovered an amazing trick to muscle up and thin down. I was in a chin up competition with my friend bill but I also wanted to fast. So I took 10 raw egg whites and mixed them with veggie juice. Tasted good and had no effect on the fast. The detox was slower but I gained more muscle. This type of fasting is great for athletes who train heavy or have intense exercise sessions but want to trim off fat before a competition. With the addition of raw egg whites, you can exercise, train and do vigorous workouts during fasting, great for athletes and bodybuilders.

By Tom Coghill of Fasting.ws
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27 Responses to Exercise During Fasting?

  1. ashley says:

    what about saunua’s ?

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Saunua’s during fasting are good in moderation but be cautious. The blood pressure is already lower due to the heart slowing down and a sauna will increase that. You will feel the impact of a sauna faster and less time is better. Do not get up quickly or you may get blackouts. If so just lower your body.

  3. happy says:

    raw egg whites?

  4. Ken Johns says:

    I’m new to commenting here.I am on the 12th day of a juice and vegetable broth fast and have been doing aerobics on my energetic days.If I decide to do a short juice fast and keep a weightlifting routine is it all right to use whey protein supplements? How do they compare to the egg white protein?

  5. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Sure Ken you can use egg or whey protein supplements during juice fasting. The detox is slower but you can keep working out, increase muscle mass and get leaner but I find I get really hungry especially after a workout and that is the draw back it is very hard to endure the hunger and not eat.

  6. renee says:

    I’m on day 4 of a clease. Psylium husks and juice in the morning and water though out the rest of the day. I don’t feel overly hungry anymore but I woke up at 5:30 shaking and my heart is pounding fast and hard and I’m sweating. Is this normal? Do I just weather the storm or is this dangerous? will it go away?

  7. renee says:

    I said a prayer and got through it. I feel much better.

  8. Micheal says:

    Hi Tom

    I have just started what I have planned to be a 24 day fast. 3 days of raw foods followed by 4 days of fruit and veggie juice turning into a 10 day water fast and then coming out the same way with 4 days fruits and veggie juice and 3 days of raw foods.
    My question is about my protein intake. I plan on weight training and doing cardio through this entire process. I weigh 230 pounds and have a good definition of muscle already. I understand I will need quite a bit of protein intake to maintain what I have. I am reading that whey protein is okay on the juice and raw food fast but can I still use whey protein during the water phase?
    I am currently on Day 2.


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Micheal,
      Working out hard during water fasting is like jogging during surgery. Let the body do its healing. If you want the cuts, take the protein with restricted juice amounts. Some people with body fat and a slow metabolism can do it . For the rest of us, weakness is normal during water fasting making working out very difficult.

  9. leo says:

    i was just wondering is it safe to workout during a 40day fast am doing 3days without water then 2days with just fruits and veggies then 2days when i dont eat til dinner(but eat healthy) then back to the 3days with just water etc.etc. that equals 40days

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Leo,
      If you have a really slow metabolism you can exercise during water fasting.. but for most people they are tried and lethargic. Bed is my best choice for water fasting. Go slow at first. The longer the fast the more energy you will get.

  10. Carrie says:


    I am planning on doing a 5 day water fast. Is it okay to take a total body cleanse supplement during these days, and a fasting tea?

    Thank you

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Carrie
      After a few day on water your digestion system shuts down and a pill just sits there and can cause stomach pain. Sure the tea is fine. Taking the supplements with a small amount of veggie juice is preferred. Some lemon-aid or plain herbal teas are good for water fasting.

  11. fastjt says:


    I would like to know if multivitamines and green tea during a water fast is ok?


  12. keith101 says:

    Hi fastjt
    First we need to know a little about yourself?
    Your age, hight, waight, if you have any illness, or on medication, and why you woud like to fast?
    Blessings Keith.

