Fasting Weight Loss Rates

Fasting Weight Loss Rates

The main benefit offered by a fast, to those who wish to lose weight is the speed of the weight loss. To see a person drop 30-to-40 pounds in a 30-day juice fast is to see a person totally transform his life. Self-esteem is given a boost and for the first time in their life, discipline becomes a lifestyle. The fast becomes a catalyst for a total life overhaul. People lose more that weight they can lose 100 lbs of emotional baggage and distorted toxic thinking.  People start dressing better, showing more confidence, becoming more organized, more dedicated in relationships and more at peace. Old passions and dreams are rekindled.  Completing a 30 day juice fast can awaken a new life and a new you.

Dry Fasting Weight Loss Rates

Fasting weight loss rates are highest with dry fasting. Using an enema then dry fasting for 2 days can drop, 8 lbs. from the colon, 5 lbs. in water and 2 lbs. in body fat. The detoxification is powerful and you can feel health surging through your body as soon as you go back to juicing but the weight loss is really only 2 lbs.

Fasting Weight Loss Rates Using an Enema

The rate of weight loss is always more when using an enema. Anything in the colon such as the pulp from juice will be used for calories. When the colon is empty there is also a reduction in bulk that flattens the stomach. This weight loss from have an empty colon is not permanent.

Fasting Weight Loss Rates Vary According to Metabolism

The slower your metabolism is, the slower the weight loss. I have seen a person lose over 100 lbs. on a 44 day juice fast and another person lose as little as 4 lbs on a 10 day water fast, and they were walking 5 miles a day without any fatigue.

Weight Loss Rates Reduce as the Fast Continues

Initially, weight loss can be as high as three-to-four pounds per day, but as the fast continues, the average loss can be one pound or even as low as 1/2 lb per-day. If you are juice fasting and not losing weight, the juice is supplying all the calories you need. You may have to cut down on the juices or alternate between water fasting and juice fasting to increase weight loss.

Body Fat vs. Nutritional Fat

A gram of fat contains 9 calories. At 454 grams in a pound, and 9 x 454 = 4086 calories per pound   Body body fat, or adipose tissue, contains not only fat, but also other substances including protein, connective tissue, and water.

Looking at it another way, 3,500 / 454 = 7.7 calories. Thus a gram of body fat contains only 7.7 calories versus the 9 calories found in pure fat. It’s easy to see that there should be a difference when you consider that body fat contains water, which has no calories.

Because of the differences in the two types of fat, it is appropriate to use the 3500 calories per pound figure when discussing fat “burned” by activity, and the 9 calories per gram figure when discussing the nutritional content of food.

Unit of Weight Approximate Calories Approximate Kilojoules
Pound 3,500 14,644
Kilogram 7,716 32,284

A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. So if you have a calorie deficit of 500 calories (meaning that you burn 500 calories more than you eat each day) you would lose approximately one pound per week:

500 x 7 = 3,500

It’s easy to see that a calorie deficit of 1000 calories would mean that you’d lose approximately two pounds per week. And that’s a good number to remember, because two pounds a week is commonly accepted as the maximum rate of weight loss that is healthy during dieting but juice fasting can safely exceed that rate of weightloss.

Permanent Weight Loss

I encourage everyone to develop life long healthy disciplines such as exercise, periodic juice and water fasting, and a diet high in raw fruits and veggies. With a discipline thought life this possible and the weight loss is permanent. Anything less than that is a band aid. You will do better if you focus on the destination rather than the scale.
When you are new to fasting there is a tremendous excitement and enthusiasm that boosts disciple but it will not last forever.

When that enthusiasm ends, you will naturally regress to your regular patterns of living and if they are unhealthy you lose all the benefits gained by fasting.
Try to stay focused on the healthy things you are doing to improve your life rather than being consumed with the number of pounds lost each day. Water retention can vary your weight five pounds so watching the scale can be frustrating. The best motivation to fast is for physical and spiritual health. Be patient; the fasting process is slow. Be thankful the toxins are leaving your body. Do not have unrealistic expectations. Give your body the time it needs to do the work of cleansing.

Weight Loss Support Books

If you have wrestled with weight gain and feel frustrated, Fasting to Freedom is tool for you to achieve permanent weight loss. You will never regret buying this book. Most people read it over and over again to support them with their fast. If you buy Eating in Freedom you will be able to increase your discipline through some simple techniques that work. Extreme Health Recipes and The Perfect Diet will help you develop a life-long diet that will support your weight loss.

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622 Responses to Fasting Weight Loss Rates

  1. Jess says:

    Well I guess thats true about a slow metabolism I must have one.

    I have been on a juice fast for 23 days and have lost 17lbs. for some odd reason I feel like I should have lost more.

    But I am very excited for what I have lost nad it keeps me going strong!

  2. kim says:

    sometimes when im fasting, i feel like im going to die, this scares me into eating, after 2 bites of my food i realize i just failed my fast , i feel like a looser and start all over again.. please help. thanks kim

  3. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Kim,
    You must be water fasting. Try juice fasting with an extractor to get the hang of it or at least take some form of juice or herbal tea with honey. The feeling like a loose it caused by childhood shame being triggered by a failure. The is the root cause of bulimia, anorexia and compulsive eating. You will need to rebuild your self-worth and change your mental self image before you will have any success with fasting. The indulge, shame, guilt, then fast cycles become very destructive to health and deepen psychological problems over time.
    Everyone makes mistake, every one blow fasts but powerful emotions of feeling like a failure are rooted in shame. Shame lead to fear and anxiety seeks relief in food, fasting, love, or drugs.
    What are 10 things you feel good about…. now repeat it till your subconscious believes it.

  4. kim says:

    thank you, and your right:). -k

  5. meg says:

    Hi Tom. I’d like to try a fast but I’m breastfeeding and my baby is 6 months. Everyone says to make sure I eat. (I have way too much milk so I’m not too worried about affecting the milk supply, but I don’t want to wean yet). Anyways, I am pretty in tune with my body and I’ve eaten limited diets before and felt great but I’ve never actually fasted. I seem to be emotionally and physically affected when my blood sugar is low but I assume that would go away after a few days? I’d like to lose 30-40 pounds obviously gained while pregnant. Before I was pregnant I had a high metabolism but for some reason even with exercising and eating smartly I’ve only lost 5 pounds in 6 months from having the baby. What kind of fast should I do?

  6. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Meg,
    If the baby is still drinking only breast milk you should di a juice fasting, with some multi-vitamins, vitamin E, 2 tbls of essential oils, and do about one week then eat for a few days, some salads with fresh fish then fast again for another week.
    That will supply nutrition to the baby and let you detox at a level that will not affect the breast milk quality.

  7. Colin McCarthy says:

    Hey Tom. I started on a fast today, haven’t eaten anything at all. However, I did drink some coffee & diet soda. This is my first time fasting. Is it OK to drink other liquids besides water ? If so, what liquids would you recommend & which would you discourage? I’ve noticed you recommend juicing to people for their 1st fast. Could you give me a brief rundown of juicing? I don’t have a juicer but I have a blender. Thank you,


  8. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Colin,
    A blender leaves in the fiber, and the digestive system keeps working. There are at least 30 pages on juice fasting. So read that first. Coffee & diet soda are not recommended fresh fruit and veggie juices are. Also herbal teas with honey. Do some reading, it is all there on this site. If you want success, slow down and learn first.

  9. Colin McCarthy says:

    Ok Tom. Thanks.

  10. Colin McCarthy says:

    Hey Tom, OK I read the now closed “Fasting- How Much Juice or Water Per Day” thread. Now I’m on day 2, still haven’t eaten anything. I’ve been drinking apple & cranberry juice today. I had 1 cup of coffe this morning. I also had a cup of green tea before & got pretty nauseous. I’m headed out to get some fuit juices, oranges. Since I don’t currently have a juicer would it still be more effective to mix fruits and/or veggies in a blender rather than eating them? I read what you said about bananas not juicing well, are there any veggies that are better/worse?

  11. Faith says:

    Hey Tom…
    This may not be the best category to post this in… feel free to move it.

    I’ve lost weight several times with fasting and have loved the experience… However, I havn’t been able to make anything stick ever….I am getting killed with food addiction, seems every time I have a victory the fall gets worse… I know God wants me to be free but I won’t say no to food cravings once my thoughts are on them… It’s like I can’t stop if I wanted too…anyway, I’m scared about this problem….only a few pounds over weight but it’s going to way more than that if I don’t get free from this… I have a desk job and the more food I eat the more I want to hide…. I realize that I eat when I’m bored or because it gives me something to look forward too, just can’t seem to stop making that choice..
    What finally clicked inside your heart when you decided to say no to the cravings for the last time? .. Just can’t seem to make it a life thing… Or maybe I’m scared to let go of the comfort of food – I’m heartbroken over this and most folks I talk too don’t know what to say. Even if I see the root of the self esteem issues what do I do with them? I feel like Paul, doing what I hate and not doing what I want to do (a body of death indeed)… If I had a week to go to a retreat or get away from my job & daily life to fast I think that would do wonders, however.. I don’t have the time off or the money to pay for anything…. God is doing amazing things in my life and the enemy is attacking me full force with this addiction, like never before…. Any pearls of wisdom? encouragement? all thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.
    Thanks for reading,

  12. Dee says:

    I would like to start a juice fast tomorrow. I bought Organic bottled juice (knudsen)Pineapple, apple and also refridgerated organic orange juice. I don’t have a juice but would like to start will bottled juice work? Will I still reap the benefits? One other question will this fast cause bad breath and what can I do for that, I’m in meetings a lot w/boss and I know I wont be able to chew gum.

  13. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Kim,
    Feel like you are going to “die”. Can you be more specific. If you see the white light don’t go. LOL
    What dizziness, headaches, anxiety?????

  14. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Colin
    The neasea will be caused by the toxins hitting the blood that will be increased by the acid content of juices. That is why juicing works. Carrot juice is not acidic and easy on the stomach. If you want to try the blender, try blending and drinking 5 lb of carrots. LOL All fruits and veggies are good juiced for a standard detox. Bananas are more like a diet and the do not juice.

  15. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Dee,
    Bottled juices will work. You will not get the high, feeling that comes with fresh juice but you will be detoxing. You can take a toothbrush to work and use it before meeting the boss and brush your tongue.

  16. Colin McCarthy says:

    Howdy Tom! Coming to the end of day 3! Still haven’t eaten anything (including bananas). I did drink a few cups of coffee today, had a busy day and was away from the house for about 13 hours. Tommorrow I’ll go back to just juice. I’ve had a couple of interesting commodal experiences, some stomach pain during one this afternoon so I picked up a Fleet enima on the way home & used it earlier (still no funky colors darn it!lol). I guess I’m at the point of subsiding hunger pangs now as I’m not having much craving considering I haven’t eaten a thing in 3 days. Interesting! Originally I had intended to start with a 3 day fast but I’ll probably continue at least through tommorrow, maybe longer. Tom, how long does it take to get a good detox? 30 days is out of the question, but a week may not be at this point. I’m going to a spiritual blessing Monday night (Deeksha) & it would probably be great if I was on an 8 day fast during the blessing. Tom, is Gatorade good during a juice fast? Wouldn’t you know today I wound up in a conversation with a guy who’s about 60 years old who just happens to be a former nutritionist. By the time we were done talking he was debating juicing for the first time in years! He gave me some good tips. Funny how the universe lines things up for you when the time is right. By the way, thank you for your help Tom, I really appreciate it.

  17. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Dee,
    One week will give your body a tune up and get you the feel of fasting. Gator aid is mostly just hype, read the label. Just shows you what a good ad promotion will do.
    Glad to be of help

  18. Colin McCarthy says:

    Day 5, & I feel pretty good. I’ve lost about 7 pounds in the first 4 days. I finally bought a juicer today, I’ve been drinking store-bought juice up until now. I made some carrot juice with a few strawberries in it, very good. Then I had some cabbage juice with several grapes. I don’t think I’ll be using any more cabbage – eww. The grapes didn’t seem to juice too well alone, all the pulp didn’t seem to filter & it was too thick. I also have got some celery which I’m going to try tommorrow. I’m going to try to make it 8 days. I know 3 is recommended for beginners, but what can I say, I do everything to the extreme lol. So far so good, haven’t had a bm in 2 days. Tom, any suggestions for someone at this point or insights on what I can expect in the next few days?

  19. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Colin
    Some have fasted 30 days on juice for a first fast. Fasting gets easier the longer you fast so expect something good.

  20. Mack says:

    The most I ever fasted was a 50 day fast. The first 3 weeks was just water and the duration juice.

    Note From personal experience:

    1. Try Fasting for 3 days to a week first before a longer fast. I did a 3 week fast before I did the 50 day one, and a 3 day fast before the 3 week one. (of course I gave myself time to recover from the smaller fasts before going for the next one)

    2. From my experience the first 3 to 5 days are the toughest on a fast because you have to get over that hunger hump, but once you do it gets a lot easier. At first for me it takes 3 to 5 days to really get my body to say…”ok we’re fasting i get it now….” then i go from being tired, hungry, and kinda crabby while chewing on my pillow and stomach acids burps (probably due to a shrinking stomach lol)…. to…more energetic and my head and senses feel a little crisper and clearer.

    3. I will say though….every 3 weeks on my 50 day the temptation to eat and break it flared up in a 2 to 3 day period, but once you wade it out it pan’s out and you can feel a little more at ease. Also if you start to feel nerve pains (like little jolts of pin pricks in your nerves) you need more Electrolytes in your juice or water. I know Smart Water has electrolytes built in so that’s an option also if in an extreme case get some Gatorade or a sports drink high in electrolytes or Pedialite (sp?).

    4. Most important concept is to LISTEN! to your body. If you feel actual pain around the kidney area…YOU NEED JUICE or WATER. Don’t let the pain be a reminder to get nutrients. If you drink regularly you should not get this pain, but I can be a forgetful at times and had to learn the hard way. Also taking vitamins and such actually (for me) didn’t go down so well. On my 3 week fast I tried to take a multivitamin and it felt like it got stuck in my throat also my stomach acid flared up after that, so I just stick to the juice and/or water for vitamins lol.

    5. Lastly, I can’t stress enough. The first 3 to 5 days are rough and are not going to increase in intensity after the hump (for me it didn’t and it actually got better). So if you decide to fast make sure you are taking baby steps into it before you decide to try a long one. Also make sure that if any strange NEGATIVE side effects are happening then consult a doctor.



  21. Tom Coghill says:

    Great advice Mack, very balanced and wise.
    Do you have a fasting testimony?

  22. angie says:

    Hi Tom,
    I’ve been water fasting for almost 10 days, my goal was 30. It was very easy at the beginning but all the sudden I feel very very hungry. I have been doing enemas every day. I have lost 13 pounds, my tongue is not completely pink but not so white, actually it never was. I haven’t had any kind of pain during all this days at all. is this normal or my body is not cleaning as it should? should i keep on with the water or change to juices for 3 days and then fruit?

  23. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Angie,
    You have a slow metabolism. That means fasting for weightloss and healing is a slow process but it is easier for you than others. You will have to be patient. Try to get a regular exercises session going after the fast. If you want to keep going on water is fine or juicing is good. It is up to you. But you have helped your body to cleanse and given it a rest although you have not lost much weight.

  24. angie says:

    Thank you, Tom 🙂
    I will keep on with juice, alternating with water.
    Best regards,

  25. Kristyn says:

    hi tom,
    i’ve been considering doing a 3 day water/juice fast.
    i’ve never fasted before, and i dont have access to a jucier. so how would i go about doing this fast? and what juices would i use?
    just start on day one with juices like V8 and distilled water, and then at the end of the fast slowly go back to solid foods by using soups?

    sorry for all the questions, i just dont want to fast without knowing what im doing or what to expect.
    thanks 🙂

  26. Steph says:

    I’m sure this question has been answered, but I dont have time to read all the questions and answers. Which juices are best for the juice fast…100 percent fruit juices, tomatoe juice, or what?

  27. summer says:

    hello there friends,
    im currently 132 pds and 5″4…ive gained about 6 pds in last two months (bad summer!) so ive decided to go on a ten day fast and i have a few questions.
    firstly, how much weight can i expect to lose?
    secondly; im a university student, will i still be able to focus and concentrate on my studies? ie. will i have enough brain power?lol
    thirdly, is exercise okay while water fasting? and if so, what kind? yoga and light eliptical perhaps??
    and finally, how can i keep off the weight (if any) i lose? or is it enivitable that at least half will come back?

  28. Ryan Carson says:

    Great site Tom! I’m a big advocate of the Master Cleanser Fast. I can’t seem to find anything about it on your site. Any chance you’ll do an article on it?

  29. Tom Coghill says:

    hi Ryan,
    It is on the get done list. We want to do all the standard fasts and there history. If you want to volunteer… 🙂
    We had the big opening at the St. Theodore’s Hostpital. So now I can get back to researching.
    Hey…. I just checked out your site. Great stuff! You can pubish your testimonies on the network and have our reseach. I sent an email.

  30. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi summer,
    Weightloss, 3lb to 20 lb. Exercise during water fasting is like jogging during sugery. To keep the weigh off do regular exercise and eat 80%plants.

  31. Tom Coghill says:

    What juices are best? Any juices work as long as they are fresh. Play and find what you like.

  32. Tom Coghill says:

    You can use herbal tea with honey, or some bottled juices.
    It is not that complicated and you cannot hurt the body on a few days without food.

  33. Kristyn says:

    thanks tom,
    i’m starting my juice fast tomorrow, i’m aiming for at least 3 to 5 days, if not more. but i think 3 to 5 should be good for a first fast.
    i’m using the odwalla and naked! brand juices for now, since my parents refuse to let me buy a juicer, but im only using the 100 percent juice ones, and i’ll have to look into the herbal tea with honey too 🙂 but i’ll keep you updated on how its going!

  34. summer says:

    eee how do you beat the cravings and giving in??
    all i want is a booster juice lol

  35. Wiz says:

    Hello all. I am on my second day of a 7 day fast. This is the 3rd time I have fasted in my lifetime. I dont remember how much weight I lost the first time but the second time (a 5 day fast) I lost 12lbs! I need to lose 20 more!! I love this site. I sit all day long at work and it is easy to get bored and want to eat something but instead I just read every page of this site all day!! 🙂

    Cheers to everyone!

  36. Tom Coghill says:

    To beat cravings just drink lots of juice or water. 🙂 and move to keep the mind occupied.

  37. Kristyn says:

    yeah the cravings are horrible,
    i had a hugeeeee headache, took a nap
    woke up and ended up giving in and trying to eat something….bad idea
    i ended up throwing it back up
    but on the bright side my head doesnt hurt as much anymore 🙂 but i feel stupid because i gave in.
    betterluck nextime i guess?

  38. Wiz says:

    Good news people…I lost 6lbs yesterday!!

  39. Prettygirl6769 says:

    Hey Tom and Everyone,
    I love this site! Pul-leeeease help me. I had a baby in December and although I got most of the weight off (I’m 130 pounds at 5’4″) my goal is to get back down to my 115 (I’ll settle for 120)…I really just want to lose my flabby stomach and some inches off my waist. Will water fasting accomplish this?

    I’ve read that the rubber tire around your middle is hard to lose and just sticks there. I’ve also read only colon cleansing will get rid of the fat in your stomach…is that true? I’ve done crunches and I see no results so this is my next alternative. Please help! Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  40. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Prettygirl
    An enema will flatten your stomach during a fast as there is nothing in it but it does not remove fat. That needs catabolism though fasting or calorie reduction and time. Try a juice fast for a few weeks. Then 50% raw food diet with exercise.

  41. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Kristyn,
    Your body is very toxic. Try to eat just fruit for one day then fast with juices. If your are trying to go straight into a water fast that is normal and worth avoiding.That is why I tell everyone juice fast first then go to water after at least three days.

  42. julia says:

    This is a great website! I’ve gained a lot of weight over the past couple years and hear a lot about juice fasting working so I’m going to try it. It helps to have others going through the same thing to talk/vent to about the cravings, aches, pains, etc. I ordered my juicer and should have it in another day or two. Should I try to water fast for a couple days prior to starting the juice? What are the best drinks anyone has made? Thanks!!

  43. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Julia,
    Start with juice first. The initial reaction to water fasting can be very bad. Keep us posted.

  44. louisa says:

    Hi tom,

    just wanted to say thanks for this amazing website, the inspiration and support on here is like nothing i’ve seen before. Following my past week of eating small amounts of fruit and drinking pure fruit juice, I’m starting a water fast tomorrow. I will keep you updated on my progress, well done to everyone on this site for your achievements so far…. any handy tips would be great from anyone as im sure the next few days won’t be easy!!!

  45. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Louisa,
    If you have a fast metabolism water fasting is tough. For some it is easy. Take it one day at a time.
    On behalf of the web team thanks for the compliment.

  46. Josh says:

    I’m in day 16 of a water fast. My tongue is super white! What’s it mean???

    Also, no one ever seems to put their starting weight, but I’m a big man at 300lbs. I’ve water fasted once before in my life (two weeks) and this time, it’s to kick-off a permanent change in lifestyle. Already have dropped three holes on my belt. Wow. Thanks!

  47. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Josh,
    In the past documentation of fasts was sloppy. Now that I am working at the hospital it is a science. If you could, take a full body picture with a digital camera, front and side view. This is a good time to show the fat you are about to lose. Record weight at least on the first day and last day of the program or as many days as you can. Record the juices used and the amounts. Detail you energy levels, emotions, mental clarity, type and hours of sleep. Any other symptoms such a bad breath, headaches, dizziness should be noted. This data is for publication and research. All info can be sent to

  48. louisa says:

    Hi everyone (and tom!)

    Just an update, im on my second day of water fast, so far i’ve lost 2 and half pounds (not bad for one day eh?) I’m not feeling hungary at all and my energy levels don’t seem to be suffering at all! This is a great kick start into new me!

  49. Steph says:

    Hi Tom,

    I started juice fasting and then found out I had elevated liver addition to my iron being low..I immedialtely started eating, thinking it was the fasting that caused these problems..had blood drawn after three days of eating and taking iron pills and my results were fine again. I have always had low iron and would like to know what i can put in my juice to maintain health?. I was doing great on my fast of 5 days and had no desire to eat, but fear outweighted the desire to remain on the fast. Thanks

  50. kristina says:

    All of this is very interesting, I just read all of the above posts! I would like to know the benefits of fasting before jumping into it. I know you have mentioned toxins in the body, I am sure there are a lot of people with undiagnosed food intolerances as well. I am trying to lose weight, but i also am wondering what is up with the sheer amount of weight I gain in a short amount of time! I am assuming it is water retention. When you say pure juices are best if you don’t have a juicer (yet)…are the Odwalla and Naked! brands appropriate for a juice fast?

  51. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Kristina,
    The benefits of fasting are cured diseases, better health, longer life and weight loss if you are overweight. Rapid weight gain can be cause by a multitude of medical conditions, generally poor function or deteriorating liver function, thyroid, or glandular deterioration. All of these can be fixed with fasting. I recommend “fresh” juice.
    Bottled juices will not heal your conditions. I have seen some recovery but it is usually limited. Buy a juicer if you want to heal. Use the bottled juices if you just want to lose weight.

  52. kristina says:

    Thank you! I would prefer to buy a juicer anyway! Maybe my daughter will drink some with me! Any fruit and vegetable…mixed together or single ingredients first?

  53. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi kristina
    Melons make tasty juice that is easy to prepare.
    The veggies are always a mix to taste.
    Try carrot, cucumber, and pineapple, lemon, orange or apple.
    Add some beets for added nutrition.

  54. RR says:

    What is the effect of fasting on the metabolism? It may be on this site somewhere but I havent found it yet :D. Will fasting slow the metabolism long term? I have been eating a raw diet for about a month and I want to try a juice fast, but I am concerned about lowering my metbolism.


  55. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi RR,
    Fasting will slow metabolism the longer you fast. The slowing in in direct relation to glucose levels. The metabolism returns to normal during the breaking the fast stage. Then you get hungrier than normal as your metabolism is not faster and uses more calories for the rebuilding this is the stage to be careful not to eat too much.Fasting heals metabolism. It also makes digestion more efficient as the colon is clean. The real problem is phenomena called “set point” the body wants to return to the weight you had before the fast and that requires discipline as you need to exercise and eat correctly for about 3 months or more to change the set point to less body fat.
    This statement lack evidence but I hope to be investigating it further as the research at St. Theodore’s hospital progresses.

  56. adam says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m fairly new to fasting; during the summer time, i fasted for only a week, but i still believe it was worth it.
    now I’m planning for a 30 day fast. I’m hoping this isn’t too ambitious, but things haven’t been going too well for me, and i want a fresh start in life. after reading the different stories people have posted, they’ve inspired me to finally follow through with my goal.
    i have a couple of questions, just so i can make sure to fast correctly and efficiently. tom, if you can answer these, I’d be extremely grateful (also thanks to anyone else that helps).

    1) I’ve read that going straight into a water fast is generally not a good idea. So starting with juice, when should I start to move onto water fasting, which is my end goal?

    2) What types of juices are recommended?

    3) What can I use to freshen my breath without causing nausea?

    4) I want to try an enema, for maximum weight loss/relief… but the whole thing just seems strange/awkward to me. I remember being in the hospital, and they gave me an enema for some type of scan or x-ray… anyway, I remember being uncomfortable whilst they were doing it, and my stomach hurting from cramps. I had to make them stop. I’ve read about self-administering enemas, and was wondering if those are any different? I don’t know if I’m willing to go that extra mile… but if the results are really worth it, I may.

    And those are all my questions for now. Thanks to anyone that helps! I’ll stay posted on this with my progress.

  57. Cynthia says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m about to try my first fast. I’m researching everything and have found SO much great information on your site. Thanks!
    My question about losing muscle mass may have been answered by the TED post and egg whites. I assume its not gender specific? I normally workout 4-5 days a week with 2-3 days cardio and weights, and 2-3 days of cardio only. I need my muscle, but want to get rid of this fat I put on when I had lime [sp?] disease from a tick-bite, & wasnt diagnosed until it became VERY painful to move anything. I’m 43 years old and am uncomfortable in my own skin because of the extra weight. Also, lately I’m just tired all the time. I wonder if I’ve built up toxins in my body. So, what I want to know is:
    ~How can I make sure I don’t lose my muscle
    ~I have recurrent gastritis [stress] and take a PPI twice a day, with one Sucralfate first thing in the morning so that I can stomach some caffeine [Irish Brkfst Tea]-will this be a problem?
    ~Should I supplement with Whey/Soy protein?
    ~How does splenda affect ‘things’?
    ~If I combine the enemas with the fasting, is it better to use a store bought or will an epsom salt mixture be okay?
    Any advice would be very appreciated.


  58. Tom Coghill says:

    Any juice mix will work. Mix to taste. Make a veggie mix for the morning and some melon juice for the afternoon.

    It is catabolism that heals and the juices support it.

    Juice for 3 days before starting a water fast. If it get to hard due to stress or work have some juice.

    Chew on some parsley to freshen breath.

    The enema is just a little uncomfortable the first 2 times. And you can always stop.

    Please document you fast with as much info as you can to assist in our research.

  59. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Cynthia
    The exercise and hard training will increase you muscle mass. But considering your health condition you need a straight fast.
    One cup of caffeine during a fast is equal to three cups during eating. It will stop the cleansing and make it a bit of a speed trip lose weight at a cost to your health. Cut coffee out for the fast.

    ~Should I supplement with Whey/Soy protein?
    NOOO! it is very mucus forming and we halt the detoxification.

    ~How does splenda affect ‘things’?
    Very toxic, I have a full post on it on the front page.
    Do not use epsom salts to flush the colon. It is invasive. Just let your body heal then build muscles in a healthy body.

  60. adam says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thank you for the quick response! You’ve answered pretty much all the questions I can think of. I’m planning on beginning my fast on the first of November… I’m going to put it into my mind that November is my own type of “Ramaḍān” I suppose, LOL. Anyway, I’d love to document my fast when I begin, and I was thinking that it would probably be best if I did it in a blog format. Do you happen to know any good, free blogging sites? looks sort of straightforward and easy to use, but just wondering if there’s any sort of recommended website to use. In the mean time, I’m preparing for my fast by slowly weaning off of junk foods, and anything unhealthy, to fruits and veggies, to juice on the first of November. Hopefully everything goes as planned! I’ll keep in touch, thanks!


  61. Tom Coghill says:

    You can post it here. Just send in a pic and we will set up you page. Good luck.

  62. Steph says:

    Hi Tom,

    I had a question on October 13th that I was waiting on a response to. Did you have any answers for me? Thanks.

  63. Tom Coghill says:

    HI Steph
    Indeed an important question.

    What causes elevated liver enzymes? Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist Michael Picco, M.D., and colleagues answer select questions from readers.

    A laboratory report of elevated liver enzymes is common and doesn’t indicate a specific disease. However, elevated liver enzymes may be due to liver disease even if you have no symptoms. To determine the underlying cause of elevated liver enzymes, your doctor may recommend further testing.

    Common causes of elevated liver enzymes include:

    * Side effect of medication, such as certain nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), cholesterol medications, antibiotics or anti-seizure medications
    * Drinking alcohol
    * Obesity
    * Diabetes
    * Elevated triglycerides
    * Infection, such as viral hepatitis and
    * Autoimmune disorders of the liver and bile ducts,
    such as autoimmune hepatitis, primary sclerosing
    cholangitis or primary biliary cirrhosis
    * Metabolic liver disease, such as hemochromatosis
    or Wilson’s disease
    * Excessive use of certain herbal supplements, such
    as kava, comfrey, pennyroyal or skullcap
    * Gallstones
    * Tumors of the liver, pancreas or bile ducts.

    Your condition may be a direct result of “water fasting” stressing a weak or damaged liver.
    If the the enzymes elevated liver enzymes was a result of fasting then your liver cannot handle the detoxification of water fast.

    RECOMMENDATION: Juice fasting, with 5 day testing periods for enzyme counts. If elevated then use periodic short juice fasts (3 to 5 days) with 10 days of eating mostly raw between fasts.

    You need a juice fast with lots of beets and lemons. Make blackstrap molasses for the tea. Do about 5 days and get another test. I have seen this problem in water fasting but never in juice fasting. Only one of the reasons that our protocol here at the hospital uses primary juice fasting with intermittent water fasting.

    The liver is a unique organ. It is the only organ in the body that is able to regenerate… that is completely repair the damage. With most organs, such as the heart, the damaged tissue is replaced with scar, like on the skin. The liver, however, is able to replace damaged tissue with new cells.

    Do you have a past history of drug or alcohol abuse?
    Do you have any health conditions.
    Are you under stress.
    What are the exact lab result.
    Have you been tested for hepatitis.
    Do you have pain if you press on the area of the liver.

    Do you have fatigue or excessive tiredness, lack of drive, occasionally itching yellowing of the eyes and skin, dark urine, very pale or light colored stool or bowel movements, bleeding from the GI tract, mental confusion, and retention of fluids in the abdomen or belly?

    Do you use Tylenol?

  64. Steph says:


    Thanks. Since asking my question I have been retested and I am fine. I am a study patient and participate in various studies for new drugs in which I am constantly having blood work done. The most recent study that I am in did blood work on my second day of fasting and it came back with those results. I started eating and went to my doctor a week later to be retested and checked for hepatitis and the results were fine. I’ve also since researched the diagnosis and learned about the information that you have outlined. None of the causes really apply to me, so that’s why I thought it was the fasting. I will take your suggestions with the the juice fast and eating raw and thanks again.


  65. Amanda says:

    i am pretty new to fasting, well when I was younger I actually suffered from anorexia so I fasted in those time eriods but now I am in it for health reason and to purify my body. I just have a quick question, on a water fast I always have wondered whether tea was alowed, I am constantly drinking it but is that still considered water fasting? Also what is a good time period to fast I mean the length, is there any dangerous amount of days that shouldn’t be reached while fasting?

  66. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Regular tea is hard on the stomach and best avoided. One or two cups of green tea is good. I recommend juice over water. You will get better results and not look like a bone wrack. Anything past 20 of water fasting is difficult and not recommended. If you had issues in the past they will still affect your self discipline and fasting can become and exercise in pain. Binging after fasting is hell.

  67. Morris says:

    I am in day five of a water fast (the 5th in my life). On Day 7 of my last fast, while I was peeing, dark brown/black “flakes” of various sizes, but mainly about 1/4 inch square (very thin), came out in my pee. I got scared and stopped the fast. Have you ever heard of something like this? Do you know what the flakes were? I am a little hesitant about fasting again. Also, can the negative affects of a minor stroke be reversed by fasting?
    Thanks for your help

  68. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Morris,
    It may be part of detoxification but they can also represent a urinary tract infection. I suggest your consult with a physician who should be able to do some simple tests on your urine that would be helpful in evaluating your problem. Yes the negative effects of a stroke and be reversed by fasting but not always. Depends on the state of the blood vessels. Try juice fasting, it heals more that water fasting and it is safer and easier on the organs. If the dark flakes in the urine went away when you stopped fasting you are ok.

  69. Dora says:

    Hi Tom,

    I want to start fasting for weight loss and health. I have type 2 diabetes so what is better water fasting or juice fasting? Should I exercise while fasting also? I am obese and need to lose the weight. I’ve tried water fasting for 3 days before and felt wonderful until I got a horrible headache on the 3rd day. How do I get over that headache?

  70. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Dora
    For type 2 diabetics we are see complete cellular regeneration here at the hospital.
    Juice fast, 1 litre a day is best up to 2 liters of the juice of your choice. Cut all insulin medications on the first morning you start. Have smaller amounts, about 1/2 cup every hour or find out what works for you. Do 30 days. Use an enema and a juice extractor. You can use beet juice but drink it slowly as they will spike sugar levels. Please document your fast for our research.

  71. summer says:

    Hey everyone,
    So I’ve done a couple of short term fasts and now I’m going to try a long term one (30 – 40 days). I’m not overweight or anything, a little bit on the thicker side of normal weight (135 pounds, 5″4). Anyway I’m looking to lose about 30-35 pounds, is this feasible?
    Also I’m planning on taking an herbal laxative tea at night, as well as making frequent sauna visits? Is this ok/ will it help increase the weight loss?

  72. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Summer,
    Yes you could lose 30-35lbs and saunas are good but you may find you get dizzy so be careful. Sauna increase weight loss but only the weight of sweat.

  73. summer says:

    thanks for the tips/motivation tom!
    just wondering if you have any other advice for this kind of fast and its length??
    and do you suggest do before and after pictures?? i imagine the change is quite extreme.

  74. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Summer,
    A 30 day juice fasting is a transformational event and not that hard to do. Yes please, take pic front view and side view and record your hip stomach and upper thigh measurement. Also roughly the amount of juice per day.

  75. Nicole says:

    Hey guys!
    I’m on the first day of a juice fast. I’m trying to get rid of these pesky ten pounds. I’m not sure how long I’ll have to fast for, but it seems pretty easy. Today was the first time I ever fasted and I’ve made it through the whole day. Hopefully it’ll be just as easy to control at night. I usually have late night snacks. :/
    I think I have a pretty fast metabolism so I’ll be able to lose the weight quickly. I hope…
    I just need some support. I’m not giving in this time.

  76. Lily says:

    summer, you don’t need to lose 30-35 pounds for your height. It wouldn’t be even CLOSE to healthy to try and get to 100 pounds for you. Not only that, but saunas and laxatives only cause you to lose water and make you dehydrated, which can be FATAL. I’m guessing you probably have more of a psychological problem with your weight, and I’d really advise that you see a therapist about your body image.

  77. Rick says:

    I am on day 11 of a water fast. I weigh 400 lbs+. I have not eaten anything, just drunk tap water. I did not weigh at the begining of the fast so I don’t know if I have lost much weight. Doesn’t feel like it. I am worried that I am hurting myself with this fast. What is the longest I could continue the fast? Just wondering what you think. Thanks.

  78. summer says:

    hey lily, thanks for the concern. my weight has been fluxiating between 135-140, and ideally i would like to be between 105-115. i’m just going by numbers, not exactly sure how it would look; but by no means do i want bones sticking out or anything, and if i start becoming too thin i’ll stop and stay where i am comfortable.

  79. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Rick,
    You have 400 x 3500 calories on your body. Here at the hospital the treatment is 100 percent successful with many chronic disease. Juice fasting heals. Tap water is bad. You could fast for 80 days with that kind of calorie storage. Best to drink 2 glasses of juice per day to boost the immune system with a juicer.

  80. Tami says:


    I’m 5″4 and used to weigh 115 lbs…I’m now 40 and I weigh 165 lbs! I’ve tried low carb, but I enjoy grains, fruits, yogurt etc…more balanced. However, I have a sedentary job and high stress..lots of foods are here in my office and I have frequent biz lunches and drink meetings after work. I want to fast partially water/juice and I want to drop the weight, how long before you think I can get back to my old weight doing this approach and then easing back into healthful eating habits?

  81. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Tami,
    Age is a factor was we are discovering. For 50lb of excess weight (50 x 3500 calories = 17,000 calories) the body will start out using 1200 a day and days later 1000 and 10 days later 800 calories per day. But you can cut those figures in half for a slow metabolism. You are looking at a 42 day juice fast.

  82. riley says:

    I’m on day 3 of a juice fast, that I’m hoping will eventually turn into a water fast. I have a prescription for Adderall (20mg a day) and have been taking that so far, but am wondering if it is an issue. Would my fast be more successful if I stopped taking it? Will it hurt my body to continue taking it while fasting? My primary goal for the fast is weight loss (I am 5’6″ and weight 187lbs) but I would also like to experience any general healing effects of the fast to the fullest.

  83. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Reley,
    We have a dark-field microscope to check patients blood that are on the juice fasting program. All showed improvements but one where we saw 60% damage to the RBC’s. The only thing the were doing different was that she had continued to take Adderall. It will need another check to confirm that that is doing the damage but I would stop taking it when you are fasting. All patients on the program here are medication free during and following the 30 day juice fasting program.

  84. ross says:

    hey im on day 8 of first 30 day juice fast and have lost 15 pounds so far. I’ve been doing coffee enemas daily and drinking 30 to 60 oz of fresh juice. im a bit concerned about losing any more weight seeing as i started out on the thin side. any suggestions??

  85. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Ross,
    I just witnessed a terminal cancer patient fast 42 days on one liter of juice per day. He had wasting syndrome when he entered the program and bones were showing. At the end he looked like a prisoner of war. Just skin and bone. But now pain and still alive. 10 days later, wow you could see the weight gain daily. Too thin…. just for a time. The body will normalize very quickly.

  86. ross says:

    thanks for the encouragment. i really want to make it the full 30 days, but also want to stay healthy! im 5’9 and started out at 150lbs now 133. how much more weight can i lose before i should be concerned?

  87. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Ross
    You have a super fast metabolism. Weight loss will reduce the longer you fast. You will look bad for feel great. Drinking more juice will slow the weight loss.

  88. Will says:

    I am on my 3rd day of a water fast and it seems to be getting easier. My question is is it ok to have a small glass of crystal light lemonade a couple of time throughout the day to have a change from water here and there?

  89. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Will
    Use real lemons and some natural sugar. Add cayanne (SP??) pepper and you have a Master Cleanse.

  90. alex says:

    Can i drink the Naked brand juices on a juice fast? also how many ounces of juice should i be drinking and how many ounces of water? also i am 18 years old, female, 5’4 and 110 lbs. is it safe for me to do a juice fast? i have also struggled with anorexia in the past will this have any affect on the fast?

  91. Beth says:

    Hi Tom,
    I’m on day three of a water fast, i tried this before and only lasted about 2 days but im hoping for 28 this time (I don’t do things by halves) I’m just drinking tap water at the moment is that alright?
    When i was weighed a few weeks ago I was 104lbs, I’m 5ft 0″, how much weight can i expect to lose after the 28 days?(if i last that long!)

  92. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Alex
    Sure you can drink Naked brand juices and mix with water or not but a juicer is recommended. Yes anorexia is a state where the mind is constantly being moved by emotional. I would recommend short fast with a juice, 3 to five days max and break it correctly. Breaking the fast is very had for anyone with compulsive eating issues.

  93. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Beth,
    It is crazy to go cheap when if come to health. Buy bottled water. Then buy a juicer. I never recommend water fasting until you are successful at a juice fast. You are thin to start with so you will lose very little on a juice fast and you should not try a long water fast on tap water. I teach recovery and healing based on tried principles of healing as everything else fails.

  94. Casey says:

    Hello. This is my first time considering fasting. I just have a few questions..
    -Is exercising a good idea? I usually run a mile everyday, will I be able to continue that?
    -Once the fast is over how should I ease back into my normal diet. Should I begin by eating once and day and slowly build up?
    -Will I have energy to do activities?
    – If I need to chew on something, would ice be okay?
    -Can you mix the water and juice fast or does it have to be strictly one or the other?

  95. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Casey
    You can exercise during juice fasting but energy levels will change. Sure chewing on ice is fine. Or freeze the juice into a popsical. Alternating juice and water fasting is excellent.

  96. lana says:

    hello i am considering a fast for weight loss but heard that fasting slows down our metabolism and after the fast, my body becomes very efficient in using up a little food to harness more energy and i will regain the weight and put on even more than before. is this true?

  97. Shannette says:

    Hi, I just started a water-fast today. I would like to fast for 30 days. I am 5’5″ over 40 and 188 lbs (I must have some muscle under my fat because I wear a size 12 LOL).
    I have successfully done the master cleanse several times, there was a time when I was up to 240 so I know fasting works…

    I dont know if my metabolism is fast or slow but I would like to get down to 135 that I weighed at 30… I had my children when I was 33 and 37 years old.

    That’s 58 lbs that I need to release, and I’m wondering if this is realistic since I am now past the 45 year old mark. I know 145-150 is a healthy weight for me but I know for me that each time I took a chunk of weight off, I gained back around 10 lbs until I took another chunk off.

    Do I have realistic expectations.


  98. Sheila says:

    Hi Tom,

    I haven’t fasted for a while and am having a hard time getting movtivated. What is a good time to actually begin a fast? I am trying to get one in between the holidays but I really need to do it and seek God on some things in my life. Also, what about fasting while menstrating? I have had problems with this as well. Thanks for all your help.


  99. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Lana
    Your metabolism will slow then speed up. Yes you can gain the weight back after a fast. But the point that everyone misses is that fasting is a transformational experience and it changes what you want to eat. And that change leads to permanent weight loss as it is based on a new awareness.

  100. Tom Coghill says:

    Yes you will always gain back about 8lb in about 10 days after a long fast. Your weight loss goal is possible. Buy a juicer and a have a glass here and there. You will have better results.

  101. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Fasting helps reduce menstrual pains. I have seen women suffering 5 days of cramps regularly then after a 30 day fast it became 3 days with minor cramping and pain. The best way to start a fast is with a day in prayer alone. Use and enema to get past the hunger stage.

  102. Samantha says:

    Hi Tom,
    This website is very informative and practical. I have been dabbling with raw food recipes and researching the raw food diet for a few months now. I am ready to start gradually switching over but before i do I think I need to fast and detox my body ( previous diet was pretty bad ) My question is, can I exercise on a juice fast ? I don’t intend to push my body during that time but if I feel energetic can I exercise or is it detrimental to the detoxification process ?
    thanks and best wished to everyone on here

  103. lana says:

    thanks tom! i’m starting my 14 day fast from tomorrow. i dont want to be under the control of food anymore!

  104. Sheila says:

    Good morning Tom,

    Ok, I started my fast this morning. I had one cup of coffee so that I don’t get a headache. I made some fresh juice with a combination of apples, carrots and sweet potatoe. I havent’ set a time frame per say but am seeing how long I can go. I need to cleanse as I feel all locked up physically and spiritually. I covet your prayers during this time that my drive for wanting to be close to God will be stronger than my need to eat.

    I really need a break through in several areas of my life. I have had a rough year financially and am a single mom. I have goals and dreams that I want to achieve and need God’s insight. Thank you again for your prayers….
    in Christ,

  105. Samantha says:

    Hi Tom,
    I started my juice fast today and am going to try and stay on it as long as possible. I have one question though, i’ve read on several sites about juice fasting that you should not have citrus fruits, can you tell me why that is. It seems some can interfere with medication but i am not on any medication, can i include oranges and grapefruits on the juice fast ?
    thanks and be well

  106. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Samantha,
    Moderate exercise is recommended during juice fasting and do not exercise during water fasting days.

  107. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Lana
    Read as it show how to break the emotional connection with food.

  108. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Samantha
    Citrus fruits are valuable for many reasons during a fast. They make the blood alkaline and that assists detoxification. The have flaviniods in the white. Enjoy lots of them during your juice fast and post fasting diet.

  109. roxanne says:

    Hi Tom,
    I am so thankful that I found your website. I am on day 6 of my juice fast. I have lost 6.6lbs so far. I would like to continue on as long as I can. I need to lose around 80lbs.
    I would like to purchase your book. Which one would you recommend that I read. Fasting is new to me and I am looking for encouragement and information about fasting.

  110. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Roxanne,
    Buy the full set that includes the fasting books. You will enjoy the read.

  111. Ashley says:

    Hey, im aabout to try the fast.
    but also i have a tip for anyone who feels hunger.
    There are these pills called “hoodia”
    i know i know, pills dont help lose weight
    but these hoodia pills are natural suppliments made from plants in africa, and they help stop cravings.

    ill keep you up with my results or if im struggling 🙂

  112. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Ashley,
    There are two way to reduce hunger. Drinking lots of juice and the enema. Do you have a juice extractor.

  113. Kiwi says:

    I picked up a book about fasting a long time ago (I think it’s out of print, possibly by Elson Haas and another author). It helped me make fasting a part of my life. I do short ones and longer ones. One thing I found is that water fasting is easier for me. Something the book explained was that when I juice fast, my taste buds are being constantly reminded of food. Hence, the ongoing battle with hunger pangs. But after the 2nd or, sometimes, 3rd day, I’m home free. The first 48-72 hours I just remind myself I’m kicking those chemicals/preservatives out of my body. I do have terrible lows with my mood, then euphoric highs….but not hunger after that period. Everyone is different though. I just listen to my body.

    Another thing I learned was that if you’re of normal weight, hunger returns naturally (usually) around 25 days. If you have extra weight, it takes longer while those fat stores are used up. [If you’re a normal weight and ignore the hunger signs, your body will turn to your muscles and vital organs for what it needs…you need to wean yourself back on to food very slowly]

    After some extremely traumatic, scary events in my life, I’m in need of a serious, extended fast. I noticed I gain mental clarity and taste for the natural from each fast. I’ve been vegetarian since 06. And after visiting and seeing the most amazing before & after photos ever, I hope to be at least 70% raw after this. It only makes sense to eat fruits/veggies at their peak, and it’s what I crave and think about lately. I usually ease myself into a fast with juicing. I wish I had the one you can toss apples into whole, but mine is still working so it will do. And I use distilled water. Tap water tastes soapy and bleachy to me (after having my babies especially), and the book warned against it.

    Good luck and good health to all….I should bookmark this site so I can come back and check in!

  114. Jamai says:

    Hi Tom,

    My name is Jamai. I am going to start fasting today. I am going to fast for 50 days. Can you live 50 days on just water and juice and vitamins? Also, should I start out on juice or water and how much a day? I’m not going to do enemas. Thanks, Jamai

  115. sbiedr01 says:

    I’m so glad I found this website!!

    I’m 19 and I just read the book “Skinny Bitch”, which is what led me to the fast that I started yesterday. I’ve never done it, nor agreed with it until I read that it was actually good for your body.
    Although after reading this website, I realized a water fast is not recommended for a first time faster. But I didn’t really know about the juice fast until today.
    So I’m working on the water fast. I’m aiming to lose as much as I can in 20 days, because my friend is coming home from the army and I want to look good. I have been exercising on the treadmill…should I discontinue? I want rapid results, which I know won’t stick, but hey.
    I’m just concerned about this turning into anorexia. I’m not THAT self conscious, but I know I could look a lot better. What are the chances of this? Also, for a first time faster, is a 20 day fast unrealistic?

  116. Tom Coghill says:

    Juice fasting and exercise cannot damage the body. I have pushed the limit many times and although it is hard to do the body feels better after. Anorexia is a state of mind base on low self-esteem. It is not triggered by fasting.

  117. jo1303 says:

    Hi Tom. I have a very slow metabolism, but I can go up and down in weight like ten pounds easily, because I don’t drink even one glass of water a day. When I do I can go from 155 to 145 in two days easily but of course it comes back! I want to start a fast tomorrow, I also bought a colon cleansing kit. Not in for “weight” but def. to be smaller in size. I am 5’2 and 155 lbs currently, I’d like to be at least healthy, but I would settle for 125 to 135 for now. Is the colon cleansing and fasting ok to do together? Could I get down to a healthy weight?

  118. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Jo
    Fasting works best with a colon cleanse. You will gain about 10 lbs after a fast due to the colon refilling with food and more water that is needed for digestion.

  119. Cate says:


    I’ve noticed a few people have mentioned caffeine addiction and how fasting helps. I was wondering if it has a similar effect on sugar cravings? I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years (since beginning college) and haven’t eaten red meat in ten years. I generally eat pretty healthy, but all things sugar are my downfall! I am well within the healthy weight range (140 at 5’7″) but wouldn’t mind losing 10 pounds. Really my goal is to be less sugar addicted though! Would fasting realistically help get rid of sugar cravings? If so, how long of a fast would you suggest? (I would of course, start with a short one to become accustomed to it.)

    Thanks in advance!

  120. Jamai says:

    Why Didn’t my post get responded too?

  121. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Jamai
    I miss posts due to time constaints and travel. Yes you can easily fast 50 days on juice. I did 68 days of juice fasting to heal an injury. Start with juice fasting. We have terminal cancer patients that have priority.

  122. Tom Coghill says:

    Fasting does not change sugar cravings. Seem like it is a genetic preference. On the other side of the coin the more sugar you have the more sugar you want. You can use stevia and natural plant sweetner.

  123. joe says:

    Hi, I have been struggling with my weight for years. I am now getting older and my family health history has heart problems all over it. I need to lose 40-50 lbs to get to a healthy weight. Will a 30 day fast get me there and what can i expect over the 30 days. I know i will surly have caffeine withdrawal. How do you deal with the headaches? I am in Iraq and do not have access to a juicer but can find bottled juice? any suggestions?