  13. Brenda1 says:

    Hello, really great site. I am 48 5.4 and weigh 60kgs. The first week of January 2010 I did a juice fast for 5 days. Was so uplifting, and I lost my appetite completely(fasting helps me curb overeating). I would like to ask why would my fasting sugar levels stay elevated during a fast. (I am type 2 diabetic) Also I am a cyclist, spin every day of the week and play golf. I have been doing entermittent fasting since the juice fast, fast during the day, water, juice and then eat supper( dried fruit, fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds etc) I am doing a 103km race this weekend and am not sure about what to eat for energy.?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Brenda1
      Avocado my work for long distance events eaten one hour before. But I would recommend you try it on a training day first. Starch is the best long distance food. Try natural whole grain pasta, under cooked the night before the race. I would avoid nuts and seed for 12 hours before racing. If you can take bottles of carrot juice beet and lemon on the race you will fly. Juice is the ultimate for training also.

  14. Brenda1 says:

    Hello Tom

    Thank you for the reply, also got a reply from Robert. Not sure how to reply though. I completed the race in rainy wet weather. I had ice tea and 1 energy bar on the bike, but blew it after the race by drinking an energade, downed the whole 500ml in one gulp. This set me up for a major sugar craving. Also just before the race while I was taking my bike out of the car my back went into a spasm……but I still rode the 107 kms anyway. Spasm disappeared at about 50ks. OUr bodies are amazing. I will definately try the carrot and beetroot juice for my next race on Sunday 97kms.

  15. mohammadkhaled says:

    Hello tom,
    hello im muslim and i fast everyday for one month, n its like we cant eat from 4 am till 8 pm, which is like 15 hours, n my problem is that i got a fat in my chest section ( im a male), n i was wondering if i can workout on my chest during my fast , woud the fat burn out or its bad to work on chest while fasting?
    looking for a reply

  16. Ron says:

    Hi mohammadkhaled, If you are eating everyday in between your 15 hour fasts you are not fasting in a physical sense. Your body is still getting food. So exercising is fine in any manner.

    If you want to clean (detox), and/or heal your body you will need to fast continually for a period of time. That means no food at all for several days. Ron

  17. Stacy1161 says:

    Hello mohammadkhaled? My name is Stacy & my ex of 3yrs is also a muslim so I am very much educated on the way you fast once a year for 1 month as he also does the same but I’m gonna tell you just as I have told him your way of fasting is not a fast just as Ron said but I do understand your religion although I am a christian. You eat so I wouldn’t see anything wrong with you working out for I have done Liquid Only diets before going 15 days at the most & I am a dancer (which is working out) & I as well worked out at the gym 3 to 5 days a week & it was just fine!

  18. blackbird says:

    actually stacy, it is called a ‘fast’ since it produces the same spiritual and physical awareness as the other fasts here. it is true that you only fast from sun up to sun down every day (for that month), but when you do break your fast you have to consume small portions of food. (eg: dates, then possibly soup) and lots of water. you do detox and at the end of the month you reach an incredible spiritual high and awareness of the world around you.
    it really is a wonderful experience and it’s just as good as whatever else you would consider a ‘fast’.

    • jim says:

      Ramadan is a fast more in the spiritual sense. I know many Muslims who simply flip their days so they consume vast quantities of food during the evening and early AM hours and then sleep during daylight hours. I have no doubt that this month has a very special and holy feeling to it. But what I saw while living in the UAE was not a fast in the strictest sense of the word.

  19. adoralove says:

    I teach Zumba and Body Pump and train heavy in the gym. I am on day 1 of a 30 day Juice fast and am just wanting advice for maintaining energy when I teach.

  20. jarennels says:

    I’m beginning a 10 day juice detox fast tomorrow. I instruct yoga, cardioboxing, and zumba 5 days a week and I am also training for a triathlon (Ironman 70.3). I’m currently running about 20 miles a week, biking 70, and swimming 2. I’ve worked out in this manner for close to 8 months and my metabolism is extremely high. I already consume a diet free of processed foods, meat, and dairy (although I do consume fish about twice a week). This is my first fast, and I’m concerned about having energy levels high enough to maintain my training and instructing my classes. Any advice on what I should consume prior to training and instructing would be much appreciated!