  124. Tom Coghill says:

    Do some reading on the site. It is all there in depth.

  125. Kelly says:

    Hi Tom,

    I absolutely love your website. It has a lot of great information. I just finished my exams and my body has taken a lot of hits over the past few weeks of eating junk. I have never fasted before and I’m on day 1 of my 20 day fast. I’m starting with 5 days of water fast and then 15 days of juice. Does this sound like a good plan? During the water fast, is tea allowed? And if so, is all natural honey allowed? Also, after my fast, will I gain all the weight back if not more? This is a bit of a concern for me. I want to clease my body and lose a few pounds in the process but I don’t want to gain it all back in the end. What are your thoughts?

  126. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Kelly,
    If you return to the diet that caused the weight gain it will repeat. You need a life long diet change to maintain a healthy weight. Honey and green tea is allowed on a juice fast. Start with the juice fasting or you may never make the water fast.

  127. JJL says:

    Can you smoke cigarettes during a fast?

  128. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi JJL
    Juice fasting is a great way to end cigarette addiction and cleanse your lungs of years of toxins from smoking. Sure you can but your lungs will not heal or cleanse and to me that is the most important organ to heal. If you could watch final stage cancer patients going though hell and fighting for life you would not smoke.

  129. joe says:

    can you drink chicken or beef bouillon in place of water once a day? I’m on day three and holding fast so far.

  130. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Joe
    Try juicing some beet and carrot with a clove of ginger, heat it and add a sqruit of Wostershire sauce. T

  131. JJL says:

    I’m having a hard time with getting past the first day of fasting! How can I get some willpower?!!!

  132. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi JJL
    Use an enema is the easiest. The second way is too drink large amounts of juice. The third is to visualize your success all through the day and feel good for each hour you fast.

  133. Kim says:


    I want to go on a fast. Not sure if i want water or juice but i’m still very young. If i’m only a teenager would it be bad to fast? We have 2 months of holidays now so it isn’t like i’m at school and have to study but still?

    Thank you 🙂


  134. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Kim,
    The youngest case we supervised here at the hospital was a young boy of age 9 who had TB and asthma and was hospitalized several times to to attacks. He is now totally cured after 30 days of juice fasting. He stated he found it easy and lost very little weight. If you are talking about a juice fasting with a juice extractor, great your health will improve. Do you have a juicer and will your parents allow you? What is your reason to fast?

  135. mm says:

    Greetings Tom:
    You have built a great website – a valuable compound of hand-s on experience and research results! Only wish people took the time to read in depth the topics on the main menu prior to asking redundant questions LOL Anyhow – for your record I attach a diary of my water fasting – let me know if it’s better to send it to your personal account. I thought it will be a useful tool for those who don’t know what to expect. Needless to say – my results are not typical so each and every organism will respond within a margin.
    If it’s OK – I will submit 3 days at a time or let me know if there is a better sequence.
    Here we go:
    Datum: female, 5’4”, 155 pounds at the beginning of the fast
    Health history: spleen removed at the age of 6 /due to an accident/, appendix removed at the age of 20, abdominal surgery /due to scar tissue growth/ with repositioning of the abdominal muscle wall 5 months ago. Prior to my abdominal surgery in July my weight fluctuated between 118 -125 pounds, had very active life style – exercise, boating, scuba, dancing; I have been a vegetarian for 5 or 6 years now but have fish and shell products in my diet all the time. My metabolism has always been slow so I balanced it out with physical activity and healthy diet. 6 months ago I stopped smoking /cold turkey/ and right after that I had the surgery which completely shut it down. I am not allowed any exercise but walking for one more month. Hence – the reason for my fast: I want to detoxify and reset my “biological” watch so I can get easier into my active routine next month. I don’t take any medication. Loosing weight is a natural part of the process but not a self-centered goal – I want to rip the long-term results of a healthy working system. My intention is to proceed with the water fast until I see slowing down weight loss which will tell me I need to start the juice fast which I intend to use as a transition to raw veggies and fruits – uuuuuum, can’t wait!  All in all, I intend to fast until I don’t enjoy it any more – i.e. start dreaming of carrots and celery.

    And now the fasting facts:

    12/15/08 Monday 1st day fasting
    AM – all in norm, feels airy as I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch
    PM – slight hunger craving; sleepy, cold, quiet, joints “creeping”

    12/16/08 Tuesday 2nd day of fasting
    AM – in norm, slight headache pressure on top rim of the scalp
    Mid day – driving 100 mi made me dizzy, lingering headache
    PM – min stomach ache, had to take a nap
    Evening – headache strengthen mid of forehead, gastritis pain, light hurts the eyes, slept restless from late evening till next morning

    Second day of fasting lost 8 pounds

    12/17/08 Wednesday 3rd day of fasting
    AM – head heavy, “shaky” or weak inside, but better than last night, vomited once – yellow liquid, felt better after words, light house activities felt right: little vacuuming, washed a dish and a glass, took out the garbage
    PM – little tired, drove a little, little lifting, head buzzing, weakness in joints; eyes feeling better, working on laptop and watching TV gets easier, slight stomach ache, feeling slight hunger

    Third day of fasting lost 4 pounds

  136. JJL says:

    Okay so how much juice should I be drinking a day?

  137. JJL says:

    And what about all the sugar in juice?

  138. JJL says:

    One more question, I’ve never done an enema. So can I do enemas and juice both? And do enemas make you feel fuller?

  139. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi JJL
    The less you drink the more your body will cleanse. The amount is up to you. Why would you be worried about the sugars in juices. They are good for you.

  140. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi JJL
    Enemas are use in water fasting and juice fasting. The make your stomach flat, reduce fermentation do to the pulp in juice, and remover hunger. Keep reading.

  141. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi MM
    Thanks for the in depth post. I am assuming this it a water fast from the reactions. You may find juice fasting much easier to get through the primary detox stage. I prefer about 2 to 4 before going to straight water.

  142. mm says:

    Hey Tom:
    Yep – water fast 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!I already started with water so I don’t know what would be the benefit of moving to juice fast on day 4 of a water fast? I put some freshly squeezed lemon juice in my water today though.And I feel great – back to my normal self.So I’ll just stick with water I guess. Will be back later with date from water fast day 4-7 report. Keep up the great job Tom!

  143. Bridget says:

    Hi Tom!
    I’m starting a spiritual fast with my church in January but my main concern is a photoshoot I have in 20 days. I am currently 130 & need to be around 100-110. I have a couple of question I really hope you can answer for me:
    Do you think I can accomplish this weight loss in a water fast?
    Can I still go to the gym?
    Can I use enemas everyday of the fast?
    And most importantly- What can I do to NOT gain any weight back after I finish fasting?
    Thanks in advance!

  144. Bridget says:

    Oh also, my hair is very thin. In fact I have lost half the amt. of hair I used to have as years go by (& I’m only 19, unfortunately) but lately it has improved, thank God. Would fasting affect my problem?

  145. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Bridget,
    Yes you can accomplish this weight loss during a 20 day water fast?
    Can I still go to the gym? Yes but go easy.

    Can I use enemas everyday of the fast? Yes.

    What can I do to NOT gain any weight back after I finish fasting? Exercise and eat more raw fruits and veggies.

  146. mm says:

    Hello Tom and everyone doing the best good to themselves 🙂

    As I said I’ll post my fasting diary here hoping to help all who seek some day-to-day encouragement through the process. Here we go:

    12/18/08 Thursday 4th day of fasting
    AM – restless night, pain in the eyelids along with a persistent headache
    Mid day – pain in eyes subsided, bowel movement,feeling of overall lightness
    PM – back to my normal self prior to fasting – no feeling of weakness inside, no headache, no pain in the eyes

    Forth day of fasting lost 0 pounds

    12/19/08 Friday 5th day of fasting
    AM – best night sleep so far, woke up with excruciating pain in the eyes – kicked me out of bed, felt better when open
    Mid day – worked some, rested
    PM – back to my normal self prior to fasting – no feeling of weakness inside, no headache, no pain in eyes; slight hunger cravings

    Fifth day of fasting lost 3 pounds

    12/20/08 Saturday 6th day of fasting
    AM – same morning pain in the eyes woke me up in addition to a light but persistent headache; the low atmosphere pressure might contribute to it; other than that fresh and joyful inside
    Mid day – 2 hours of medium to high physical activity /washing a sail boat is no easy job/, lots of water intake
    PM – feeling good, have an odd pain at the bottom of my liver that pops in when I sit, goes away when I move or lay down

    Sixth day of fasting lost 0 pounds

    2/21/08 Sunday 7th day of fasting
    AM – morning pain in the eyes is gone – feel light headache for; lots of physical activity but feels great till about noon
    Mid day – slight back pain of too much moving in the morning and some hunger cravings
    PM – feeling great; cooking is almost transcendent – as it’s not me but my alter ego smelling all those heavenly odors lol anyhow – was odd sitting on the table with 5 eating and yumming people and drinking my aqua pura lol the odd pain in liver popped again – gets better if I stretch my spine

    Seventh day of fasting lost 0 pounds

    For the record: for 7 days of water fast I had no black outs, no head spins, no shaking. The only pain that I really did have is the pain in my eyes and I guess it’s either because they are in a healing process / I have 2+ reading glasses / or because I usually release the pressure form my 6th chakra through my eyes.
    The total weight loss is 15 pounds; I had 3 days of loosing weight and 4 days sans changement

    Tom – I have a question if you can answer: will it beneficial if I break the water fast and do 3-4 days juice fast and than go straight back water fast? I would really appreciate your advise. Thanks and keep up the great job!

  147. Bridget says:

    Ok thanks so much!!
    I don’t think I will be able to do 20 days but I will do 10.
    What can be done to have a fast metabolism?

  148. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi MM
    A 3-4 days juice fast from a water fast and back to a juice fast perfect. Expect to feel incredible a few minutes after drink the juice and expect a laxative reaction from the juice.

  149. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Bridget
    Fast metabolisms lose weight quickly and it come back quickly. You can do a long juice fast but water fasting is very hard. Usually one week is the limit of endurance.

  150. mm says:

    Hello Tom and a Blessed Christmas to you and your family! I quickly report the last 3 days of my water fasting diary before I move to juice today.Have a joyful holiday season!
    Here we go:
    2/22/08 Monday 8th day of fasting
    AM – all in norm, woke up early by a slight pain in the eyelids
    Mid day – moving around is easy, all in norm
    PM – feeling light but tired

    Eight day of fasting lost 0 pounds

    2/23/08 Tuesday 9th day of fasting
    AM – all in norm, slight headache wakes me up
    Mid day – medium physical activity feels great – so easy to move
    PM – an increasing pain in the bottom of the ribcage or liver makes it uncomfortable to sit; stretching helps some but it’s persistent; it occurred first in late afternoon but went away quickly

    Ninth day of fasting lost 1 pounds

    2/24/08 Wednesday 10th day of fasting
    AM – all in norm, slight lingering headache
    Mid day – cooking holiday dinner like a mad man lol and smelling, and moving, and it feels great!
    PM – same “stabbing” liver/rib cage pain – no idea where it pops from – usually in the evening hours, can live with it; an abundant dinner table with salads, veggies and rice yummi!! And me with a water glass! Christmas Eve for you 🙂

    Tenth day of fasting lost 0 pounds

    Conclusion: for 10 days of water fasting I have no physical function”disorders”, no mental “blurry”; I had better moments and worse moments but all manageable; quite pleased to observe on a daily basis how my body changes and becomes lighter and happier; I had no “high” moments either probably because I don’t have the “ heavy food baggage”; total weight loss for 10 days water fast is 16 pounds.
    So today I break the water fast with juice fast for 3 or 4 days, and when I’m done juicing – I’ll back to water. Diet diary of juicing to follow upon completion!

    I guess I can say “Cheers” with juice now :)))

  151. fastinggurl says:

    HI TOM.
    Ok I am starting my fast today…. ive got through it and I usuraly always fast for 3-4 days normally its something ive always done before I discoverd this website…Now I want to fast for atleast 3 weeks but Im going to start slowely first Ill do about 1 week with only water and then if I can make it ill go on to 2 weeks and then 3 weeks and if I can still make it ill go for the 30 day challenge. Any fasting buddys care to join??

  152. Markus says:

    🙁 🙁

    I am on day 4 now on a juice fast, the day before the fast I was on 81.7Kg and from the on I gained weight up to 82.2 and have not lost a single gram. I went running twice for an hour. No weight loss at all. I am drinking mostly water, tea and about 0.5 liters juice throughout the day.

    Did anyone here have the same experience? If no change tomorrow I will start eating again.



  153. summer says:

    do you recommend a salt water flush?

  154. AJ says:

    Hi Tom
    I have done juice fasts before and they are fab the only thing is this time I think I may be two weeks pregnant! Can you please tell me if it’s safe?
    Thank you

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Even on juice you body has ample protein reserves at this stage of pregnancy. You can do a modified fast with protein and essential oils and a supplement for the B vitamins. It is more of a diet than a fast but you will increase the health of your body and baby.

  155. fathima says:

    Hi there..
    I weigh around 100 kilograms, and 27 years old and 5’6 in height.
    I am interested to give the juice fast a try, but would like to know during my fast programme, can i take in meat items? at least once or two times a week, and starch items such as rice or pasta or noodles.
    thank u

  156. mbx says:

    Hey there,

    I was just wandering if fasting stops the contraceptive pill working… ive been told it does?


  157. Kay says:

    i have just started a juice fast, along with the blessed herbs colon cleanse. I have been using organic apple/pear/strawberry bottled juices, which cotain the added vit C to retain color. Is this ok? Am i better off using pasteurised juice instead? Its hard getting organic fresh friut and veg where i live.

    Also, i know you shouldnt really be giving out medical advice. Ive seem doctors and they seem to think im in good health. I still have the suspision that i have an underactive thyroid. I know i did have, but not sure if thats what it still is. I certain that my metabolism is messed up tho. i have been on my fast for 2 days now. i felt find during the first day, had a throbing headache at night tho. the second day i seemed to be feel the usual. I think its because of my extremly low metabolism that makes fasting not so difficult. Will this help correct my metabolism or mess it up more? I am 22, should i keep at it?

  158. harlow says:

    just a question about the weight loss- is the weight you lose on a water fast real weight? what i mean is, because on a water fast you lose so much weight so fast, are you really losing fat and is the weight loss actually noticeable?
    if you lose 20 pounds water fasting in three weeks will you look the same as if you had lost 20 pounds through diet exercise over the course of three months?

  159. dana dee says:

    Hi. Great website. I am on the 10th day of my water and juice fast. I have alternated first 4 days water and other 6 days just grape juice with no sugar. During my first few days of fasting I had average bm like once each day. But for the past 7 days theirs no bm! Is that ok? Oh, yeah and i started taking physillium husk with achipolidis (surely mispelled), still no bm! Is physillium husk good to take as a colon cleanser while fasting? Why aren’t I seeing Major results? I am a 5’9 woman start weight 176. So far I have lost 10 pounds. I consider myself as a healthy person–is it that my colon was not bad or is something as going on?

    Thanks in advance for the help

    Good luck to everyone!

  160. Rown says:

    Hi there Tom!!! I’m planning to do fasting by next week, will it be ok if im going to do it ever other day? or it has to be everyday? thanks and God bless!!!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rown,
      You can fast alternate days but it take more discipline and the fast never gets into a deep state of cleansing. You will compensate by eating more on the second day so there will be no weight loss. But it will give you a tune up and feel better if you do it for a week.

  161. Rown says:

    Ok I got it!! Thanks so much for the info!!!

  162. dana dee says:

    Ok you said you find physillium husk will create a BM after a few days–but it hasn’t. I’m at the end of day 3 using it and on the start of the 11-day juice fast. What aoubt the mucus forming and slow down the detox? Should I not take the husk now? What should I do to further detox. I’m getting discouraged about not seeing results from my “detox”. At 35 should i see results anyway if if think I wasn’t such an unhealty eater?

  163. Tara says:

    Hi Tom,

    Great site.

    I am on a 30 plus day water and juice fast with enemas. What are your thoughts on coffee enemas and frequency?

    I am on day 12 and have released 10.6lbs.

  164. Gina says:

    Hi Tom. I have been fasting M,T,W, everyweek since Thanksgiving but I said that after the new year, I was just going to make it M and T and begin eating Wednesday afternoon. My main goal is to gain self-control but I would like to have some weight loss. I have lost some weight but now that I have been on this site and read various posts, it seems that 2x a week may not be any good for a fast and that anything less than 3 days is a waste. What do you think?

  165. Kimberly J says:

    Hi Tom.
    I Plan to start a 40 day water fast i have been doing a lot of search on fasting i have tried fasting before but binge at night i weight 235 and I’m 5’7 around how much weight do you think I can loss on a 40 days only water fast.And Is it true the weight you loss during the fast comes back on easily?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      HI Kimberly,
      The weight stays off if you change your diet. Same bad diet…. same problem. Your goal may my out of your ability for a first time faster. Do a shorter juice fast first and tell us how much you lost.

  166. Carrie Elizabeth says:

    Hi Tom- I want to know if a juice fast could eliminate some of the medical problems I may be having. I went through a divorce and lost 35lbs in 6mo. I assumed due to stress, but in the past 3mo. I gained 15lbs. back. Could I have a tyroid problem? I have developed an enlarged lymph node gland in my neck and a month later it is still there and a second one has enlarged. My doctor is running blood work and scheduled a cat scan but is not saying much. Probably not to scare me but of course I researched on my own and am scared to have lymphomia or something. Can a fast help me? Besides wanting to loose 10-15lbs (I am currently 5’3 120lbs) I want to get these medical symptoms to disappear, such as night sweats drenching my sheets and tremors and twiches in my body at night with shaking hands throughout the day, what would you recommend?

  167. Anna says:


    I’m in the second day of a juice fast and I’ve been having a lot of dizzy spells. I almost hit my head on a filing cabinet at work this morning. What am I doing wrong?



  168. beaches says:

    Hello I am new to this forum but find it very interesting. years ago my husband and I changed our diets because our children were always sick. We swore off fast food and went to fruits and veggies and fresh juice every morning. Our children thrived and we did too. We went through lots of ‘dumping’. My one daughter that had been on tons of antibiotics went thru the toughest time but became fully cured…she even got the mumps and I was told it was her vaccine coming out. (another controversy -We chose not to vaccinate out other children). We have 5 children. Now that they are grown (the youngest is 20) we have found ourselves back to the same old garbage (for about the last 5 years) and have gained especially. I decided in December to practice what I’ve been preaching and planned to start a juice fast in January.
    Please note we have always had our fresh glass of juice in the morning or we would probably be dead:) last summer we were binging so bad I ended up in the emergency room with high blood pressure peak of 210/105 and they immediately put me on bp pills…I knew the cause but even after a week of juice fasting then i went right back to eating stupid.
    So as of Jan. 1st 2009 I have been doing fresh juice. I first had to have a complete mental evaluation with myself to decide that for once and for all I was going to get healthy and the time was now so I could enjoy life again. I had ballooned to 250 lbs and was totally unhappy with myself and it showed. I searched the internet and found excerpts from different place, printed them off and use them as my inspiration and information. I have to tell myself every day that this is the beginning and I will be over with the fast as soon as I get myself in good shape. I make a plan every week and go a day at a time. I have fallen two days and eaten something..altho little it was eating..I then started back the next day and called it day 1. I write in a journal every day..nothing great,,just how I feel and what I want out of life. That has helped tremendously. Also my husband is a cheerleader and if there is one bit of advice I can give you is to share what you are doing with someone. This is the first time I have actually told him what I weigh and have been completely honest with him. He has made a huge difference. I am now at Jan 30th and feel so great…as I write this I believe I am going thru a little ketoacidosis..super weak and backache and all the signs but I know it will be gone in hours or tomorrow. I have a 16oz glass of carrot, beet and celery juice every morning. (I also use green and red pepper and cucumber – all organic) Because I’ve been so cold I then have hot water with a fresh lemon…sometimes lots of cups! Not every day but some days I have another glass of juice in the afternoon. I just listen to my body to see what I need. At first I had fruit juices too but found out for me they make me crave food. After I stayed with vegetables I am never really hungry. My addiction to food comes out and I am trying to realize that this is a lifestyle change so I visualize what I will eat again and I think of only healthy food. I have some weeks planned with a few fruits because of things we have going. I find the key is planning and deliberately dealing with food so there are no passionate binges. Now for the good part…I have lost 35 lbs this month (and I am a person that holds weight). I walk on a treadmill whenever I have the energy because my secondary goal is to lose weight and some exercise helps that end.
    I am fitting into lots of clothes and have decided to extend my fast until I get to the weight and health I want. I have weeks planned to break the fast (like Easter) but like i said PLANNED menus. I plan on going until the end of april and then start my new life and lifestyle. I tell people I am 57 going on 40. My skin is clearing up, wrinkles are going and it appears there will be hardly if any loose skin. That I will have to see to believe! I apologize for taking up so much space. I hope my story will help someone. I struggle everyday but as you get through the first week or so you will get motivated. I would be happy to be a fasting partner to anyone out there…my email is Good luck to all of you and like my motto is (from the Biggest Loser) SHUT THE … UP AND DO IT! No offense intended to everyone but it sure hit home with me!!!

  169. beaches says:

    Sorry forgot to tell you I am going in on Monday to get my BP pills reduced for a week or two and then taken off of them…my BP has been low since the first week of the fast…..again good luck to all of you. there is so much information out there. After my 99.9% fasting journey is through I will still have juice every day and plan on doing a 1-3 day fast every week to stay healthy. Planning is the key and I never have done that before. Thanks for the forum to get all kinds of good info! PS my husband is not fasting but we have added juice 2 times a day instead of one and lots more veggies to his diet and of course he loses 10 pounds right away and his bp has gone down…but he didn’t do as much private bingeing as I did so he started out healthier…………

  170. beaches says:

    Well here I go again…There’s so many things that come into play with a juice fast. Just a couple of tips when you just have to have a bite of something…. Make a pot of fresh vegetable soup – no salt just some seasonings….then have a cup of broth…I did that the first two weeks. Now when I want something I cut a very fresh organic sweet orange into smaller pieces and suck the juice out of each piece. It’s faster than running it thru the juicer and is a quick fix so you don’t grab something else. It also helps any nausea or blood sugar low. You will find out that you’re never hungry just old habits coming into play…be ready and you will succeed…thanks for listening

  171. Lynette says:

    Hello to everyone,

    Tom, my question to you is: How long would I have to juice fast to lost 70 pounds? I have been reading about water fast and tumble across juice fasting and decided to do a juice fast. Being as though I have so much weight to lose, I was thinking that a 30 day juice fast is not enough time to lose that kind of weight. My weight is now 195 and I am looking to get back to normal weight of 125 or 130. Should I do juice then water and what is the lenght of time for both to accomplish my weight loss goal. Thank you in advance.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      The question ” how much weight will I lose” has been asked a few hundred times on this site and I no longer answer as the formula is complex at best a guess and the best way is to fast and see what you lose.

  172. Tara says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have been on a single juice and water fast for 24 days and have lost 16.4lbs. I feel this is low. How can I speed up my slow metabolism while fasting. Is it possible?



  173. Beaches says:

    I just want to say you are an inspirations. Keep it up and keep us informed.


  174. Christi says:

    Hi, i just bought a juicer and two books you reccomended on this site i’ve never juiced before but I’m very determined to complete 30 days. I hope to lose 30 lbs or more and I hope to last more than 30 days! I’m a little nervous about the enema is it difficult to do your first time by yourself?

  175. Teresa says:

    I am on day 15 of a water fast and have lost only 18lbs. The past 2 days I have not had any weight loss. I am 5’9 and started at 186. Should I be doing something different? I do try to walk every day but I get out of breath easily. Any suggestions to speed up weight loss?

  176. Katy says:

    Hi Tom,

    Feel a little pathetic as it’s only my second day of my juice fast but I feel really ill already, I have a really bad cold, I’m completely congested and I’m lying in bed with a box of tissues feeling rather sorry for myself!

    Is this normal? I’m just a little concerned because I plan on doing another day of straight juice then 3 days of a liquid diet to include soup and broth and then another 3 days of raw fruit and veg (and liquids). I don’t want to break it but I don’t really want to feel like this for the next week either!

  177. Bridget says:

    Hi…..I had a few questions about this juice fasting. I have fasted before but not a long term juice fast. I am 19 and about 170 at 5’7. I have some important things going on in about a month and a half or so. I was wondering if with juice fasting, exercising, occasional enemas, etc….if I could lose 70 pounds in about that amount of time. Also, what kind of fruit is best to use for juicing?! So if you could just let me know about how long it would take to lose 70 lbs and what kind of fruit is the best, I would appreciate it! Thanks and I look forward to continuing this juice fast (I started yesterday)

  178. Dee says:

    I plan on starting the master cleanse because I don’t have the means to buy a juicer at this time and I want fresh juice to receive some health benefits. Can you tell me what the effects are on the body in terms of loose skin and cellulite. I want to do 30-45 days I have about 100 pds to lose but I dont want to look flabby when I’m done.

  179. Bells says:

    You are 5’7″ and you are at 170 trying to lose 70 lbs??? That would put you at 100 lbs!!! I am 5’6″ and I range from 115- 120 and people say I am thin. Aim for healthy sweetie. Your Body Mass Index would have you probably more so between 120-135 as a healthy weight. Fasting is great but just try to be safe!

  180. Bridget says:

    The point is I used to be uber thin surprisingly 100 or less. then my thyroid went crazy and i gained a ton of weight… only trying to get back to how i was so 100 is healthy for me because i had been that way for forever…….so its ok

  181. Bridget says:

    So about how long will it take me to lose 70 lbs then? I’m on my 4th day of the juice fast…..

    • Tom Coghill says:

      I saw a man loose 100 lb in 40 days of juice fasting but it was mostly from the liver healing and losing the water held due to water retention.
      That depends on the metabolism of your body and and even then it is a guess.

  182. Bridget says:

    Sorry I also forgot to ask if I can chew an occasional piece of gum while on this juice fast…..

  183. Bridget says:

    Thank you so much Tom!! This all helps a lot!

  184. Bridget says:

    I had one last question, I know I have read that you shouldn’t have caffeine while on juice or water fasts. But I was wondering if I could have an occasional can of diet caffeine free soda, such as sprite zero or sierra mist free or something. Just let me know because if it will make me not lose weight or affect something, then I definitely won’t do it. Thanks! (BTW, going on seventh day of juice fast 🙂

  185. Bridget says:

    What’s the longest you can go on a water fast. I was wanting to switch my juice fast to a water fast for a while then finish out the rest of my fasting days on the juice fast. I was thinking of doing a 10-14 day water fast. Would this be ok, could I go longer….what are your thoughts.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Briget,
      How long can a person can water fast depends on metabolsim and fat content. Here is a quote from Dr. Isabelle A. Moser. The longest fast I ever supervised was a 90 day water fast on an extraordinarily obese woman, who at 5″ 2″ weighed close to 400 pounds.

      You will be fine water fasting for 14 days. But take it one day at a time.

  186. Eris says:

    Hi Tom and goodmorning. A few days ago I conducted a water fast. On the 3rd day when I woke up my nose was extremely stuffy, my sinuses hurt, and I overall felt like I had a cold. I stopped the water fast, was that a normal reaction?

    Well I gave myself a break for a day or two, then I began a fresh juice fast, I juice fruits and veggies, and I dilute it with water. This is my 2nd day in and I’ve lost a total of 4 lbs. Does this mean I have a fast metabolism?

    Thanks so much.

  187. Jenny says:

    Hello Tom, hello everyone :).

    I don’t have any questions, I’ve researched my butt off before starting my fasting endeavor, I just thought I’d share my experience thus far. I thought it’d be nice to have a place to talk and find encouragement.

    So here goes, the hard part (thank god this is anonymous). I’m 26, 5’5, and at the height of my weight struggles have weighed 210 lbs. I went through a pretty rough 6 months recently and just let myself go, and have been feeling terribly uncomfortable and unhealthy, and I thought fasting would be a good place to start getting things in order.

    I’ve been going great so far and I’m so proud of myself. In the last month I’ve lost 23 pounds (down to 187 last time I weighed in). Some of that was before my fast though.

    I started my fast last Monday (Feb 23rd) and I’ve had nothing but water for about 9 1/2 days. Well…had a mint here and there last week, but they were sugar free! >< The occasional hunger pang rears it’s ugly head from time to time, but other than that, I’m feeling great! I would say I lost at least 13 pounds the first week. (Trying to show some restraint and only weigh myself at the end of every week).

    I couldn’t go to the gym the first week due to my body adjusting to the fast. I felt week, dizzy, headaches, some back pain, but I knew that was to be expected, so I pushed through it. And now, I feel amazing. Perkier, happier, excited at my success thus far.

    This isn’t merely for weight loss (though you won’t here me complain!). I suffer from asthma and some pretty rough allergies. I want to be a healthier person, and the benefits of fasting sound amazing. I think this is somthing we should all keep in mind.

    Don’t start this journey merely as a crash diet…think of it as revitalizing your whole life. Use it as a starting point to becoming a better you. The beginning is very rough, but if you rest, and fight through it, the rewards are well worth the struggle, and it only becomes easier.

    I’ll update next Monday after I weigh myself next. It won’t be as long a post, I promise, lol. Best of luck to all of you, and remember, LISTEN TO YOUR BODIES!


  188. Jenny says:

    Teresa, if you’re still checking these forums, it all depends on your metabolism, and from the sounds of it yours is more than likely slow (and I feel your pain, so is mine). The bad thing about that is that you will lose weight more slowly. The good? You can fast longer, which will ultimately further better your detox. If the walking is too much, walk more slowly, for shorter amounts of time, build up your strength. Practice stretching and deep breathing exercises, maybe yoga or pilates, or check out the “standing abs” video by Jennifer Galardi. Exercise will help if your body can take it. The more muscles mass you have the more calories your body burns doing regulary daily activies, including while it’s at rest.

    I’m no expert, just my 2 cents.


  189. Howard White says:

    Hello Tom, I am a male 6 foot 1 19 year old 288 pound teenager. About 2 and a half years ago I discovered fasting and was eager to use it to lose weight. Before I had known about fasting I was at a weight of 205 pounds.

    Unfortunately, my eagerness and lack of education when it came to fasting caused me to do what is known as yo-yo fasting. This consisted of me fasting for 1-2 days and then feasting on junk food the rest of the week. This is where the problem starts. That continuing process of yoyo fasting caused me to lose alot of lean muscle tissue over the years. As you know a loss of lean muscle tissue causes a slower metabolism.

    So, as the years went on I gradually gained weight as my metabolism became slower. So right now as I type this im 83 pounds larger in body fat and have a slower metabolism with hardly any muscle to boot. I decided 2 days ago I was gonna do a long fast of say around 30-40 days and do it right. Not really for weight loss this time but mainly to detoxify my body before I begin lifting weights to add back the muscle I lost all throughout the years.

    Now this is where my concern begins. I know a long fast of say 30 days would use a small amount of muscle and after the fast my metabolism would be even slower and more efficient. Thing is after I break the fast correctly over the next couple weeks I want to get into lifting weights to regain all the muscle I lost over the years because of my yo yo fasting.

    Problem is to build muscle you need a calorie surplus. Thing is im afraid if I eat a calorie surplus to build back my muscle I am going to get even fatter in the process and destroy all the benefits of the fast. My intentions are to do a major house cleaning(with the water fast) to start off on a clean slate and then build back muscle to speed up my metabolism and use that muscle and excersize to lose weight slowly.

    Is this the right way to go about this weight loss Tom? Please put my concerns to rest thank you

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Howard,
      Your weight gain may be due to an under-active thyroid or damage liver among other things. Did you have a thyroid and liver function test …would be the first on my list? But there are may factors such as water retention due to poor liver function. You cannot water fast and build muscle. You would be the first. The weight lifters do a 10 day water fast after they put on the muscle to reduce fat and get cut. Muscle mass only comes from exercise and mostly working out with weights. You diet may be the first factor. If your diet is high in oil, fat, sugars and refined starches with a slow metabolism you will gain weight. Fasting is part of the answer for you in that it can heal damaged organs, but only juice fasting with a juicer has that power. Without exercise and a healthy lo cal diet, your fasting will be just riding on a bigger yo yo.
      What is your diet and calories? Generally?

  190. Howard White says:

    Well my diet is usually of junk food and around 3000-4000 calories a day. But I think you misunderstood me. I’m not trying to build muscle during the fast but after it. Right now I’m in the process of a 30 day water fast(to detoxify) and after I break the fast I am going to start lifting weights and attempt to eat a cleaner diet to build some of the lean muscle tissue I lost over the years.

    Thing is to build muscle I know I need a calorie surplus. What I’m concerned about is after the fast my metabolism is going to be even slower and I’m worried that the calorie surplus will add even more body fat and destroy the benefits of the fast. Is this the wrong way to go about this or after the fast should I hold off on weight lifting and just eat a low calorie diet? What I really want is to speed up my metabolism and lose the weight slowly but one of the main ways to do this is to build muscle which requires a calorie surplus, a complete contradiction to someone who needs to lose weight.

  191. Howard White says:

    Well my diet is usually of junk food and around 3000-4000 calories a day. But I think you misunderstood me. I’m not trying to build muscle during the fast but after it. Right now I’m in the process of a 30 day water fast(to detoxify) and after I break the fast I am going to start lifting weights and attempt to eat a cleaner diet to build some of the lean muscle tissue I lost over the years.

    Thing is to build muscle I know I need a calorie surplus. What I’m concerned about is after the fast my metabolism is going to be even slower and I’m worried that the calorie surplus will add even more body fat and destroy the benefits of the fast. Is this the wrong way to go about this or after the fast should I hold off on weight lifting and just eat a low calorie diet? What I really want is to speed up my metabolism and lose the weight slowly but one of the main ways to do this is to build muscle which requires a calorie surplus, a complete contradiction to someone who needs to lose weight.
    Sorry, forgot have mentioned great post! Waiting for your next post!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Howard,
      95% of all humans would gain weight on 4000 cal of junk a day. The problem you may have with a 30 day water fast after a toxic diet is neausea and vomiting as years of toxic living is dumped into the blood. And if you have any compulsive eating issues, they will be come a bomb that can destroy all the benefits of fasting. Step one is to buy a juicer. Step 2 do a week on juice and some oatmeal for breakfast and fresh salads and fruits only. So if you can do that you are ready for a short juice fast of 5 days. If you do that you are ready for a longer fast. Start with juice, go to water then end with juice. You will find this to be doable and practical. The best way to speed metabolism is cardio exercises, like tennis or running. The best weight loss program should be your lifetime diet, exercise with periods of fasting for a tune up.

  192. Howard White says:

    Thanks Tom

  193. tari says:

    hi i’m 14 and weigh 154 pounds and am honestly sick of it i tried a diet but ended up binging on the third day i’ve researched this juice fasting but still have some questions
    1 what kind of juices should i use and how much weight might i lose in a week pls you may be my last hope thanks

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Tari
      Fasting was my last hope. For weight loss use more cucumber apple, celery, lemon and lower calorie juices. Weightloss would take an hour with your personal info, diet, and weight and hight, just to make a guess. Better to fast and see what happens. If you can, build one pattern or behaviour at a time. Try drinking juice every morning having a salad for lunch. You need to build a healthy rhythm of when and what you eat. Do not try a longer fast as you do not have enough discipline built up to complete the goal. Blowing fasting can make your life worse. I will gladly support you in your program.

  194. Christina says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am planning on starting a 40 day water fast, however, I want to make sure I will be able to lose weight. I am a little discouraged in that I won’t be able to lose any weight for some reason. Is there a time when the metabolism can speed up after a while? Because I don’t know of anyone who has not lost any weight while doing such an extensive water fast.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Christina
      I have seen people lose only 10 lbs on a long water fast and others lost over 100lbs. juice fasting.
      The only thing that can speed metabolism, without stimulants is exercises. The more you exercise the faster your metabolism.
      You never will see a fat long distance runner. For weight loss that is permanent, you will have to rebuild your diet, thoughts, and activities.

  195. Christina says:

    Yes, I have to remain sedentary but I can have a few stimulants that can help me with the weight loss in case my metabolism slows.

  196. Christina says:

    I notice that I get dizzy rather quickly when I begin a fast. Does this indicate that my metabolism may be fast? I just want to make sure I am successfull at this fasting and I will not be wasting my time without losing anything. I cannot move around a lot or I get too dizzy which is why I have to remain relaxed and more so still than active.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Getting dizzy during fasting can be stopped by sitting or kneeling. Lowering your center of gravity will stop the black out. Try breathing a few times before you stand, and move slowly. If you gain weight easily you have a slow metabolism and weight loss during fasting is slow. Blackouts “may” mean your metabolism is fast.

  197. tari says:

    hi again can i use juices from stores and if so which types and pls what did you mean by’Weightloss would take an hour with your personal info, diet, and weight and hight’ pls can you elaborate i didn’t really understand thanks a million

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Tari,
      TO calculate a weightloss estimate would require, height, weight, average calories, type of fast, enema or no enema, medical history, health status, age, past diet attempts and about 10 other factors. That is why I never do it. That is a lot of work for a guess that can be answered by fasting for 2 days. Store bought juices work but do not give the same results as fresh juice.

  198. tari says:

    hi i’m just completing my first day and it’s bin fine just a headache i have another question do you have to drink a limited amount of juice or do you just drink as much as you want thanks

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Tari
      Just follow your body. Water does not flush toxins. So the more you drink after the point of need serves no purpose.
      I drink lots of juice when working for the energy and very little water when water fasting.

  199. ClydeBe says:

    You can download a free ebook on fasting at

  200. Catherine says:

    I am wanting to start a fast tomorrow, but am concerned by something I read in the comments. Tom, you said that as long as someone doesn’t have problems with compulsive eating then a fast would be no problem. Well, I have had issues with self-esteem and emotional eating most of my life. I was always under constant scrutiny from my mother, and now I can’t pass by a mirror without judging myself. I don’t have much weight to lose (I’m 5’6″, 132 lbs), but I usually feel tired, sluggish and stressed out. One more thing: I don’t have a juicer and can’t afford to buy one now. What would you suggest I do about juice? How long should I fast? How should I break the fast? And do I need to take acidophylis/bifidus when I break the fast? (sorry that was a lot of questions)

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Most people with low self esteem break their fasts. I would do a shorter fast 3 to 5 days and rebuild your self-image that you can read about on Fasting can empower compulsive behaviour or self-discipline depending on what you think about during the fast.
      You can use refrigerated supermarket juices but your body will need the healing the comes with fresh juice from an extractor. Yes I recommend lacto bacteria after fasting.

  201. Catherine says:

    Thank you for your considerate reply. One other thing that is important for me to know is how to properly break a fast. What exactly should I be eating for the few days after I stop fasting. I don’t want to undo my progress or make myself ill. Thanks!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Breaking a fast can cause a toxic reaction due to the food removing the mucus layer from the intestine. I recommend soft fruits for 2 days, then in 2 days go to salads both fruit and veggies. Then add some oatmeal for breakfast. By day 6 you can add some whole grain starches. Drink juice every day.

  202. Christina says:

    Hi Tom! I am currently on day 4 with my 40 day water fast and I can say I am doing quite well so far but I do feel a bit weak, nauseous and I get dizzy every now and then like I’m going to pass out. I am extremely motivated and I know I can do this no problem. However, the killer question that I have to ask that may kill you a little inside lol. But, will I be able to eat and enjoy ALL foods, including the not so healthy foods, after I am done with the fast without gaining weight? Please know that I will carefully break my fast properly but I would like to be able to eat ALL foods again and not just live off of vegetables and fruits my entire life. Please also know that when I say the not so healthy foods I mean I would eat all foods in moderation and stop eating when I feel full and I will always incorporate cardio exercize every week as I always have. How would you recommend I avoid gaining weight while being able to enjoy all foods again? I started my fast, however, I’m afraid I won’t stop doing the fast because I may fear the re-bound of weight gain but yet I want to be able to enjoy and eat all foods again, IN MODERATION.

  203. Christina says:

    Please also note that my fasting is NOT strictly for weight loss but for OTHER personal reasons and not much over coming food addiction, however, I do not want to gain the weight back but I want to be able to enjoy eating all foods again as I did before I started the fast. Note that exercize is not a problem for me as well.

  204. Christina says:

    Basically, I am not afraid that I’m going to overeat, I am afraid that I won’t be able to eat the foods I want to eat again without weight gain. I don’t want this to happen even though weight loss was not my reason for fasting.

  205. Christina says:

    Is there anyway that I can eat all foods like I did before without weight gain? Does this have to be done gradually? If so how do I do it without weight gain?

  206. Christina says:

    Would taking Isotonix after my fast help in digesting the foods better and help maintain my weight so I do not gain any weight?

    I would truly appreciate your help.

    Thank you.

  207. Christina says:

    Ok. That is good to know but will my metabolism return to normal after a while after the fast or will it be forever damaged? In addition, how do you recommend that I break my 40 day water fast and for how long do I need to continue breaking the 40 day water fast? I want to make sure I do this correctly and safely.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Your metabolism changes by the day, if not by the hour. Running around the block or missing a meal will change your metabolism. Metabolism type is genetic. But even those with a slow metabolism can lose weight.
      A 40 day water fast for a first fast is way too much. I here is all the time but never see one post that they made it.
      Anyone who states they are going to do a fast that long send up red flags, as the motivation is mostly desperation and that does not increase self discipline as emotion disrupts discipline.
      I would break a 40 day water fast on 10 days of juicing and mostly fruits and veggies.
      I recommend a 10 day juice fasting first and break it correctly.
      If you are looking at boosting your metabolsim….. 4 simple food choices that can ramp up your metabolism and get that calorie burning furnace operating at peak efficiency.

      Ok this first food type may not be considered food per se, but it is a nutrient. In fact it is probably the most important nutrient – Water.

      Now yo know that you need to consume lots of water to keep your metabolic processes working. But did you know that water with one simple twist could jump your metabolism. The twist? ICE.

      Adding ice to your water cools your core temperature to the point that it forces your body to stoke the furnace to get your body temperature back up to snuff. This simple act of warming up your belly will burn up to 100 extra calories.

      How’s that for a simple and free metabolism booster?

      Herbal Honors

      Do you like it spicy?

      If so then you’ll want to pile on the pepper and enjoy an nice boost to your metabolism. Consuming spicy foods causes in creased blood flow to your gut lining, and the byproduct of this blood flow is a nice metabolism bump. Simply adding spices to the meals you already eat is an easy and effective way to burn some extra calories throughout the day.

      The spices that get top honors are peppers (any that are hot), horseradish and mustard. They are simple supplements to boost your metabolism for up to 2 hours after you eat.

      MMMM Spicy!

      Citrus Concentrations

      It is a commonly known fact that Citrus fruits contain vitamin C. But did you know that Vitamin C can boost your metabolism by more efficiently using the glucose that you get from eating carbs?

      Its true and Citrus tastes great too. From a wedge or two of lemons in your Iced water to a simple Orange as a desert, citrus is about the easiest supplement to add to your diet. And it comes in a handy prepackaged container – its called the rind ; )

      Tea Time

      Last but not least, is tea. Often used in China for its medicinal and curative powers Tea is also a useful aid in burning fat. The gentle form of caffein in teas like Green tea can be used to raise blood flow,and burn off a few extra calories.

      Caffeine is the same stimulant that us used in most diet aids on the market today. However Tea provides this stimulant it in all its natural glory, just the way God intended it to be taken.

      So sip a cup and enjoy the burn… the fat burn that is.

      Fat Burning Bonus

      There are a set of foods that do not necessarily raise metabolism but are useful for fat loss none the less. These fall into the catabolic category. Catabolic food are fibrous vegetables that require more calories to digest than they provide. In other words they take more than they give. Nice.

      Foods that are high in fiber like apples, broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage burn more calories than they contain. Thus making these prime choices for the dieter looking for the extra edge in the battle of the bulge.

  208. Allayna says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m planning on doing a 20-30 day juice fast while quitting smoke, after doing a 10 day fast last year. I have a couple questions this time round:

    1) I take a natural “fat loss” pill – which basically just enables the body to break down fat before it absorbs. Is it okay to take this while fasting?
    2) I’ve read multiple articles on nutrient supplementation for smokers and was wondering if I should focus on fruits and vegetables that enable me to receive them and/or vitamin supplementation/other natural alternatives:
    B3, B1, B6 and B12 important to cell regeneration — zinc (600-100mg) L-cysteine (500mg) thiamine (120mg)
    – consume about 1 gram of vitamin c every 1-2 hours (helps to saite nicotine cravings)

    Other than that, I know that fasting is healthy for the body and I have no qualms about losing weight but realistically, I’m 5’2 and 120-125 pounds – could you give a rough estimate (I know it depends on metabolism and other such things)? I’d prefer not to look skeletal but 10 lbs gain or loss on someone as short as I am is quite noticeable.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      I would take the vitamins during the fast that you recommended. You will get skinny on a prolonged juice fast but normal weight returns quickly. The ” natural weightloss pill’ I am not sure on as I do not know what it is. If it is not a stimulant then it should be fine.

  209. Allayna says:

    Thanks for the quick response. : )
    The “fat loss” pills contains 1000 mg Tonalin CLA (Safflower oil) and 800mg Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

    As for the vitamins, even though I’ve read extensive articles on Fasting and they’re not reccommended – they won’t interfere with cleansing? If so, that’s extremely positive. The Vitamin C I can get from natural sources such as fruit, but other than some of the B12 vitamins I’m fairly sure I’ll have to go the actual pill-form vitamin route to get these..

    Anyways, thanks for your response! : )
    – A

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Allayna
      The supplement is excellent and will assist the body to heal. I will have to study it more. I would love to add it to the program here at the hospital but ……we work with the poorest of people so that may be a dream for a while.

  210. Allayna says:

    I’m fairly certain that there are generic forms that you can purchase – I saw 100 pills today for about $35.00 – I’m not certain of the other brand I saw but the one I use is from Swiss Naturals. They do have a website and respond to questions.

    Is it the Safflower oil that makes it healthy for the body? And sorry, but I do have one more question. I read about Spirulina and the health benefits of it but am wondering – do you have to take it in powder form or will pills do the same job? I’ve been unable to locate it in powder form, only finding it in pill-form (they contain 500mg of Spirulina per pill).

    Thank you again,

    P.S – I would love to do more research on things that could benefit fasting and heal the body – if you’d like any assistance researching these types of things I’d be more than happy to be of assistance. I’m a bit of an information/medical junkie. : )

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Allayna,
      You offer to help would be great. Can I call you. Use the contact link on this site. Spirulina works the same in pill our powder. As it is a food, you could take 5 to 10 a day. It is perfect for fasting and you can fast only on it. It sustains energy almost as good a juice.

  211. Randee says:

    Hi Tom,

    I just started my Fast today. I attempted to start it yesterday, and did good up until “Easter Dinner”. I felt rude not eating. So anyways, I have done good today. All I have had is water, and 160 calories worth of “Trop 50” which is orange juice made with 50% sugar and calories than normal orange juice and also has lots of Vitamin A, C, D, E, calcium, Iron, Thiamin, Nacin, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Riboflavin. I’m a college student so I don’t have enough money to go buy a juicer, so I was wondering what SPECIFIC juices from the store would you recommend me trying? and Also, Is switching between water and juice in one day okay for a fast. I drank juice around lunch time because that is when i need a little more energy to get through the day.
    Please let me know if you think me drinking “Trop 50” in moderation will be okay? And also, when making drinks with a mixer, how many calories would you say you consume from a juice fast?


  212. Katie says:

    hey, i have a question…i am IBS really bad and everyday i have the bloating, upset stomach (especially after i eat) i noticed that when i dont eat after like 6 pm and not again til late morning my stomach is flat but then once i eat i have terrible stomach ache (no matter what i eat) i am going to try the bentonite clay and the juice fast, any other helpful tips on IBS?? i want to get rid of IBS for good!!

  213. Claire says:

    Hi, I want to start the juice fast to lose weight since I’m overweight! I don’t know how long I’ll do it for but I’m going to try. I’m 20 years old and weigh 175 lbs and 5’4. Is it safe for me to do the juice fast? how long should I do it for if I want to lose around 15-20 lbs? are there any dangers in this? will I die? I just want to make sure this will help me and not have the opposite effect! please reply soon.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi clare.
      You can drink juice, herbal tea, water or frozen juice as a popisical. If you are afraid of dying you need to read more. Most people are getting a new life. You could easily do 30 days if you are healthy and without compulsions.

  214. Claire says:

    also, I wanted to ask

    for the juice fast…do you have to drink juice only? can you also drink water? because I heard water is very, very important for your body. Also, can you drink milk too? or does it have to be juice the entire time? write back soon.

  215. DANYELLE says:

    i have been juicin now for 1 day i weight 300 pounds well maybe a little less i stop eating meat,diary only veggies and fruit about 45 days ago .
    i feel good but today was harder than givin up meat lol
    i havent had a BM in two days please help

    • Tom Coghill says:

      You do not have normal bowel movements during fasting. Nothing in nothing out. So that is normal. You will have and rear end explosion on breaking the fast. That is also normal. On fasts over 5 days I use and enema.

  216. Shante says:

    Tom, i started a water fast and messed up so i ate for 5 days and started again! It has been 5 days of just water fasting and i have not lost a lb. My goal is to do a water fast for 14 days and lost atleast 20lbs. I really hope to lose more than that because i do weigh 219lbs. Can you please give me some advice on what to do??

  217. Christina says:

    I also noticed that I’m barely drinking water I mean it is a little bit….
    I hope this is OK because I’m just listening to my body moreso. Seems to be working since I’m not getting sick or anything.

  218. Christina says:

    Hi Tom!
    This is the same post I posted on another part of the site by accident I do apologize! Just know when it comes to posting anything on the net I’m am plain ignorant lol.

    But here it is again if it helps ya..I added a few lines too!

    I’ve started my second week of pure water fasting and everything seems to be going fine and no more black outs!But I do have a black, purple eye from the last black out I had and having to get stitches lol. Anyway, It just seems like my body has become used to not eating already and I’m worried that I won’t even be able to consume home made veg. juice after my second week is done. From before I mentioned I’m going to finish up the 14 day water fast and then do a few days of vegi juice then do another 14 day water fast in which I am completely fine with I have no problem doing. I am just afraid I won’t consume nutrients after my entire fast is done. I will say that I am already incredibly thin that my ribs are showing as well as other bones, my face is quite gaunt…but please know I’m fasting for all of the right reasons. My concern is that I just feel like I don’t have the desire to eat at all…no tempations. I know this no desire thing doesn’t really matter now but I would like to know if this is common or uncommon for when I get close to finishing the fast. I think another part of it is that I enjoy fasting..a lot.. Either way I probably shouldn’t be concerned about it now but it still is something I’d like to know in advance if you’re able to provide advice/ answers :). Thank you!

  219. Shante says:


    I do a 30 minute walk everyday. Will exercising speed up the weight loss. I want to try and lose atleast 20lbs this month with the water fast. How long will you say someone with a slow metabolism would take to reach that goal. Again, i am 219 lbs and thought that the weight would fall off, but that seems to not be the case here. What would you recommend me do to reach this goal of 20 lbs in 2 weeks on a water fast?

  220. Shante says:

    Okay, thanks Tom! Im starting again today and im shooting for a week right now and ill do 2 30 minute exercises a day. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

  221. Shante says:

    Hi Tom,

    Do i have to just use the capsules or can i use cayanne pepper? I have some at home. If you think the capsules may work better, where do you think i can find some.

  222. Shante says:


    Hello, i was wondering if i will gain my weight back when i decide to eat again? I know i gain 5-10 lbs from the colon filling, but will i gain weight just from eating again. How can i prevent this from happening, because i do not want this entire experience to be a waist of my time.

    Also, i took the cayenne pepper this morning in powder form with warm water and it seemed to have given me a little kick. I am going to do this three times a day for about a week and then give you feedback on whats going on.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shante,
      If you eat more raw foods, salads and avoid, white flours, bread, and processed food you are on your way to a lifetime weightloss program. Getting some exercise every day is important. You diet put on the weight and a new diet and fasting can keep if off.

  223. Shante says:

    Okay, thanks for the info. I love salads and grilled chicken so that will be my everyday life along with other healthy meals after my fast. I stepped on the scale this morning after doing the cayenne pepper 3 times yesterday and i have lost 4 lbs. Today is day 2 so ill post again tomorrow so you guys can see the difference that the cayenne pepper made. It burned my throat, but its well worth it. It gave me so much energy that i went for a walk yesterday and didnt return until a hour and a half later. Thanks so much Lynden and Tom for the boost to a healthier lifestyle.

  224. Audra says:

    I am on day 5 of my first 30 day water fast…i feel great!..the 1st days were very hard..but it get easier..I am a 27 year old female, 5’5, and started the water fast @243 lbs…in the 4 days so far i hav only lost 8 lbs..but im determined to do the 30 days!..I have already lost inches in my hips and tighs!!!yay me

  225. Audra says:

    my skin is extra extra shiney..and my teeth seem whiter!

  226. joben says:

    Hi. I am planning on starting a water fast tomorrow. I am 5’2, I weight 163. I eat so much salt, its pathetic. I am doing a 12 day fast. I am hoping to lose 30 lbs on the fast? Is it possible? I plan on working out lightly, but multiple times a day? Short walks, ect. I am off of work for a while, so I have nothing but time. I know I carry at least 10 lbs of water weight. My hands are so swollen I cant get my rings off. I am 30 lbs overweight!!!! Will working out every few hours help speed the process of weight loss up, and help me reach a goal of 30 lbs in 12 days? Thanks!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Joben,
      You have edema, water retention that may be due to a damaged liver or kidneys. Use a beet, carrot cucumber, lemon juice and stick to juice fasting. Water melon is good. A liver function test would be good. Water fasting would be risky with a weakened liver.

  227. joben says:

    also, i forgot to ask. Can I take laxitives on a water fast? I have been very constipated and bloated to the extreme!!!

  228. joben says:

    Oh, and Tom. i wanted to just add… a little background about me. i DONT drink water. I drink anywhere from 1 to 5 bottles of pop daily. and i eat fast food everyday… So no water in and nothing but sodium and sugar consumed.

  229. blurverve says:

    Hi Tom,

    I would really appreciate if you can answer two questions for me. (1)What do you think of doing a long fast using a superfood, organic powders that you mix with water:

    Organic Phytonutrient Fruit and Vegetable Blend 4.04 g

    Organic Apple Powder, Organic Raspberry Powder, Organic Grape Powder, Organic Strawberry Powder, Organic Acerola Extract, Organic Cherry Powder, Organic Beet Powder, Organic Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis), Organic Mountain Cranberry Powder, Organic Mango Powder, Organic Date Powder, Organic Goji Powder, Organic Blueberry Powder

    Organic Flaxseed (cold processed) 1.705 g

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids (as Alpha Linolenic Acid) 40 mg

    (2) What do you think of using a natural colon cleanser of a product with these ingredients while fasting? If not, do you recommend another natural product?

    Cascara Sagrada (Bark), Senna (Leaf), Chinese Rhubarb (Root), Black Walnut (Hull), Aloe Vera (Leaf), Oregon Grape 9Root), Yellow Dock (Root), Valerian (Root), Slippery Elm (Bark), Cellulose Capsule, Magnesium Stearate and Silica.

    I never used an enema before and really don’t want to try because I’m not good with that kind of stuff and afraid of things getting messy.

    thanks Tom!

  230. Jory says:

    Hey. I started a ten day fast today! Water Fast 🙂 I wanted to post my progress on here each day, if all of you don’t mind. That way I know I am sticking to it, and have something to show for it! Starting weight 160!!! I wont weight myself everyday though, I know I would just get discouraged!!!
    I want clearer skin, regular bowels, fresh start at healthy eating!!! i love this site!!!

  231. Audra says:

    I made it to day 6!!! Today i have lots of energy..& would like to start walking a mile or 2..but from every thing i’ve read..u shouldnt if ur on a water only fast as i am. Im wonderin if i have tons of i do today..if i could walk?.By the way I’m down a total of 10 Lbs..2 1/2 inches of my hips..1 off waist..1 1/2 off thighs. i dont know if these numbers r good or not..i feel like its not alot of weight loss for 6 days of nothing but water?..any advice on speeding up the weight loss??

  232. Jory says:

    Cool!!! i have tons of energy, but its only my first day 🙂 Good job on yout 10 pounds! I am hoping to lose tons of weight!!! I NEVER drink water, so I am hoping to get rid of a lot of water weight!!! I have read some testimonies on other pages about people and working out/walking. I am walking (Ok ONLY MY FIRST DAY BUT… lol) Don’t over do it, but do what you can.

  233. Jory says:

    Oh, Audra, How much water are you drinking per day? Is 6 liters enough? Thanks!!

  234. Audra says:

    im drinkin around 3 liters a not forcing it down just drinking it all day

  235. Audra says:

    I just enexpectedly started my period. Could you pls tell me if this is normal?

  236. joben says:

    Thanks Tom. Will fasting help me lose that wter weight then?

  237. blurverve says:

    Thank you for your response back Tom, I appreciate it.

    I forgot to mention besides the powdered organic fruits, berries and veggie mix, the superfood contains other ingredients, which are:

    Other Ingredients: Natural Flavors, Organic Rice Flour, Organic Tapioca Starch, Unbleached Non-GMO Soy Lecithin.

    The superfood mixes easily with water. Will the other ingredients cause any problems?

  238. Audra says:

    thank you Tom

  239. Shante says:


    I wasnt having any weight loss at first until Tom suggested i tried cayenne pepper. I know, i know…. It sounds way too gross, but it helped alot and if you are all about the weight loss, you would do it. I only put a pinch of it in my water three times a day. When i started doing this, plus walking 30 minutes a day, i lost 2 lbs per day and still going. Try it and see if it works for you which im sure it will. Lynden was the one who tried it first and it worked for her. Give it a try!!!!! Post and let us know how it goes…..

  240. Kat says:

    HI Tom,

    I want to start a juice fast .. can you tell me what is the minimum amount of juice and water you must drink per day

  241. Audra says:

    Today is day 8!! So in the first full week i’ve lost a total of 13 lbs. I went on a walk yesterday..& felt as if my legs were to weak to walk..not sure if thas normal??

    Im really thinking about the cayenne pepper, but still didnt do it..mybe i’ll start that on week 3. I plan on going for 30 days, as I have alot of weight and toxins 2 lose. Im really hoping to get under 200lbs with this fast. And then with my lifestyle change the rest will come off…good luck with your adventure too!

  242. Kat says:

    Hi I want to juice fast but a few questions.

    1) the minumum and maximum amount of juice per day.
    2) the minumum and maximum amount of water per day.
    3) I dont have access to a juicer, are bottled juices like V8 and OceanSpray okay to use? If so what would you recommend.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Kat
      I tried V8 one time and I did not feel good on the fast. Too much salt and it it ferments in the intestine. Ocean spray is better but the acid can be hard on the stomach but cutting it with water helps. No minimum of max juice amount. Just follow your body.

  243. KK says:

    Hi Tom, my height is 5”3 and I weigh 137.5 pound. How long will it take to lose 30 pounds? I am planning to consume 500 cals or less everyday. I saw you have a method of calculating how to loose the calories. I would appreciate if you can share. Thank you very much.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi KK
      Weight loss depends on 20 factors and each are vague and how they combine make it more complex.
      Fast and tell us how much you lose.
      If you gain weight easily you will gain weight slowly.

  244. Tammy says:

    I am on day 3 of a juice fast. I started out at 207 and am now at 201 pounds. i am 5’4″ tall. i would like to weigh 130. how long do you predict it will take me to loose these 71 pounds if i continue on the juice fast??? i am 32 years old.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Tammy
      Your weight loss rate will slow each week. It can get down to 1/2 lb a day after 30 days. Cayenne pepper helped some faster on this site increase weight loss. Try to get some exercise daily. As the how long. There is no math or formula for weight loss and fasting and for that reason I never answer the question. There are endless comments and pages on this subject.

  245. FreeBird says:

    Tom. I am in awe of your commitment to helping us fasters. Reading your answers and seeing the dedication has got me through the hardest day of my fast. Thank you deeply!

  246. Audra says:

    OK..i made it to day 11 !!…total weight loss so far…17lbs!! If you would know me you woulda never thought i could do this…neither did I..but I am!! And seem wierd but i have more energy than i ever had..after 10 whole days of nothing but water. That seems impossible..but its true.

  247. Susan says:

    Hey Tom. I cant begin to tell you how much fasting will help me. But for some reason I just can’t seem to resist the temptation. I’ve tried fasting more than once and have been successful for only about two times. The longest I’ve gone is 3 days. Every time i just give in to the food. I’m hoping that I will get rid of some toxins because lately i haven’t been feeling that well physically. I know that you answer these questions daily and must eventually get tired of these questions but I am desperate. So do you have any tips that will allow me to go longer and ways to improve the experience because drinking only water can really get frustrating and its not that pleasant sometimes on an empty stomach. Do you think lemon and honey or the cayenne pepper thing will be a better option for me?

  248. Susan says:

    Hey Tom. Thanks for the advice. But I’m really scared of enemas so I don’t think I’ll do that :D. But I’m open to the cayenne pepper and the lemon. Thanks for the help! I guess I’ll just have to duke it out and try to overcome the hunger. I guess I’ll update you on my progress. I plan on doing a 5 day fast, but i have a bad feeling that I’ll fail.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Susan
      Mental attitude is very important on the fast. Feel good about every day you complete, mentally see yourself completing the fast and eating healthy. And do not dwell on foods. May break a fast by thinks about food and the energy builds to action.

  249. Alexandra says:

    Hi Tom and hello everyone,

    3rd day on the juice fasting, 32, no serious health issues, 5′6″ and started with 150 lbs, 150.8 to be exact. I want to lose about 30 lbs. Have been reading posts on this site diligenty for hours at a time. I found answers to a few questions I asked previously but not the following ones:
    Does the skin fall of your bones when you lose the weight? What happens with the skin’s elasticity, does anyone have any experience? Can I see improvement on cellulite under the skin? This is really important to me! Can I see any reversal of the aging process? I truly wish..

    I am having a hard time with hunger and heavy food fantasizing/cravings but I read that for the first few days 3-5 it is normal, then the stomach shuts down with the hunger pangs. The terrible taste in my mouth since day 1 is probably normal too?

    I lost 2 lbs first day and 2 lbs+ the second day (now 146.6 lbs) and I am aware it is not the real weight loss yet. Still makes me happy!
    Thank you all for your comments. I very much appreciate them!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alexandra,
      The food fantasies will cause you to break your fast binging. You have to force your brain to thing of fresh fruit salads. Build the ultimate fruit salad and see your self enjoying it when the food cravings come.

  250. Alexandra says:

    Let me add a bit details to my earlier posting:
    Day 1: lack of energy but I have been shopping and walking around for over 4 hours outside. I had 6 ounces of fruit juice and 2 coffee mugs of organic store bought vegetable broth.
    Lost 2 lbs. Down to 148.8 lbs
    The aches and pains started right away.

    Day 2: ups and downs with energy. Walked 2+ hours (not too brisk but not too shabby either) Severe attacks of aches and pains in the body. I had 6 ounces of fruit juice and 3/4 coffee mug of vegetable broth.
    Lost 2+lbs. Down to 146.6

  251. Alexandra says:

    Hi Tom,

    Well as I can’t eat anything at all, even having fruit salad fantasy is a deal breaker is it not? LOL! Thank you though for the suggestion. Cute! 🙂
    When I was preparing the juice today I so wanted to bite those apples! God help me! When will the desire go away, I thought you said after a few days you don’t have any hunger issues, do I remember it wrong?

    Please answer my previous questions about cellulite and sagging skin, will you, Tom?

  252. Alexandra says:

    Never mind, you already did on the other section, i just saw it. Thank you thank you thank you again! 🙂

  253. Alexandra says:

    One more question: I really truly do not know how to use enemas, I understand you make sure a certain amount of water gets in and I understand that part. but then what? What do you do? Do you just get up and go to the toilet and sit there for a while, does the water stay in, is it not messy, messing up your floors or anything?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Alexandra, Do a site search for enema. It is posted. For cellulite drink lots of grapefruit juice. The sugar and coffee scrub will help reduce stretch marks. The will never go away completely. A skin brush may be easier, found in health stores.

  254. Jen says:

    Hi Tom,

    I want to do the Master Cleanse. I’m just curious, what exactly does cayenne pepper do? Does it have anything to do with your metabolism? Thanks

  255. Audra says:

    OK..Im on day 14 of a WATER ONLY fast!!..& i think i hit a plateau..I have lost 18 lbs so far, but have been stuck for like 4 days @ the same weight! I do feel a little weak, but i think I’m going to have to start walking.I am trying to make it to 30 full days of nothing but water, then switch to juice. I started @ 243lbs, Im now @ 225lbs…still have a LONG way to go. I’m already scared @ the thought of breaking the fast.

  256. Alexandra says:

    Continuing the diary:

    Day 3: I only had 2 small glasses of freshly squeezed vegetable juice all day, dry brushed my skin, had steam bath at my gym but I did no exercise (which is not good) I only lost 0.8 lbs. I am down to 145.8 lbs.

    Today I intend to walk the same 2 hour+ distance to help the process (I intend not to lose anything if I am sedentary), do the dry brushing not only once but several times a day and finish off with steam bath.

    I woke up with a good feeling and felt energetic yet very weak on the legs.

    I’ll report back tomorrow.

  257. Alexandra says:


    Hi Tom,

    I have a new Omega 1000 juicer. I am concerned about the foam and the pulpish residue that comes up with the juice. I don’t want to engage the digestive system. What do I do, is it something to be concerned about?

    PS: Still hungry but I will try to find that enema thingy and start using it too.

  258. Audra says:

    Hi Tom,
    Another question…how do you hit a plateau, when I’m consuming NO calories?..It seems mathematically impossible.

  259. Alexandra says:

    Day 4th’s report on day fifth morning/afternoon:

    I had the juice of a pear, half apple, 1 grapefruit all day, when i went crazy hungry after workout and the steam I had a 3/4 cup of organic veggie broth with cayenne that calmed me down immediately. Now hopefully I know how to handle it!

    I walked the same distance very briskly and did 2+ hour distance in less than 1.5 hrs, 2 steam baths and I lost 0.8 lb. only.
    I am down to a round 145 lbs. today.

  260. Anastasia says:

    Hi Tom! I am 5’2, and I was 115 pounds before becoming pregnant, and I gained 80 pounds during pregnancy. Two years later, I am down to 130 pounds, but I am having a hard time losing the last 15-20. I really miss my flat stomach.

    I have tried water fasting before, but failed miserably withing the first 24 hours. I am now on day 2 of a 10 day water fast, and I don’t feel as bad as I had expected. I really do believe I am going to complete it this time! I am experiencing just some slight nausea, and weakness, and I am not really having any bad hunger pains. I cut out caffeine before starting the fast, so I am not having any headaches from withdrawal.

    I am expecting to lose at least 10 pounds or more from this fast, and I am hoping to break my addiction of smoking. How much do you think I should expect to lose, and how much do you think I will put back on after breaking the fast? I eat pretty healthy, and I plan on eating even more healthy after the fast. Thanks!

  261. Anastasia says:

    Forgot to add this question:
    My son is type 1 diabetic, and I know how dangerous it is for him to have ketones in his body. How dangerous is it for someone who is not diabetic to have ketones? Thanks!

  262. Alexandra says:

    Day 5th Report (on the 6th day early early afternoon)

    Today finally I woke up happy with almost no hunger pains. OH! What a relief! 🙂

    Yesterday I took in a bit more than usual juice, 2 glasses to be exact and 3/4 coffee mug of vegetable broth with cayenne.
    Jogged a bit around 15-20 minutes and walked (let’s not count that walking as it was negligable) Let’s say moved a bit but not much. Sorry! I was feeling low energy like you would not believe all day yesterday.
    Today I weighed myself and saw I lost 0.6 lb.

    I am down to 144.4 lbs.

    Today feeling much better but a canker sore appeared on my upper lip 🙁

  263. Audra says:

    today is day 16 for me!! im thinkin about food alot today..still shootin for 30 days.

  264. Amanda Vlahakis says:

    Everyone is doing well still 🙂

    This is halfway through day five for me, 2pm. I feel fine and decided yesterday evening that I’d attempt some water fasting from today and see how I go.

    I’ve had nothing but water all day so far and feel fine though my stomach is starting to complain now.

    Lets see if I can at least keep this up for 24 hours, but really my actual aim is to keep it up for 7 days and then return to juice fasting for three days before ending the fast.

    So it would have then been 4 days juice, 7 days water, 3 days juice and then blessed food, lol.

    If I could even water fast for three days I’d be really happy though to be honest!

    Good luck everyone today 🙂

  265. Shante says:


    I broke my fast incorrectly by eating fast food. How can i make sure i dont gain too much weight? I know atleast8lbs will come back automatically, but how do i stay there. Is there still time to fix it?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shante
      Blowing fasts are common if there are any compulsive eating issues. Go to juice for 2 days till you feel better then break it again. Try to exercise. Appreciate what you have achieved.

  266. Latisha says:

    If I have a blender can I make a smoothie with fresh fruit and veggies I dont have a juicer yet times are tough or whats the best store bought juice? I been looking over the site and really didnt find anything. Please help want to start this fasting process

  267. RebeccaXX says:

    Hello Tom,

    Perhaps this is a stupid question but what is an aenima?
    Is eating Fruit rather then drinking Juice OK..
    I have been fasting for two days now. I feel like I don’t have the energy to do any exercise. Is this normal?
    I’m afraid mainly because when I was a lot younger, I went on a crash diet, eating nothing, Just drinking diet coke, after two months I lost, 50 lbs, I ended up fainting Because of lake of Iron. Do you suggest I take any vitamins, so this does not happen again?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi RebeccaXX
      You must mean enema. It looks like a water bottle but has a hose to flush the colon with water to remove toxins that can build in the colon. I recommend juice fasting with a juicer and supplements. Fainting and weakness are normal during fasting due to low blood sugar. To stop a black out get down on one knee or breathe deep a few times before standing.

  268. Audra says:

    Hi Everyone!!..Today is day 19 of my water fast!! I still cant believe I’ve made it this far..never in my life would i have imagined this. I’m down a total of 23 lbs so far..and the weight is barley coming of now..but its not about the weight loss anymore for me. Its about a total lifestyle change, & if i can do this, i can do anything!!! GOOD LUCK to everyone else doing a fast! Its a great, life changing experience.

  269. RebeccaXX says:

    Thanks Tom,
    On my first two days, I lost a total of 6 lbs. I’m so happy with that and although I’m very hungry and lack energy, It’s a lot better then the feeling I get then when I eat some of the things I eat. I’m just afraid of how I will feel once I got back to work today.

  270. Alecia says:

    Hi Guys. I am planning on starting a fast tonight at 5! I am 5’2 163.8 pounds. I plan on curing severe dehydration edema, quitting smoking, weight loss/healthier eating habits,constipation and clearer skin. Eventually I would like to get down to 125 pounds and be able to enjoy my summer.

    My question is, if i ate a small meal today, is it ok for me to start my fast? Thanks!
    I plan on stopiing the fast Friday June 12th.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Alecia
      Please start with a juice fast using a juicer. If you ate a cheese sandwich it will sit in the colon dehydrating to become a rock.
      Last meal should be fruit of veggies but is you use the enema, whatever it the last meal is unimportant.

  271. Alecia says:

    Ok Tom, I will eat some fruits tonight, and just start in the AM. hopefully after a good 12 hours of not eating i will clear out.

  272. shan says:

    Hai tom
    How r u?im 31 yrs old. im 5,1″.weight 107 lbs.i have stress from my childhood.because my father has o.c.d problem.i have loss of appetite problem from tonsils removed in 2002.(i searched the symptoms in internet.i thought it was throat cancer.that may be reason for my loss of appetite.i was panic for almost for 1 month)i got repeated ear infections in 2006 i got an ulcer.(doctor said its pre ulcer symptoms.)(again i thiught it was stomach cancer).from 2008 may im following nature cure diet.(im drinking 5liters of water,fruit for breakfast,brownrice,wholegrains for lunch,dinner.i have 2,3 bowelmoments per day.)my past weight was 120 because of diet change i was 112 in last november.mean while my stress is increasing because of busy life.and my father was november 2008 i observed change in my bowels.i thought again it was colon cancer.i went to natural treatment for my anxiety.ayurveda doing fine now i dont have any anxiety or anything.(they gave me pure herbs to balance braincells,nervous system,to increase my appetite).
    but still have loss of appetite.(in november i did 5 day fater fast 5 day juice,fruit fast.)so right now im 107 lbs.
    because of loss of appetite problem whenever i fall sick im thinking like it is cancer.(im getting into depression,panic,anxiety increasing.before getting test results).they checked colonoscopy done.endoscopy,ultrasound(abdominal,pelvic.).evrything is fine.right now im happy.because of anorexia i want to do water fast.but im concerned about my weight.please advice.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan,
      I recommend starting with juice fasting using a juicer. It make the detox less intense and has greater therapeutic benefits. Then after 3 to 5 days you can go to water for a few day then back to juice. You will lose less weight. Enen so you body will normalize to a health weight within about 10 days after a fast.

  273. Audra says:

    Hi All!!

    Today is day 21 of my water fast. I think I might start juice tomorrow. I’ve lost 27 lbs so far. Im also going to start walking 4 miles a day tomorrow.

  274. shan says:

    Hai tom,
    Thanks for ur answer.Im women.indian.thanks for ur having bloating after doing warm water enema having stomach pain after which juice is helpfull for my problem bloating.loss of many days can i continue water,juice fasting.
    god bless u.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan
      I have heard of a guy the did a 3 year juice fast. Water fasting maximum duration for person with healthy organs is 40 to 80 days before it becomes damaging. A 30 day juice and water fasting alternation is the best for healing.

  275. sjh says:

    Hello Tom, I have started day 1 of my fast. I do not have a specific time period. In the past I have done a water fast the first few days and then moved on to drink a couple of V8′ with water for a couple of days. I feel great after and during the fast. I often fast every 3 months. Do you recommend any other time period and my longest fast lasted 6 days.

  276. shan says:

    Hai tom
    How r u doing? please tell me which juice is helpfull for my bloating,stomach pain after eating

  277. shan says:

    26 May 2009 at 12:42 pm
    Hai tom,im attaching my post again
    How r u?im 31 yrs old. im 5,1″.weight 107 lbs.i have stress from my childhood.because my father has o.c.d problem.i have loss of appetite problem from tonsils removed in 2002.(i searched the symptoms in internet.i thought it was throat cancer.that may be reason for my loss of appetite.i was panic for almost for 1 month)i got repeated ear infections in 2006 i got an ulcer.(doctor said its pre ulcer symptoms.)(again i thiught it was stomach cancer).from 2008 may im following nature cure diet.(im drinking 5liters of water,fruit for breakfast,brownrice,wholegrains for lunch,dinner.i have 2,3 bowelmoments per day.)my past weight was 120 because of diet change i was 112 in last november.mean while my stress is increasing because of busy life.and my father was november 2008 i observed change in my bowels.i thought again it was colon cancer.i went to natural treatment for my anxiety.ayurveda doing fine now i dont have any anxiety or anything.(they gave me pure herbs to balance braincells,nervous system,to increase my appetite).
    but still have loss of appetite.(in november i did 5 day fater fast 5 day juice,fruit fast.)so right now im 107 lbs.
    because of loss of appetite problem whenever i fall sick im thinking like it is cancer.(im getting into depression,panic,anxiety increasing.before getting test results).they checked colonoscopy done.endoscopy,ultrasound(abdominal,pelvic.).evrything is fine.right now im happy.because of anorexia i want to do water fast.but im concerned about my weight.please advice.
    Hai tom
    How r u doing? please tell me which juice is helpfull for my bloating,stomach pain after eating

  278. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    thanks for ur quick replies.i mentioned my problem in my earlier loss of appetite cures with these juices?how to make potato juice?which veggies do i need to use?what about fruit juices?im having bloating,stomach pain after eating.somewhere i read that orange juice is good for anorexia people

  279. sjh says:

    Thx Tom, I have read that minimal amount of water is best, but I always thought water helps flush the system, I do keep the juice to a minimal of 1 cup a day, usually in the early afternoon, and it is usually a V8 cause it is easy and convenient, do you recommend anything else.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sjh
      I find V8 causes gas and it too salty. Fresh orange or grapefruit is better. Juicers in thrift shops are $5 and worth the investment. Water does not flush toxins. They are dissolved by the immune systems. Reducing water reduces the flow of inter-cellular fluid and that is an better environment for the immune system to function int. (my theory)

  280. Audra says:

    hi all,
    just got home from the hospital…i was passing a kidney stone..HOW PAINFULL!!..i did 22 days of water only..been drinking juice & eating fruits and veggies..and last night the WORST pain ever..& urine in my blood..but i think im all good now..going for another check-up in 3 days

  281. shan says:

    30 May 2009 at 11:50 am
    Hai Tom,
    thanks for ur quick replies.i mentioned my problem in my earlier loss of appetite cures with these juices?how to make potato juice?which veggies do i need to use?what about fruit juices?im having bloating,stomach pain after eating.somewhere i read that orange juice is good for anorexia people.please reply

  282. sjh says:

    I have been taking glucsomine for 4 years,I have arthritis in the knees, should I continue taking them during the fast or should I stop, how about multi’s, I take them too.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Sjh,
      Yes glucsomine and a multi vit are good during juice fasting. With water fasting is is better to take nothing. You will need a very long fast to have a longterm benefit for arthritis. But even a few days will reduce inflammation and pain.

  283. Rose says:

    Hello Tom,

    In your book you say that vegetable broth is ideal for the first day of breaking the juice fast. Does that mean that vegetable broth shouldn’t be used during the fast itself? Thanks so much for your time!

    – Rose

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rose,
      You can have a vegetable broth every day of the fast. It is a bit of a change and feels like eating soup. It is good for breaking a water fast. Acid fruits can cause a intense detox reaction.

  284. Rose says:

    Hello again,

    I thought that since I’m posting I might as well give some of my information. I’m 5’4″, and am on finishing up my 4th day on the juice fast. I started off at 158 lbs, and am now 151 lbs (as of this morning). I’ve been consuming between 16-48 oz of juice a day. I have not been using an enema however, I’ve been using flaxseed instead.

    Last night I drank 8 oz of Simply Orange juice, and I’m uncertain weather that was the wrong choice. It says 100% juice, but I noticed almost immediately a headache when I began drinking it. Perhaps it really doesn’t count as fresh? I started it over the weekend, so for the most part drinking fresh juice was doable, but I’m approaching the school week again and need an alternative for something that’s more convenient and on the go.

    So in addition to the question I have above, I also have:

    – Will using flaxseed going to suffice for my fast?

    – Is Simply Orange not an option for on the go juice? I recently went to an organic food store and discovered a brand called Lakewood that claims to be fresh pressed juice. Are any of these options that won’t stunt the healing process? Or do you have another brand that is a better option?

    – Would you say I have a slow or fast metabolism? I’m just curious so that I can anticipate reactions to the fast as I proceed further into it. I have finals the following week. So far the only symptoms I’ve had was on the second day, intense stomach pains, and this morning I woke up with a fairly intense migraine, but I waited it out and it passed.

    Thanks so much again for your time.

    – Rose

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rose
      Your juices sound good to me. I am in the Philippines so some canned apple juice is a treat. We have to juice it to have any juice. Flax in small amount is good like a tea spoon a day. I find it mucus forming and slows the detox. But flax has essential oils and that is good on a juice fast. You symptoms are normal and usually do not reoccur after the beginning of the fast. Losing that much weight would suggest you are a medium metabolism.

  285. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    Thanks for ur quick replies.sorry for too many questions.can i add fruits to potato,carrot,beet,cucumber juice?i have sluggish digetion,sluggish bowels too.
    thanku somuch

  286. Rawr says:

    So, I’ve never fasted before, sounds interesting, going to try it. I am going to do a water fast, and im aiming for 30 days. It’s going to suck, but work keeps me busy. Just to be on the safe side, I am sure my body is extremely toxic, as I easily go through a case of Red Bull in 2-3 days. I drink, smoke, and pretty much everything else I shouldn’t do. It’s going to hurt like hell I am sure, but the pains are nothing to fear, right? I can fight through them without worrying about not waking up in 10 days? I understand it probably isn’t recommended, but neither is 75% of the thing I do on a daily basis. Basically, Am in danger of causing severe long term harm by abruptly stopping what I’m doing?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rawr
      When fasting from a toxic lifestyle it is better to juice fast first using a juice extractor. The go to water when you stop feeling like hell. I have guided cocaine and heroin addicts that juice fasted the day after getting high. And from a massive drug intake over years. The result was astonishing. Do a search on this site for “wineberg”

  287. Rawr says:

    I suppose it should also be added that I already eat MAYBE one time a day, with a possible sandwich some other time. That being said, it is obvious my metabolism is extremely slow. I hear this makes the fasting process easier for me, is this correct?

  288. Ron says:


    Tom always suggests a juice fast for first timers. Especially if you are working, and very toxic! A water fast might make you quite sick.

    Try starting with a doable goal. Then increase from there. Failure sucks!

    I am just finishing a 30 day juice fast. Believe me, it was very rough for a week or more, and at various times throughout. But, the benefits are well worth the pain.

    Good luck! Ron

    P.S. Read some of the “older” posts, there is a wealth of info there!

  289. Rawr says:

    See, I haven’t eaten fruit or vegetables in probably 5+ years. Infact, when I try to eat them, I start gagging. I don’t have access to fruit or vegetables in liquid form here, But there are billions of bottled water around. So far, only a grumbling stomache. =)

  290. Rawr says:

    I don’t believe 30 days to be that unrealistic. I’d rather not go into my personal life, but I assure you I’ve been through things far worse than I imagine this being. In all challenge, it’s mind over matter. I’d be glad to keep ya guys updated on how miserable I will be during this process. I guarantee I will make the 30 days, so it’ll be interesting to see how my body handles hitting a 10 inch thick wall going 120 miles an hour.

  291. shan says:

    01 Jun 2009 at 5:50 am
    Hai Tom,
    Thanks for ur quick replies.sorry for too many questions.can i add fruits to potato,carrot,beet,cucumber juice?i have sluggish digetion,sluggish bowels potato means sweet potato
    thanku somuch

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan
      Sure add fruits to veggie mixes. The best are apple, lemon, pineapple to carrot based mixtures. In 10 days you will lose weight depending on a complex metabolic factors and you digestion will be increased but use the enema, take probiotics after the fast for a week. White potato is used for stomach problems. 1 or 2 juiced with veggies.

  292. ran says:

    How r u?im having dark green stools once in a while.not all.but some of the stool.this especially happening after using warm water enema
    thanks in advance

  293. Ron says:

    Hi ran,

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about “green” stool. It sounds like your gall bladder and liver are getting cleaned out!

    Good Luck with your fast! Ron

  294. Mary Beth says:

    Hi Tom,
    I am breastfeeding my 13 month old. He does eat other food but has a milk allergy so he is limited on what he eats and this has caused him to eat smaller amounts and nurse more than a regular 13 month old. I gained 100lbs during my pregnancy and need it to come off. it is affecting everything, I feel terrible physically as well as emotionally. I did a water fast a few years back for 18 days when I stopped smoking because I gained weight then as well. I lost 60 lbs in that 18 days. (it was soooo hard) I want to water fast again but am afraid toxins will get into my breastmilk and hurt my baby. Is there a way I can do some sort of fast without hurting my baby?

  295. Lia says:

    Hi again Tom. I’ve fasted many times and just recently failed and eating. I don’t know what to do anymore. I would really like to do this fast to see if I have self-control. I want to complete a fast at least for one day but I really want to try for 10 days. I really need some tips and suggestions to complete this fast and not give in to the food. I go to school and there is food all around me and my friends are always offering me food. I have to say no but when I come home I always give in. I really need help and hope that I’m not addicted to food 🙁

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Lia,
      I had to weight lift for one year to develop my self discipline enough for fasting. I decided if I did not have self discipline I would have to develop it. But here are a few tricks to get you started. 1. buy a juicer and take juice with you where ever you go. 2. On the first three days of a fast use the enema. 3. Pray for discipline. 4. Visualize your happy completion of the fast a few times a day. Try this first before the year in the gym. Reading from will help with compulsive eating disorders.

  296. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    How r u? can i use natural yogurt(indian curd) instead of is 3rd day of juice fasting.i lost 2 pounds.can i use sqash,lefy veggies for juicing?
    thanks in advance

  297. shan says:

    sorry i forgot that im having acid coming up to my throat

  298. shan says:

    sorry again,im having bloating after drinking the long it will take to stop bloating.anyways i decided to juicefast for 30 days.yes im doing warm water enema mucus like thing came in my stool.can i drink orange juice,mango juice? sorry for too many questions,too many comments.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan,
      You may want to do a few days of water fasting to let your digestive system heal. Try just veggie juices, or adding lemon. Could be fermentation as your stomach is not secreting the right digestive juices.

  299. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    How r u?sorry i didnt get ur i need to use only veggie juices?
    “Could be fermentation as your stomach is not secreting the right digestive juices.”is this means because of acid.
    thanks a bunch.

  300. shan says:

    You advised me to do water fast.How many days can i do it?right now im on 4thday juice fast.i lost 3 lbs.right now im 104lbs.height 5.1″.is it ok if i loose too much weight? will i gain back? last time in november i did water fasting for 5 days,juice fasting for 5 days.i did my blood test on 4th day of my waterfast.(i got results like low blood sodium).is it will be problem again?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan,
      Normal blood results change during a fast. I would not worry about low sodium. Try some sea salt in the juice. 1/2 teaspoon is enough. Thin people normalize very quickly after a fast. This is the best time to exercise as you get excellent results in the increased anaerobic state after a fast.

  301. Rawr says:

    Well, day 5. So far just a LOT of hunger and weakness. Have had a headache here and there, and slight stomache pains, but other than that I am doin fine.

  302. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    Thanks for ur patience.right now im using some tonic.herbal.(ayurveda).The uses are:this develops the immunity of the body,improves digestion,absorbtion and proper excretion of motion.It purifies the entire blood.regenerates new healthy cells,slows down ageing process,improves complexion,skin glowness etc etc…..can i continue this this the problem for my acidity?
    thanks a lot.

  303. Mary Beth says:

    Hi Tom, I don’t know if you saw my post but can you help me?
    I am breastfeeding my 13 month old. He does eat other food but has a milk allergy so he is limited on what he eats and this has caused him to eat smaller amounts and nurse more than a regular 13 month old. I gained 100lbs during my pregnancy and need it to come off. it is affecting everything, I feel terrible physically as well as emotionally. I did a water fast a few years back for 18 days when I stopped smoking because I gained weight then as well. I lost 60 lbs in that 18 days. (it was soooo hard) I want to water fast again but am afraid toxins will get into my breastmilk and hurt my baby. Is there a way I can do some sort of fast without hurting my baby?

  304. donna says:

    day one fasting, no coffee or tobacco: reason for fast: to detoxify my body from all the bad living and start off in a new direction – caffene and tobacco free. Age 44, female, weight 172.8 no major health problems – need a kick start to reclaiming my health after a bicycle accident 4 years ago, can now go back to my old healthy lifestyle – just need to exit the bad lifestyle I replaced it with while I was recovering and going through some changes. Much water consumed – about 5 liters today-this is what my body wanted, so I let it have what it wanted, some with ground cayenne pepper and fresh lemon juice, some just water, morning/evening water with green food. headache in the afternoon from no coffee or tobacco. light gardening for 2 hours, slept like a rock – soundly and good for 5 hours last night and woke up at 170.0 lbs- usually I sleep bad and have problems getting my sleeping hours normalized. I even woke up when my alarm went off this morning – usually I sleep through it because I sleep so badly. Not hungary all day – just kept drinking water whenever I felt like it.
    I read in previous posts that super food” which is also known as green food is ok on a water fast. I’m picking up a juicer in the next couple of days and interchanging between water and juicing every other week for detox and healing benefits.

  305. JuJu says:

    Hi Tom,
    So for about 3 days I have been eating light with a diet of fruits `n veggies. I`ve decided to start my juice diet today. I was actually thinking about doing a lemonade diet with green tea `n 3 litres of water a day for a strict 20 days. Any thoughts about this?
    `N I was wondering about how much I might lose each day… I weigh 117 lbs standing 5’2″.
    Also, is it ok to workout with Billy`s Bootcamp on this kind of a diet? The workouts are 30-50 mins `n pretty vigorous but with no weights involved.
    Lastly, any pointers for a regular bowel movement during this fast?
    Thanks =]

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi JuJu
      That is close to water fasting so for most of us your energy will very low and any movement is tiring. Juice fasting is better if you want to work out. Green tea is good but too many cups during fasting can cause stomach pain due to the acids in the tea. Forget the concept of a regular bowel movement. Nothing in nothing out. Use an enema or a laxative the day of the fast but do not use them throughout the fast as it will cause the opposite reaction when going back to eating.

  306. JuJu says:

    Hi Tom ^^
    `N thank you for your response~ Anyways i have a question about lemon juice…
    My mom tells me this helps with weight loss…
    Squeezing out the lemon into the glass. Adding honey and warm water, mixing them. Then adding the used lemon piece in the mixture and keeping it overnight… drinking it in the morning.
    My question is, is this really effective for weight loss? And by keeping it overnight, doesn`t the nutrional values of the lemon go away?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi JuJu
      Grapefruit and lemon are both good for weightloss. Sure you lose some nutritional value but the water would absorb some lemon oil and that may be an active ingredient. Some members of have report increased weightloss by using cayanne pepper.

  307. shan says:

    Hai TOM,
    i think u missed my posting it again.
    05 Jun 2009 at 6:15 am
    Hai Tom,
    Thanks for ur patience.right now im using some tonic.herbal.(ayurveda).The uses are:this develops the immunity of the body,improves digestion,absorbtion and proper excretion of motion.It purifies the entire blood.regenerates new healthy cells,slows down ageing process,improves complexion,skin glowness etc etc…..can i continue this this the problem for my acidity?
    thanks a lot.

    i juice fasted for 4 is my 4th day of water fasting.and also im having mucus like thing.lightly coated with blood.and foam like stools.may i know what is this?
    in 4 days juice fasting i lost 7 pounds.from 4 days water fasting i lost 1 l.b
    im drinking 5 liters of water from last 1 continuing now.but im adding honey,lemon juice.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan
      Sure the tonic is fine during fasting if it does not bother your stomach. Try it.
      You just release the mucus coating from the intestine and the red could be from beets.
      The coating get glued to the intestinal wall as it is dehydrated mucus and it may have caused a tear when it released.
      If the red color continues that would be a cause for concern.
      Enemas get that stuff out of the body quickly and increases the comfort level of the fast.

  308. JuJu says:

    Hi again Tom =]
    This is my diet…
    1 medium banana, 2 glasses lemon or grapefruit juice, 2 glasses of vegetable drink, 2 cups of green tea, 2.5 L of water each day.
    My question is, should i cut out the banana i eat in the morning for more effective weight loss?
    Also during my 20 days of fasting, can you recommend me how much of water fasting i should go for?
    Currently i weigh 116 lbs standing 5’1″

  309. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    Thanks a million.if i get the red colour what may be the problem? today is my 5th day of water january i went for the ultrasound(pelvic,abdominal).upper endoscopy,colonoscopy.
    im still getting the acid coming up to my throat

  310. Alecia says:

    I started a water fast yesterday, I admit I did horribly! I had a friend here from out of town so we had some beers. I know TERRIBLE… BUT, I went from 168 even, to 160.9 lbs!!! I am excited! Now, we will have to see how good I do without cheating 🙂

  311. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    im doing water is 6th day.i did 4 days juice fast also i got red mucus coating stool.the blood is not out side.but within the mucus.
    in january i went for the ultrasound(pelvic,abdominal).upper endoscopy, i need to go for any tests.
    iam having bloating.

  312. shan says:

    not lot of blood but blood tingled mucus(i dont know is it correct pronounciation).it looking like light pink.
    thanks in advance

  313. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    thanks a lot.from last 1 following naturecure i started drinking 5 liters of water a eating food with out salt from last 1 taking only natural sodium(they writtened like we need only 280 m.g of sodium per day.)so im taking only natural sodium from food and milk.but right now i want to continue water fast untill my body i need to worry about my sodium taking 5 liters of filtered tap water a day.
    i lost 7 lbs from juice fasting.3 lbs from 6 days of fater current weight is 97lbs.
    in nov i did 5 days juice,5 days water fasting.i checked it on forth sodium level was 131.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan
      The best source of sodium is sea salt as it has many trace minerals and is good during juice fasting. As your body is breaks down tissue for food the sodium and all cell resources become available to the body. Sodium levels have never been an issue so far with people fasting.

  314. JuJu says:

    It`s my forth day of fasting `n i`m feeling a bit queazy right now `n feel there`s something stuck in my chest… why is this? Do i need to worry?
    The only thing that changed in my daily routine is taking a cold shower today instead of a hot shower which i always do…
    Also i just brushed my teeth tonight, `n already started smelling an hr later -_-

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi JuJu
      Queazy and neausea are common on the first 3 days of water fasting. (not juice fasting) Strange pains are is the body healing old injuries. Tissues that have damage become more sensitive for a while until they heal.

  315. Christina says:

    Hi Tom,
    First of all I’m glad that I bumped into your site cos day after tomorrow is my last day of my 30 days of juice fasting. I have successfully shedded off 17 lbs already. But what worries me is gaining back all that weight… Before the fast I was 118 lbs and today about 100 lbs.
    Anyways I wanted to request you of assessing my plans after my fast…

    Day 1-3 : Banana for breakfast. Peach for lunch. Fruit juice for dinner. (Choosing soft fruits for 3 days)
    Day 4-9 : Banana for breakfast. Bowl of salad for lunch. Fruit juice for dinner.
    Day 10-15 : Vegetable soup for breakfast. Bowl of salad for lunch. Citrus fruit juice for dinner.
    Also, after every meal I am deciding to drink a cup of green tea everyday.

    What do you think of this meal plan??
    And does everyone gain their lost weight back? Do you think I will?
    NOTE : I’m working a part-time job where there’s alot of movement and walking around.

    Thank you for your patience.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Christina,
      You can regain weight after the fast if you return to a high calorie diet. If you follow your plan which is excellent, you should continue to lose weight. Try to get some cardio daily where you are out of breath.

  316. Ron says:

    Hi Christina,

    I did the 30 day juice fast. First off, when I broke the fast everything tasted sooooooooo good! I kept saying, “this is the best (anything) I ever ate”! LOL

    I lost about 25lbs during the fast. I gained back about 7lbs. in a week. I seemed to have leveled off now. And my urge to eat everything in sight has passed.

    I’m planning another fast now, and a series of fasts for the future! I want to clean my body out totally of toxins. My tongue was still coated after 30 days of juice fasting!

    I did cure myself of acid reflux and ulcers though. I haven’t felt this good since being a teen! Good luck. Ron

    • femenist says:


      Have you done any subsequent fasts? How did they go? I’m on day one and I want to lose 23 pounds just to be at a regular weight of 113 (only 5’2)…i’ve tried to fast now for 9x and i keep eating like a pig on the weekends–no self control–any advice?

  317. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    How r u? today is my 8th day of water fasting.i lost 7 lbs from juice fasting.from water fasting iam not losing any weight.early morning im weighing 96 time my weight is 100.which one is correct?im taking 7 ounces of honey daily.
    im having lot of back pain,nerve stiffness in neck area.from yesterday im having dizziness
    thank you for ur patience.

  318. Jerra says:

    Tom –
    I am 30 years old and about 50lbs overweight. I just recently started exercising and feeling better however, no weight has come off. I’ve tried a water fast before and lasted 5 days and then felt extremely light headed and my husband made me eat. I really think I can do it again…any tips for when I hit that 4th or 5th day and feel dizzy? I really want to do just water, but if you recommend juice I’ll take your advice. I have the willpower and I feel ready, just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Thanks!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Light headedness and feeling dizzy can be normal for water fasting. The trick is to get down on one knee if you feel a blackout coming one. Having a small amount a juice per day will increase blood sugar but dizziness can occur on juice fasting also but much less frequently.

  319. shan says:

    12 Jun 2009 at 7:48 am
    Hai Tom,
    How r u? today is my 8th day of water fasting.i lost 7 lbs from juice fasting.from water fasting iam not losing any weight.early morning im weighing 96 time my weight is 100.which one is correct?im taking 7 ounces of honey daily.
    im having lot of back pain,nerve stiffness in neck area.from yesterday im having dizziness
    thank you for ur patience.

  320. Christina says:

    Hi Tom,
    So far my weight is increasing point by point but seems to have stabled and overall I’m doing great.
    Well, I was wondering. I have fasted for 30 days, after how many days of solid food can I start juice fasting again?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      HI Christina,
      Juice fasting is really a juice diet that can be done for years with the addition of a few supplement like B. So 10 days is fine between juice fasts. I did three juice fasts over 30 day with less than 14 days between fasts.

  321. Jerra says:

    Thank you Tom…I’m on my first full day today 🙂

  322. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    Today is my 14th day of far i lost 4 lbs after started water current weight is 96 lbs.yesterday i suffered from nausea,burning sensation in upper abdominal area.dizziness.i vomited yellow colour acid like taste.but still im having dizziness,weakness.
    andi dont know how to break water fast?
    thank you

  323. Cory says:

    Hello tom
    i am thinking on starting a fast i have done a few like my longest was a 5 day water fast for just cleansing and spiritual purposes i work alot i work two jobs on from 7 am to 5pm and then 630pm to midnight i have no time really for workout as much and never really thought of a fast to lose weight but i have done a few fasts and would want to know what you would do in my situation what kind of fast how long i want to lose about 30 – 40 lbs thanks you so much for you time

  324. Ashley says:

    Hi everyone,

    I find this website very insiteful and had a few questions about fasting. Can fasting have a permanent effect on your metabolism? Also, would it be safe to do a water fast while in a backpacking trip?

    just curious, thanks

  325. Lori says:

    I am interested in trying a 3-5 day juice fast for cleansing, detox, and weight loss purposes. My concern is that I do lift weights at least 3 times a week. I hear that while weight training protein is very important, will I be getting enough?


  326. Lori says:

    Thanks Tom. Since this is my first fast I thought it would be good to start with a short (3-5 day) one. I have doing a clean diet to prepare as recommended. My concern is that I have read that the first 3 days are the hardest and often quite miserable. Should I be worried about reflecting on the fast as a bad experience and aim for a longer one to experience the easier days? Again thanks for the help.

  327. tracy says:

    Thanks for a speedy reply Tom , i will try this and let you know how i get on !!
    Of to get myself a juicer !!!
    Tracy x

  328. Lori says:

    Today is day one of my fast. Woke up feeling positive with a little bit of a headache today. I restricited pretty heavily yesterday and lost 3 lbs. I really want to be successful at this fast. I will report later.
    This morning’s weigh in 154 lbs.
    GW from this fast 147 lbs.
    Final GW 130 lbs.

  329. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    How r u? today is my 18th day of water symptoms reduced a lot.but im still having stools.i vomited yellow bile.may i know what is this? my dizziness is weight is94 tongue is not pink.not white.but still i have neck stiffness(it happens when ever i stressed up).may i know how many days it will take to heal my anxiety completely.its difficult to concentrate in meditation.
    thanks in advance.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan
      When water fasting is causing intense detox it is is good to add a liter of fresh juice for about 3 days. The juices help in the detox and reduce organ strain. Using the enema will help but you could experience a toxic reaction as the toxins are flushed from your colon into your bloodstream.

  330. Corrina says:

    Hello Tom and all,

    Please help.. I have browsed through some of the posts trying to get some insight on the best way to fast for beginners. Here’s how it all started. I am 5’1″ and weigh 137 lbs., however, though people say I look slim I have “a lot” of cellulite around my stomach (I look 5 months pregnant) and upper thighs. I always feel full yet crave munching and sweets. I know that I have a lot of symptoms of depression and my diet is probably causing it. I never used to have an issue with my weight and was 95 lbs. up until I got pregnant at 23 (I’m now 40), became a stay at home mom and eventually had 3 more kids. With the pregnancies I got very bad Melasma (brown patches on face and skin looks like leather) which has led to low self esteem & probably a factor in the depression. The depression is because I have lost “myself” and have no life outside of the home. I want to get back on track and start putting myself first because I know a better “me” will make it better for everyone around me. The problem is I don’t like a lot of fruits or veggies. I was raised on meat/potatos and like only peas w/dinner. I do like oranges, strawberries, bananas and grapes but that is about as far as it goes (quite basic!). Any and all suggestions would be great. Thanks

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Corrina,
      Find the juice mixtures that you like. You also need a dramatic diet change as you are not getting the nutrients you need to be healthy. Fasting can be a life-changing transformational experience. Bananas do not juice. You colon can dump stuff after weeks of water fasting. Juice fast first, then go to water and back to juice. Eating salads for a few days before you start will make fasting easier.

    • femenist says:

      Corrina how have you been doing? I can relate to your post! How did the fast go?

  331. Corrina says:

    also, after how many days of a liquid diet whether juice or water can you expect the bowels to be empty? Do you still have bowel movements on liquid diet? curious… thx

  332. Corrina says:

    Thanks Tom,

    Any tips to offer for when the urge of just wanting to eat something happens. I was good all day until I had to make dinner for everyone and it smelled sooo good. I stuck a piece of gum in my mouth and used that as a deterent. Also, I like salads (no dressing though) but don’t often eat them since I repeat them for the next 12 hours.

    Again, thanks for getting back so fast

  333. karenbeard says:

    Hi Tom, couple of questions
    Sunday was the first day of eating after a 35 day fast. I was very good about eating only fruit or vegetable about every two hours. Little bits at a time. I did that on Monday also, until evening when I made the mistake of having a very small sliver of cheese pizza. (boy was it good):-) However I suffered the night. I plan to continue to eat raw vegetable salads and fruits, but am wondering If I can add homemade vegetable soup, whole grain breads and nuts .
    I am even hungrier than I was while fasting, but have noticed when I have even eaten apricots, pears, cantaloupe, grapes, broccoli, I get full of gas. /???

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Karen
      One of the problems in breaking a fast is the hunger but if you eat to much it causes a sore stomach. It takes more discipline to break a fast than to do a fast.
      You should have boosted you intestinal bacteria. That may be causing the gas. Buy in healthfood store. Veggie soup is good but nuts and grains are a bit heavy and needs to be included about 7 days after a fast.

  334. shan says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your is my 21st day of current weight is 93 symptoms anxiety,stomach pain reduced a previous temp was 97 after second day of water fasting.right now my temp was 99.4f.after 10 days of water fasting it was 98.from day before yesterday its increasing.may i know why this also i got blood tinged mucus.(i don,t know is it mucus or not.means it look likes fat free milk layer).after starting water fast i got 2,3 times with in 1 was pink it looks like red color.i went for the colonoscopy in january.please reply
    Thanks a lot.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan
      Assuming you are not having beets in the juice, and the results of the colonoscopy were negative, then blood in the stool is not good. There can be many factors. Mucus in the stool during fasting is normal. Without testing I am guessing. They can test your stool for blood or infection. Is this a juice or water fast? Any supplements? Using the enema yes/no. Any lower stomach pain if you press the abdomen.

  335. shan says:

    Hi Tom,
    I’m water is my 22nd day.i did 4days juice fasted at the supplements i’m using.i dont have any pain right now.before starting water fast i had the stomach pain when pressing my january i went for the colonoscopy,abdominal,pelvic ultrasound.blood,urine using enema daily from the begining.i also have fissures.but they healed after changing my diet,consuming 5 liters of water from last 1 year.

  336. shan says:

    Hai Tom,
    did u checked my previous post on 26th june? today is my 26th day of water fasting(im using honey,lemon juice).my temparature is 97 during the reached 98.6.after 15 days of water fasting.on that day i felt little hungry(i dont even know it is hungry or not?because i felt some burning sensation,gnawing sound.infact im feeling this tipe of hunger almost everyday).i cooked for my son on that day my favorite meal.the smell was so good.i got some saliva in my mouth.after that i drank water with honey,lemon hunger after that so i continued water current weight is 92 far i lost 12lbs with 26 days water ,4days juice friends r saying im in starving afraid.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan
      At 92 lb after 26 days of water fasting you will be a bone rack. Your normal weight will return very quicky and weightloss will be marginal at this point. As you have no negative effects you are still safe. I did 66 days on juice, small amounts and went down to concentration camp thin, to heal broken heals caused by a fall at work. Looked really bad but the body healed.

  337. shan says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your reply.i’m not looking like bone rack.but my face is like gaunt. i’m only 5 day is my 31st day of water fast(with lemon juice,7ounces of honey).but i’m having nausea.i don,t know why.and from last 4,5 days,lemon smells making me very sick.and its very difficult to bare sweetness of honey.without honey i’m feeling very weak.and also i don’t want to starve myself.please reply.

  338. shan says:

    Hi Tom,
    some where i read that nausea,dizziness is common symptoms of fasting.and read somewhere in water fasting forum so many people suffered from nausea through out their fasting. what do u think of nausea.every month i get nausea,dizziness around my periods time.yesterday i got my period.(i dont know is that the reason).my weight is now time it is 95.i have loss of appetite problem from 7 yrs because of i want to continue this time till my hungry blackstrap mollases is natural? what about maple syrup.
    thanks a million

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan
      Many teachers of fasting do not regard vomiting as a danger signal, but as a cleansing process. Eventually it stops. For me this is undue suffering. I always recommend juices. You do not have to suffer to heal or fast. It is very rare for a person to report nausea during juice fasting and very common with water fasting. The cause of nausea during is complex. Irregular periods are caused by the toxins affecting hormones production or delivery. Blackstrap molasseses, should be unsulphured. It is cane sugar dehydrated. Maple syrup has less nutrients but is a natural sugar and used in the popular master cleanse.
      Do a search.

  339. shan says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thank u very much for your patience.but juice fasting eliminates stools,dead cells completely?.
    Thank you

  340. Ivy says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have done a 10 day juice fast once before and got some great results out of it, including weight loss and a lot of energy. I was looking to start another but was curious if I could possibly alter it without losing too of the healing benefits of a juice fast. I was hoping to keep dairy in my meal, most particularly nonfat yogurt and and nonfat milk. Just 1-2 servings of both in my day. Would this hinder the fast at all?

    Thank you for your time =)

  341. charity2009 says:

    Hello. I just ran across this site today and found it very interesting. I just decided to fast last night.
    For several various reasons. I used to be a smoker and addicted to caffine. I quite cold turkey about a year ago but since then i have gained about 30 lbs. now weighing about 150.

    I have also noticed my face has been completly broke out and after trying everything I think the weight gain might be responsible.

    My main question is; is it better for me to eat breakfast and then skip the other 2 meals on this “fast.”

    And will a colon cleanse pill substitute the enema…i’ve never had an enema…

    From reading your other comments I’m thinking I should cut out breakfast and stick to juice/or H20 .

    How long would be a good fast for a new-be.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Charity 2009
      Detoxification is flexible. Missing meals and replacing it with juice is great. The most effective is a 30 day juice fasting with periodic water fasting. Easy to do if you do not have compulsive issues.

  342. charity2009 says:

    Thanks for your quick response. I am on day 3 right now.
    I’m doing fine other than headaches from time to time. I’ve been taking asprin which I’m sure is not the greatest choice. I have been taking supplements and vitamins as well. I think the hardest part is “not letting myself give in to what I want” that is really hard. Like quitting smoking though, I’ve found that when you think about giving in–if you just get past that initial thought for like 5 min., your fine. Its all about the discipline. You know–I’m not sure if I have a compulsive issue.
    When I gave up smoking, its like I laid down one habit and picked up another. I’ve always been a really really picky eater and I’ve just in the last year discovered a new love for cooking which has really expanded my appetite. But I think it was becoming like a chain in my life kinda like smoking was.
    I didn’t like it–so I’ve decided to just go with this and see.

    Thanks for your reply again.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Charity
      Asprin or Tylenol can be great to get through the intense headaches of the first few days. Most people have some compuslive issues as the North Americian lifestyle is based on addictions. You are past the worst. It should get better from here out.

  343. charity2009 says:

    wow—Tom, I just read your testimony. In case someone on this site is new and doesn’t know, if you click on his name in the blue “Tom Coghill” it will take you to where you can read his testimony and others.
    That is awesome how God brought you out of all of that!
    That really brings out my curiosity–wondering what all God could do for me through fasting.

  344. charity2009 says:

    Well you were right. Tylenol did get me through the first few days and I haven’t had any meds for atleast 3 days!
    I am currently on day 6! I think I have lost around 12lbs. (I haven’t really been keeping track.)
    I still have my moments of headaches and hunger pangs but for the most part I’m doing great! I’m not sure how far I want to continue to. I know I will most assuredly go till pay day–which is 3 more days (fruit is soooo expensive).

    Since I love cooking…I’m trying to just enjoy “cooking” not,
    “cooking & eating” lol
    So I am still cooking for my family–and its not as hard as I thought it would be…I still enjoy it.

  345. Ivy says:


    I was curious, is juice fasting known to make women miss their menstruation due two lack of nutrients? I began my fast about a few days before when my period was supposed to start, and didn’t get it.

    Thanks again for your time.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ivy,
      Yes fasting alters menstration cycles. Toxins being released into the blood can upset hormone levels similar to the impact of stress.
      Usually as the fast continues menstral cramps and pains lower and menstration can be come a minor discomfort.

  346. Ivy says:


    Thank you so much for your fast response. I was very concerned I was doing something wrong. I’m having some problems, my father is a doctor and he was going along with allowing me to fast, but has noticed so much weight loss, a bit of fatigue, and then the change of my cycle that he’s forbidding me to continue, but if you say this is all appropriate outcomes then I will consider continuing. Thanks again so much.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ivy
      I always recommend juice fasting for younger people. The parents usually are more supportive and there are no blackouts or weakness. Delayed menstruation is very common with fasting in the first week of fasting. I have heard of women that had years if intense pain during menstruation report only minor discomfort but that was after 28 days of juice fasting.

  347. violetlanice says:

    Hey Tom,
    I read this site and was soo interested in it i started my juice fast Monday July 20th and plan to do it for 30 days! I am now on day 4 (thursday) and have a few questions before i continue.

    I am 5’6 and was 185lbs and now down to 172lbs.
    I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which i tend to gain weight and when i do its hard to get off.
    I get low blood sugars when i havent eaten in awhile, and i crave sugar and carbs!!!

    I have high cholesterol and diabetes and heart attacks run on my dad’s side of the family!
    So i have decided to take up a vegan lifestyle after my 30 day fast.

    I really want to be at a healthy weight of 130lbs.
    What can i drink or how much should i drink for 30 days to get me to 130 from currently 173.

    As of right now i drink 12-16 oz. of juice in the morning and nite and 12-16oz. water in between.
    Is that too little?

    Thanks soo much! i need answers to help me stay motivated..mind you i LIVED on Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets..i have a bad history with junk food! : )

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Violetlanice
      If you had keep going on the chicken nugget lifestyle your golden years would be journey of pain. Yes that is perfect amount of juice and water per day. If you get too weak you can increase the juice. Glad to be of support.

  348. comedic says:


    I am on day 5 of my first Juice Fast. Four glasses per day with lots of water. The juicer I bought, Sharper Image Super Juice, makes tasty juice. But it also makes a frothy head on the glass of juice. Its kinda like drinking a beer. Should I strain this head off, I think there is still some pulp in there?

    Also can one substitute a Salt Water Flush, with sea salt and water, to replace an enema?

    Thanks for a great site and the great information. ED

  349. violetlanice says:

    Hey Tom,

    its me is day 6 of my juice fasting and i have lost 17lbs.

    But today i gave in to a banana…i had massive cravings all day (i guess bc this was my first weekend while on the juice diet) and i didnt want to give in to like hot dogs and pizzas (my old habits) so i gave in to a banana..

    Will that disrupt my whole colon being cleansed?

  350. eilla says:

    Hello Tom,

    I am 19 years old and I just started my 30-day Juice Fast woo! Also, I will soon start to take an acne medication Accutane which has Isotretinoin in it. I know the juice fast will cleanse my body from toxins but I was wondering if taking accutane and being on the juice fast will affect or prevent weight loss.


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Eilla
      I will also respond on the web.
      Your skin will clear up without the accutane, but it will not affect the fast.
      After the fast do not eat any processed oils or sugars.
      Vitamin E and essential oils will help you skin heal during the fast.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Eilla

      Your skin will clear up without the accutaine,
      But it will not affect the fast.
      After the fast do not eat any processed oils or sugars.
      Taking vitamin E and essential oils will help your skin heal.

  351. violetlanice says:

    Hi there Tom

    I have lost 20lbs in all since last Monday July 20th, 2009

    I made a little boo boo though..i was sooo hungry and soo dizzy (from quitting smoking Saturday)
    that i gave in to a pnut butter and jelly sandwich and a handful of fries.

    Is there a way i can get back on track and not have to start over again?

    Should i take a enema kit and cleanse myself out and start back juicing??
    I feel soo bad but feel a little better??

  352. shan says:

    Hi tom,
    How r u? i broke my water fast(honey,lemon juice). in july 12th,at 85 lbs.i was sad,depressed that my hunger didn’t returned.decided i starved my self.went to heart beat was did blood test they said,some low mineral problem(potasium sodium decreased little).my thyroid was little high.2 points.from last 20 days,i took juices,then fruits,salads.later i added avocado,flat bread,i’m having bloating,my appetite is gone completely.before last week i used to get saliva for simple salad.but now my mouth is dry.i don’t feel like eating.i gained 2 pounds,and again my current weight is 85 only.i’m taking 4 liters of water.but i,m having hard stools(i have fissures problem.)please help.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Shan
      Bread after fasting causes serious problems. I would go to juice fasting, (with Juicer) for 2 days then salads and fruits for 4.
      Use the enema and probiotics capsules to replace you intestinal bacteria.

  353. shan says:

    Hi Tom,
    How r u? my thyroid level after 5 days (after 38 days water fasting).of re feeding it normal?

  354. wannabehealthy says:

    I am 6’1 266.4lb female 25.

    I started my fast today and its kind of a juice/water fast.

    I am attempting 30 days. i want to lose 10lbss more than my goal, as a cushion for inevitable weight gain once the fast ends. I will not go back to eating processed foods. I did Aitkens diet before and that style of eating only fresh foods works for me. eventually on there u eat fruits, veggies, meat, whole grains. I prefer that tremendously over low fat/ low cal. low fat low cal makes me gain weight and I over eat. I love food in its natural state. I want to eventually eat food that is fesh and splurge occasionally on the bad stuff. But not binge.

    I want to lose 100lbs.

  355. wannabehealthy says:

    Thanks for the friendly welcome! Weight yesterday 266.4, weight today 260.2!!!

    I woke up earlier today. I feel lighter. The only thing is that I think something bit me inside of my nostril because it is sore and leaking liquid. I wonder if it is related to the fast?

    Yesterday I wanted to eat but I wasnt hungry. I read this blog for hours to keep me motivated!!!


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Wannabehealthy
      Fasting can cause strange boils pimples or cankers. I had a huge pimple on the end of my nose once, and I had to be on TV. A rare event that I will always remember. When the camera man asked me if I had a good side I said “not today.”
      Consider yourself lucky.

  356. wannabehealthy says:

    update 10 lbs loss so far!!! btw i chew sugar free gum and i know that it may not be acceptable but i can’t have bad breath. Also I drink a fruit smootihie from smoothie king /that has no sugar in it but it has protein. is that allowed? is there a certain day in the fast that you drop a significant amount of weight?

  357. greatjassy84 says:

    Anyone living in Canada looking for a fasting buddy for support? please contact me. I am female, 25 yrs old!

  358. rmcalister says:

    G’day Tom,
    Great site and thanks for your dedication. I am 40. I started at 275lb (125kg). I had a week on juice and then decided to go onto water. I am now on day 9 of water. The first week was not too bad, but I was pretty tired. The last few days have been much better. As I still need to be at work, I can’t afford to be too under the weather. On some days when I get too tired, I just have a teaspoon of honey. No more than two a day. Over the two weeks I have lost around 12kg (26lb) and on the water fast I have lost close to 1kg (2.2lb) a day. However, the last three days I have lost only under 1kg. I feel VERY good. Good stamina and excellent breathing. One of my major aims of the fast was weight loss, so this lack of progress is a little disheartening especially when contrasted with my progress to date. I have done some exercise too.

    I have done a fair bit of reading prior to embarking on this fast. It is my undestanding that on a water fast the body starts looking for dead/dying cells, improperly healed areas, fat and other detritus which could be used for energy. I have always exercised quite a lot and to date I have not noticed any loss in muscle tone. Another thing I have read is that water will be exchanged for oil in the fat cells…..I don’t know what is meant by that, so I am happy to ignore it.

    Perhaps my body has found something else it can use for energy, but I would appreciate some guidance. I am happy to continue on the water fast as I know it will continue to heal the body and I feel OK. But as I said, one of my main aims is weight loss, and staying on a water fast needs a bit of determination, so this hiatus in my progress is a bit of an emotional bump.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi rmcalister
      Weightloss can slow down as the fast progresses. There is weightloss from catabolsim but the amount can be small. Some fasters have reported that cyanne pepper increases weightloss. There is a post on the site about it and a site seach will pull it up. Not sure about the amount and frequency but capsules seem to be easier to tolerate. Oil in the fat cells being replaced by water???? I doubt it is true as there would be no loss measured in body fat or weight.

  359. christina24 says:

    Hi there, I’m on day 11 of water fasting.. I’m feeling great and I think my metabolism is slow as it is.. I’m sure this is going to pretty much kill my metabolism. I’m wondering how to rebuild it? I’d really appreciate your input. Thanks a bunch!

  360. eliaregina says:

    Hi Tom, i have all your 4 ebooks and i’ve read all of them. I’ve taken a 7-day juice fasting in 2003 and a 9-day water fasting in 2007. Now I’m on a juice fasting again. I started on sep 02 so today is day 4. I’ve been drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices with whey protein, colagen and albumin because I swim about 2.000m 3 times a week and I thought it might be good to take these supplements. What’s your opinion? should I add sth else? feeling great, energetic,and not hungry… drinking 250ml juice glass every 2 or 3 hours, for not having hungry pains. Is it enough? tks for the opportunity to share..
    Elia Regina

  361. zeli says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have just finished a 10day water fast that was really tough. I wasn’t aware how toxic i was. I had and eating disorder for 17yrs and 6mths ago finally made it through recovery. I decided to fast to heal my body of all the damage i have put it through. The 10days on water was hard but fantastic. Although i feel as though i needed to extend the fast as i don’t feel i reach the full benefits of fasting. Do you think a 30-40day water fast would heal my body from 17yrs of abuse or should i do juice fasting???
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  362. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi zeli
    I always recommend starting with juice fasting and doing periods of water fasting. I find juice fasting has more testimonies of healing. Water fasting is more powerful for prayer.

  363. keith101 says:

    Hi Zeli
    Congrats on your 10 day water fast, some people dont even make it past day 1.
    Hope you dont mind me asking your waight, hight, and age, only so i can give you advise,
    Best regards Keith.

    • zeli says:

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks 🙂 I was going to do a 40day Water Fast for all of Nov and 10days of Dec, but i still need to heal my body and Tom recommended Juice Fasting for healing. Anyway whichever way i go i will be doing a 40day fast starting tomorrow. I am not doing this for weight loss as i don’t need it. I had and eating disorder for 17yrs and 6mths ago left the recovery clinic at a very healthy weight that i have maintained since. I am doing this fast for God and to heal my body from all the abuse i have put it through. I am 25yrs old, 165cm tall and 60kgs in weight. Any advice would be great! Thanks Keith


      • zeli says:

        Hi Keith,
        Me again. Just realised that you are starting a 40day water fast on tues. I will be looking forward to reading your posts as i am too going to be on a 40day journey, just 2 days in front of you (i start Nov 1st). Best wishes for your fast.

  364. madeline342 says:

    Hi Tom! How ya doing?!? Ive never done a fasting before! I workout a lot but also eat whatever i want so I never lose any weight Im 5″2 120 lbs Id like to lose 10 lbs pretty quick. I was think at 14day fast. My questions
    Water or Juice?
    & is there anything I need or should be doing while doing this?
    Thank You :O)

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Madeline342,
      Life is good here in the Philippines. Few bad storms and lots of rain. I always recommend starting out on juice for 2 days before going to water and if you get to weak to function have some juice to get through the day. Sure 10lb sound realistic but weightloss rates vary dramatically depending on metabolism.

  365. keith101 says:

    Hi Madeline
    juice fasting would be the way for you to go for your high energy demands, this will give you the cals, vitimins, carbs, you need, i have a fruit/veg chart on my site page, click on
    Hope this helps you
    Best wishes on your fast Keith. Site Admin.

  366. keith101 says:

    Hi Zeli
    Day 4 for me, the hunger has gone, no problems at all had a slight soar head yesterday thats all, i seem to get really peacefull when i fast, its great lol. iv read that your fasting for spiritual reasons, try and get past 21 days. Then your into the spiritual zone.
    God bless Keith.

  367. madeline342 says:

    Thank you Keith. How much juice should I drink a day?!? Ill probably be on here everyday letting you guys know how Im doing I think it will help a lot! Im starting Sunday!

  368. keith101 says:

    Hi Madeline342
    i need to know how much times you work out at the gym and how long for, your hight and waight,your age, and your target waight loss before i can work out the best juice/vegtable intake, what is your diet like at the moment?
    Best wishes Keith.
    also let me know if you are doing cardio, or waights or both.

  369. madeline342 says:

    Keith I work out about 4 to 5 times a week normally for about 1 & 1/2 hours. Im 23yrs, 5″2 120 lb Id like to my target is to be around 107 – 110 lbs, my diet right now is somewhat good, I eat alot of fruit, chicken,steak i pretty much eat whatever & chocolate is…

  370. Doreen says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m 5’0 and 189lbs, and I’d like to lose about 45lbs. I started gaining weight after I had my baby 5 years ago. I’ve tried several diets, i start losing weight then I get bored and stop dieting and gain back all the weight I’ve lost.
    And now I’m fed up with my weight but I don’t seem to have the will to get back on diets. I’ve been reading about juice fasts and I’m really interested but I don’t know if I can hold up for 30 days. I have a juicer and I want to start tomorrow but I need examples of juice recipes and I want to know if the juice fast can include any solid fruits or vegetables or is it strictly juices. Are any other kinds of drinks allowed?
    I hope if you don’t mind if I keep updating you for support.

    Please help … and wish me luck!

  371. Doreen says:

    Hey Tom,

    One more question! How frequently should I drink the juices I mean should I drink a juice whenever I feel hungry or should I stick to a breakfast, lunch and dinner schedule?


  372. keith101 says:

    Hi Doreen
    welcome to
    go to my site there are videos on juice fasting there, and also a fruit/vegtable calorie counter there so you know your intake of cals, carbs, click on this link
    Tom is of the site for a few days due to bad weather in the philipines but will be back online soon.
    Best wishes and good luck. Keith. Site Admin.

    • Doreen says:

      Thanks for your prompt reply Keith.

      I tried to purchase one of Tom’s books yesterday, but when it came to the “select your country” part I couldn’t find my country in the list. I’m from Egypt. Is there another way I can make that online purchase?


  373. keith101 says:

    Hi Doreen
    I will email Tom to let him know that your trying to purchase his book, he will get back to you soon,
    Best wishes Keith.

    • Doreen says:

      Hi Keith,

      This is the third day of my juice fast .. and I’m actually feeling fine. I feel light and my energy levels are a bit higher. I’ve lost a little over 6lbs. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up for thirty days. I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m just not sure if my juice intake is alright or too little. How can I figure out the right amount of juice I should have per day.

  374. madeline342 says:

    Thank you Keith!! :O) I bought tons of fresh fruit this morning im actually excited to do this!!

  375. keith101 says:

    Hi Madeline
    As I have said watch your carb intake, you will get all the vitimins and minerals, energy from juice/vegtables, i have read into a bodybuilder who is a vegitarian. He looks amazing, fit with 6% fat on him. ultra lean.
    Did you look at my cal, carb, protien page to help you?
    Keep me posted on your progress.
    Best wishes Keith.

  376. keith101 says:

    Hi Doreen
    The calorie intake for a woman is about 1900 a day reduce this if you do not exersise, watch your carb intake, as iv said to lots of people on tis site i have a cal/carb/protine chart on my site so you know your intake click on
    Regards Keith.

  377. Liz says:

    Hi everyone!

    Tom, I hope to get some advice please! I am planning to start fasting for a multitude of reasons. Detoxifying and weightloss are primary, but also to help me break my obsession with comfort eating which I have had from a very young age. I wish I could have access to a juicer, but I work as a medic on a military base, and we kinda eat what we are given. I do however can buy myself plenty of fruit etc. What would you suggest if I cannot juice? I would consider a water fasting if it weren’t for the fact that I am about to embark on a lot of physical training next week after a 6 month period of doing very little following an injury.

    Thank you in advance for your help! You’re a star!


  378. Liz says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I am training in the UK at the moment. I agree that a fruit diet is suitable – I’ll probably mix that with raw veg and soups too, and eat more when the training is more intense and fast on weekends. We’ll see how it goes!! Thanks for your advice!

    All the best,

    Liz 🙂

  379. keith101 says:

    Hi Liz
    Water fasting is a no, no, whilst training, juice is the best way to go, have a look at my site for cal, carb, counting, the average woman should take in 1900 cals a day. but if you are training add 1000 onto your daily intake but you can reduce this for rapid waight loss Liz.
    And Watch the carbs?…..
    If you need any advice on your training then let me know.
    I will help you achieve your goals.
    Blessings Keith.

  380. Liz says:

    Hi Keith, thanks for your reply!

    Don’t worry, I am not training that intensely – I am just taking it slow following an injury that left me unable to train properly for 6 months or so – and I would like to detox the comfort food I stocked up on in that time! I think whilst training is minimal I will do a juice, fruit and veg diet, and once the intense physical training commences I will be back to surviving from ration packs of 3000Kcal a day!

    Thanks for the advice Keith, I will let you know how I get on! Remain blessed! 🙂

  381. keith101 says:

    Hi Liz
    Sorry to hear about your injury.
    I was out of training for 2 months bue to a back injury, on the concept2 rower, guess i rowed a bit too far that day LOL
    Try to reduce the cals when you go back to the gym,
    I your looking to get rid of excess weight, then watch the cal carb intake of your fruit/veg fast.
    God Bless Keith.

  382. jcpyburn says:

    Hi, I have been lurking and learning off of this site for nearly a year and I have fasted off and on for the last 9 months or so. I have finally figured out the best ways to fast for me using your website as a guide. I do have a question that I can’t seem to find the answer to. On my last three fasts at a certain point its like I just stop losing weight at all. And I don’t mean losing like 1/2 lb a day I mean staying the same for like 4 days in a row. This happened to me on a juice fast that was a 26 day fast. I only drink one 6 oz glass of juice a day because if I drink more I don’t seem to lose any. The other two were a 10 day water fast and a 14 day water fast. On the ten day fast it was the last two days and on the 14 day fast it was the last 4 days. It almost feels like after a certain day that I can’t lose anymore. I am trying to work my way up to hopefully eventually a 30 day fast but not if I am only going to lose weight for 10 days of it! LOL! What do you think could be causing this? Oh, and actual weight loss on the 26 day was about 12 pounds, the ten day was 15 pounds and I am not sure on the 14 day cause I just broke fast today. These numbers are actual weight loss after I resumed eating normally and my weight stabilized. Thanks for all your help and wonderful advice on this site!!


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi jcpyburn
      Slow or imperceptible weight loss is a sign of a slow metabolism. As fasting progresses the body utilizes calories more efficiently and for people with a slow metabolism the boy can live on a few hundred calories of fat per day which can equal 30 to 60 grams per day of fat. Most scales will not show that. The solution is cayanne pepper supplements and walking 45 minutes a day to boost metabolism rate.

  383. keith101 says:

    hi jcpyburn
    First things first, tell me your age, hight, waight.
    Sometimes the body adapts to fasting on a regular basis.
    Almost like going to the gym, muscle growth halts,
    on repitition.
    Then you have to shock the muscles into growing, as in changing your rotine? yeah.?
    fasting is a little bit like this.
    Do you go to the gym if not, then why not?
    blessings Keith.

  384. jcpyburn says:


    I am aware that I have a slow metabolism. I have been doing everything I know to boost it. I tried the cayenne pepper supplements but they just gave me the weirdest burning in my stomach so gradually I quit. I am planning on adding walking to my routine as that seems to be the best aerobic exercise I can do with my knees. I will give the cayenne another try and go ahead and start walking.


    I am 35 years old, I weigh approx. 202(down from 296 at the beginning of the year), and am 5′ 5″. I have completely overhauled my eating habits this in every way and started exercising once I lost enough weight that I could. I began doing some weight training at home with free weights and I tried different aerobic types of exercise but I just can’t do it. I have very bad knees(part hereditary and part weight related damage) and have to have something that doesn’t cause jarring movements. I can walk though. I don’t go to a gym because we don’t have the money but I do have the weights and I enjoy it a lot. I am not able to do any exercise when I water fast though because I am so tired. I am not the sit around do nothing kind of person though so I go all day! I have three children I homeschool, run the home, cook, clean, garden, etc… and I also clean my church and participate in our nursing home ministry so I stay busy and it takes all the energy I have on a fast to keep up with all that!!

    Well, I really hope you guys can help me get this figured out so that I can finish losing the weight I want to lose and then maintain. Thanks!


  385. keith101 says:

    Hi jcpyburn
    Its 4am here and just recieved your last message.
    I will leave you a message tomorrow.
    your waight still goes above your hight.
    i will give you some good advice tomoz.
    Maby Rob is online to help you for now.
    Blessings and i will post to you tomoz Keith.

  386. keith101 says:

    Hi Carly
    Well done on your waight loss.
    If you want to do long walks then you can buy cheep knee elastic supports from a chemist, or a sports centre, these will give plenty of support on your knees.
    I would wear them when i did power lifting to give max support to the knees.
    there is pleanty exircises that you can do without using the knees, as in shadow boxing in front of a mirror for half an hour each day then a brisk walk with the supports that i told you about.
    You can buy a cheep exercise ball that comes with exercise programs that you do.
    are you on a water fast at the moment if so how long are you on it for?
    I have a slow metabalisim as i have an under active thyroid which im on levelthyroxin for, but this did not stop me loosing a lot of waight on my 30 day water fast, there is no point in exercising during a water fast its not safe.
    but juice fasting would be ok, what diet are you on when you are eating? let me know and i will help you with that.
    Blessings Keith.

    • jcpyburn says:

      Thanks Keith! I am really feeling and looking a lot better! My knees do ok walking but if I try do things that are repetitive bending and straightening, thats where I run into trouble! I can usually walk for a while without them bothering me with good shoes with support(which I have invested in!) I just broke my water fast on Monday so I am currently still breaking it. I am on an low-fat, low-calorie, high-fiber diet. I try and eat food as close to how they originate as possible. Steamed veggies, fresh fruits, oatmeal, peas and beans. I make my own yogurt to ensure live bacteria and I make it with fat free milk. I only very rarely eat any other meat than chicken breast and fish. I also eat all whole grain and I strictly limit salt and sugar. I take fish oil and flaxseed daily. I mostly drink only water and occasionally drink herbal tea, hot tea, or decaf coffee. These changes have happened step by step very gradually over the last year and I feel a million times better. I can’t say that I never go out and eat a cheeseburger or something but it is usually only every 2 or 3 months and then I feel so awful I remember why I didn’t want another for so long! LOL!

      Tom – I sure wish I did have access to a swimming pool! I love to swim and so do my kids! Maybe someday I will live somewhere where I have free and frequent access!


  387. keith101 says:

    Hi Carly
    Your diet i cant fault.
    Drink green tea in the mornings as this is good for waight loss to.
    Take in slow releasing carbs, but watch the carbs you take in.
    250g carbs a day is the norm, but if you reduce this to the bare minimum then the waight will continue to fall, its a little like the Atkins diet.
    Blessings Keith.
    Think about what i said about buying an exersice ball? the are very cheep and amazing to use, good thing about it that you dont use the knees that much.

  388. keith101 says:

    Anything i can do to help please just ask me, no mater what it is.
    Blessings Keith.

  389. dmargo28 says:

    Hello all!
    My names Dave and I am an average 19 year old teenager whose slightly overweight. I am 5’8 and about 170lbs. I saw that keith101 is doing the fast January 1st of 2010 and would like to inform that I will be doing one also 🙂 I would love to post pictures of me before, during, and after my fast. If there is a place or a website to do it on please let me know guys! I’d love to share my experience with everyone.
    Thanks again,

  390. JJ says:

    I am have question myself and a friend of mine started a fast together this is my third fast that I have done in the past three years. We are on day 6 and my friend has gained 3lbs and is very frustrated Im not sure what is goin on with her..shes not on medication other then birth control, and told me she takes in about 100oz of juice a day along with water…I thought that was too much juice..I dont take in that much, so I detox more. But this being her first I assumed it would make it easier for her. Also would a menstral cycle have anything to do with this process?

    Thanks Jess

    • keith101 says:

      Hi JJ
      Welcome to
      100OZ Would roughly be just short of 6 pints of juice. Yeah that does sound in excess, tell her to reduce her intake and watch the cals, carbs, that she is consuming. with her menstral cycle she can retain water, but i think that her juice/veg fasting intake is way to mutch, what is your intake of juice jess?
      There is a cal, carb counter on my site for you to look at with lots ov videos. Have a look then get back to me and let me know what you think, so i can give you more advice on here. my site is not online yet its only to help with probs on fasting. cilck on
      Best wishes Keith.

  391. JJ says:

    Opps my first question is messed up I meant to say I have..not I am 🙂

  392. keith101 says:

    Hi Dave
    Welcome to
    You will recieve all the support you need on this site, from Tom site owner, Ron, myself, and others fasting. You are welcome to join me on my water fast on jan. How long are you planning your fast for?
    If you have a cam then you can also post your videos on youtube. I can pull them from there and post them on my site, or if Tom wishes on here.
    Best wishes Keith.

    • dmargo28 says:

      Hello all
      I plan on fasting for 31 days since there is that many days in January. Not exactly sure how I am going to start off yet, whether I choose water first or juice first, but I think I might start off with juice then move to water after a couple days just to get my stomach ready. I do have a cam and I will really take into consideration posting on youtube, but would rather just post pictures at this point. Best Wishes!


      • keith101 says:

        Hi Dmargo28
        Have you fasted before?
        There are quite a few people starting a fast on jan 2010, so this should be interesting.
        I was watching a lady who was overwaight on youtube. After 30 days she looked stunning, she posted again 3 weeks after her fast and looked terrible, she had put most of the waight back on, what i cant understand is why fast to loose waight and look great, then not to follow it on with an exersice program or a healthy diet. This is a point i must get through to others.
        Best wishes Keith.

  393. dmargo28 says:

    Hello everyone
    Yes I did a 10 day fast before and lost about 8lbs. Now im looking to do a longer one for better results. I did keep my 8 lbs off and I know exactly what you mean with that story keith. There is a girl in one of my college classes that weighed 210 then fasted for 20 days and lost 26lbs and she looked a lot better than what she did before. A month later she looked even worse from where she started and it made me think that exact same thing. So your doing just water for 40 days right?

  394. keith101 says:

    Hey dymargo28
    I will have to look into this on “support” on after fasting”. It takes a lot mind power” also self will to see it through, so if there is self will and mind power to complete a 30 day fast, then why do some people fall back in their ways?

    Is the “fast” for all the wrong reasons in the first place? this is something i really need to look into.
    Thank you for your comment on this.
    Regards Keith.

  395. JJ says:

    Day 8 of my juice fast….did my exercise video this morning and I feel reallly weak I may have some more juice than I normally do I usually dont have that much juice but lots of on my day off and want to get alot done..I may be going through a lil session of deeper detox today too.

    Hope all have a great week!


  396. JJ says:


    I have hit a plateau with my rate of weight loss its day three with no loss but on day 11 of my fast is this normal..


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi JJ,
      The body slows metabolism during a fast and weightloss decreases. It is common and can be frustrating. Cayanne pepper has been proven to increase weightloss during fasting.

      • JJ says:

        Hi Tom

        Puttin Cayenne pepper in my juices…im assuming preferrably veggie juices…I have decreased my juice intake to prolly about 15 ounces and the rest water all day…hoping that will kick start something
        Thanks Jess

  397. JJ says:


    Do I use the actual juice from the pepper or the granular kind


  398. keith101 says:

    Hi JJ
    Yes you can use organic cayeene pepper, also powder form to, its benifits are not only “benificial” to waight loss, it really is widespread to general health.
    these are some of the things cayeene pepper do for “health”
    Reduces weight by improving metabolism
    Fantastic for the heart and venous structure
    Eliminates plaque from the arteries
    Helps heal ulcers
    It is healing to the entire circulatory system
    Aids the peristaltic action in the intestines
    Regards Keith.

  399. keith101 says:

    Your Welcome JJ
    Blessings for christmas Keith.

  400. lauren says:


    I am beginning a 21 day fast on January 11th, along with the rest of my church. I am doing it to get closer to God, and also to lose weight. I am 21 years old, 5’7 and 157 lbs. I am trying to decide whether I am going to start with a juice fast or water fast. I will probably start with a juice fast for the first 3 or 4 days, then do water, then alternate every few days. I suppose it just depends on how energetic I feel on the water fast. As for the pre-fast diet, I have a huge thing of organic spring mix salad from Sams club that I wouldn’t want to go to waste, so I’ll be eating just that as of tomorrow. I’ve been reading this site, and I don’t have any questions so far, but I suppose I’ll post again as soon as I notice physical or spiritual progress or if I have a question.

  401. keith101 says:

    Hi Lauren
    Welcome to
    Good luck to you and your church on your 21 day fast, whether it be water, or juice/veg fasting.
    Blessings Keith.

  402. Jamie95er says:

    Hi everyone! I just joined this forum today and registered because I would like to post comments and share with you my experiences, as you all do here;-). I am not new to fasting, but I am new to ‘juice fasting’. I water fast twice a year, Spring and Autumn, for 28 days. I started a few years ago and I turned vegan ( after my first fast ). I have decided to try a juice fast, starting the 16th of this month ( Jan. ) because doing a water fast would really deprive me of sufficient energy I need to work at my job. From what I’ve read about juicing fasts, some people maintain a good level of energy, but i suppose it all depends on the individual, as well as how toxic they are. I am intending to keep my weight consistently at my ideal weight, which keeps fluctuating up to ten to fifteen pounds more than the weight I feel and do my best. It’s really only been doing this the last few months ( during the holidays ) but when I set a goal, I do my best to achieve it;-D. Thanks for this great forum and website. I will finish my profile next chance I get. I just mainly wanted to say hello right away, and let you know that I am inspired to do a juice fast at the end of this coming week! I appreciate that there are others who are/will be in the same boat as me! One of my first questions on the juice fasting would be, do you drink different juices daily or stay with one or two types of juice each day?

    All the best,

  403. Jamie95er says:

    Hi again,

    I guess I forgot to add that I am female, and 5ft in height. My goal is to steadily maintain what I consider my best and healthiest weight of 95lbs. This means I have 15 lbs to go. I know you all must think that even at 110, that should be considered healthy, but for me, it’s a lot of excess weight to carry around. especially since I am so “compact”, lol!

    My downfall is the bread. I would love to be able to fully wean myself off of it completely at some point because I really don’t feel all that satisfied when I do eat bread anyway. Well, one step at a time I suppose…:-). Or, if anything, only have it with a meal once a week at most.

    At any rate, being able to interact on this forum is very motivating for me! Glad to be here, so that I am able to communicate with others who are fasting. Most of my friends think I’m nuts for going on fasts, let alone, my choice of eating habits because it is so ‘different’ from their own. For the most part, they’ve learned to accept it, but it’s much more enjoyable when I can share the excitement of my results to those who can identify with where I’m coming from:-).

    All the best,

  404. keith101 says:

    Hi jamie
    Welcome to
    yes you can mix your juice/veg in a juicer, there is nothing wrong with drinking differant juices each day, there are some juice recipys on this site, or you can buy one of Toms e-books on health recipes.
    You can also post your progress on the fasting progress reports, page.
    Best wishes on your fasting Keith.

  405. yogagirl2124 says:

    Hi Tom

    I was attempting a 40 day juice fast- spiritually, the last few days have been hectic and emotional, not able to spend any/much time meditating or taking care of me, and really only had juice the first two days. the next four water and coconut water, also a emergen c packet. I have a demanding infant ( not breast feeding) so i get overwhelmed. bottom line, today was day 6- fine until 9pm, the ended up having some rice and split peas. and a snack. I immediately threw up ( not on purpose) my bodys reaction. Is it still ok to carry on tomorrow, just look at this a a bump in road?

    I would like to still carry on and make it 40 days, even with this slip up…is it worth it? beneficial?

    • admin says:

      Hi Yogagirl
      I have blown many a fast and went back to fasting. But if you do not have the self control breaking a long fast can cause serious stomach pains.
      I just uploaded some audios the the page called fasting FAQ. Please give them a listen.

  406. ellabella says:

    Is it possibl tht i can go on a 7 day fast and not loose any weight if im 5’3 156 pounds??

  407. gowelnwa says:

    Hi Tom! and thank you, your website has helped me greatly in my fasts

    I’m in the middle of a 10-day water fast(not my first one, btw).

    I was wondering how to break it, I don’t want any of the fat back, I’ve come up with a menu for the week following my fast, I’m going to eat the healthiest foods I can, I calculated the approximated calories for each day:

    Day 1: 178kcal
    Day 2: 278kcal
    Day 3: 378kcal
    Day 4: 429kcal
    Day 5: 511kcal
    Day 6: 645kcal
    Day 7: 830kcal
    Day 8: 708kcal

    After this, I’ll eat an average of 800-1000kcal for a while, what do you think?

  408. ellabella says:

    can i take diet pills to speed my metabolism or wil this break the fast??

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ellabella,
      Diet pills that contain herbal stimulants (example: ephedrine) are bad and worse during fasting. You can lose weight by drinking 20 cups of strong coffee per day but at what price to the body. The lower the bodies immune capacity as the body goes into shock survival mode.

  409. keith101 says:

    Hi Ellabella
    Why would you even think about taking diet pills on a fast?
    Can you tell me the reasons why you would like to fast in the first place, what is your age, hight and weight, any medication you are taking?
    Blessings Keith.

  410. ellabella says:

    to lose weight I wnt to speed my metabolism Iam 5’3 156 pounds iam not on any meds.thanks

  411. amiedear says:

    Hi there,

    I am on day 1 of a water fast. It’s going great so far. Not hungry at all. I am 5’2 and weigh about 130 lbs. I will do the fast for about 12 days. In 15 days I am getting surgery (breast reduction) and I’m wondering if this fast will be harmful to me during my surgery? I don’t know if it will make my blood too thin and that would cause me to bleed more during the surgery. Any thoughts? Also exercising on a water fast? Sometimes I go to a gym 2 hours a day and burn about 1000 calories. If I have the energy during the fast – is it harmful to go?

  412. keith101 says:

    Hi amiedear
    Thank you for your honesty on fasting.
    Tom and I would recommend juice fasting before surgery and also whilst you are working out at the gym.
    Its not harmful to go to the gym on juice/veg fasting,
    Only whilst water fasting this becomes a problem?…
    You can get all the nutrients on a juice/veg fast as opposed to water fasting.

    Water fasting can be of benefit before surgery 2-3 days before surgery, no more no less.
    Hope this helps. Tom can add to my opinion on your query.
    Blessings Keith.

  413. lki56 says:

    Hi Tom.
    Thank you for this very informative and encouraging website. I’m a 56 year old female who, during the past 3 years, has quit a 36 year smoking habit, gained 65 pounds and been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I’ve completed a few master cleanses, the last one over 2 years ago for 20 days. I very much want to do a water and juice cleanse to release this weight and detoxify my body physically and emotionally. My concern is that, on another fasting website it says that fasting is contraindicated for hyperthyroidism.
    The doctors that I have seen want me to have my thyroid removed or irradiated or, failing that, at least take medication. I want to do none of them but understand that it can be quit dangerous if left untreated for a long time. I would very much appreciate your opinion and guidance with this.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Lki56,
      A 30 day juice fasting using a juicer, can have powerful life changing therapeutic results.
      The statement that “fasting is contraindicated for hyperthyroidism” is probably about some water fasting case study.
      If they want it radiated or removed there must medical concern.
      I would do a fast first then if that failed to show improvement the take the thyroid medication.
      Consider supplementation specifically for your thyroid during the fast.

  414. lki56 says:

    Thank you Tom. I will certainly do the juice fast with the supplementation. I really believe that there is a natural alternative to any medication that a doctor might prescribe for hyperthyroid and hopefully fasting will be the solution.
    Do you have any suggestions for supplements or direction to any sites that might have?

  415. Andreea says:

    Hi Tom.
    So I started my juice fasting yesterday and it was going great except today, I was at work from very early until very late, and have cheated…..I ate a banana, some pineapple, an apple, and strawberries (like 2).
    I juiced this morning and will juice when I get home….but is this really horrible? I mean, did I set back my fast and undid the work I have done for the past 2 days? 🙁

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Andreea,
      Life is a long series of successes and failures. Feel good about what you did achieve and figure out where you lost your focus. Fasting is like climbing a mountain, it always looms in the distance waiting to be conquered.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Iki56
      Hi Andreea
      Sorry guys iv not been on the site for a few days, iv been uploading my 40 day water fasting videos on youtube, tomorrow is day 3 on water.

      Iki i have had radio active treatment for a hyper thyroid many years ago, i was on iodine pills before that to control it, to no avail, i now will be on a drug called levelthyroxin for life, the thyroid controls many of the functions in the human body including the central nervous system, be very careful that you make the right choice?

      Andreea Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and try again, its only a blip, focus and stay strong.
      Blessings Keith.

  416. lki56 says:

    Hi Keith.

    Thank you so much for sharing that information. I know that I won’t have my thyroid removed nor will I have radiation. And because of my very strong beliefs in natural and holistic medicine, I probably won’t take medications. Tom recommended a 30 day juice fast with thyroid support supplementation. I’m on day 7 and it’s going fairly well. Detox symptoms haven’t been terrible although the desire to eat sometimes aggravates me. Would you mind telling me what, looking back, you would do now if you could do it over with your thyroid? And thank you again, Keith. I really appreciate your input.


  417. keith101 says:

    Hi lke
    Looking back many years ago, i honeastly wish a took the radio active treatment a lot sooner rather than going through the hell of my thyroid being out of control even when i took the iodine pills to try and control it, sometimes the thyroid is to far goon to be stabilized, it is far easier to control an under active thyroid than an over active one.
    I have been stable now for many years with levelthyroxin.
    Tom is right about the juice fasting and thyroid medication, “BUT” Your thyroid needs to be stabilized first, have you had any beta blockers ?…
    I think i will have to put a page on my site about the thyroid and fasting. I will do that in the next few days.
    Have a look at my baby site and you will see my videos i have posted from youtube on day 3 of my 40 day water fast.
    click on
    Blessings Keith.

  418. lki56 says:

    Hi Keith.

    Thank you for the speedy response. I haven’t had any beta blockers and my strong beliefs about what grief they can cause preclude them as a treatment for me. I have done a bit more research and have found another site that indicates therapeutic fasting for hyperthyroidism…however, it doesn’t say anything about the thyroid’s stability prior to fasting. I think that I read in one of Tom’s earlier posts that a prolonged fast can return the thyroid to normal function. Do you have a different perspective? Thank you for your input.

  419. keith101 says:

    Hi lki
    The thyroid can be stabilized with alternative medicines “BUT” If the doctors are saying that part of your thyroid should be removed, then that tells me that it is to far gone to be stabilized even with iodine pills?
    What is your hearts BPM when you are at rest?
    Over-active means its hyper, so you must have a fast heart rate?
    Blessings Keith.

  420. ana says:


    I have started my 30 days juice fasting on Valentines Day and today is my 26th day. I have never fasted in my life. I was 64 kg in September and not watching the weight for some month i went up to 70kg. It is how I decided to fast. I work out 3-4 times a week for 40 minutes.
    I have used carrots, oranges, grapefruits, pine apple, lime, lemon and etc. First 2 weeks I lost 4kg (66kg), the second week another 1kg, then another 0.6kg. This Sunday, after 3 full weeks I was 64.4. Today is Thursday and I weighed myself, it was 63.9. I guess it is slowed down. My goal is 60-61kg. My 30th day is this Monday; do I eat piece of fruit on my 30th day or the next day?

    Will I lose weight when I break the fast? How many days shall I eat just fruits and vegetables when I break my fast?

    Thank you

  421. keith101 says:

    Hi ana
    Start with pieces of fruit, with smoothies for the first few days then a light salad after that, then you can start back on a healthy diet, weight loss depends on the amount of your juice/veg intake less juice, more weight loss.
    Blessings Keith.

    • ana says:

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks for the reply. I drink around 600ml of juice and around 1.5 litre of water every day. I mix fruits and veg. together, sometimes more fruit, sometimes more veg., Today I was 63.4kg. Sunday is end of my 4th week,29th day. Shall I cut down on juice?
      To be honest I do not know the receipe for smothies, can you give me some ideas?
      I have worked out entire time 3-4 times a week for 40 minutes, I am working as well, so I walk around. I really thought loss would of been more but I guess each body is different, unless I consumed too much juice not knowing that.

      Thank you

  422. ana says:

    Hi everyone.
    I broke my 30 days juice fast today. I started at 70kg and today I was 62.6kg. I had coffee and one glass of fresh juice in the morning for breakfast,then 1 med. apple, some grapes and 1/2 orange. I still drink alot of water. I am planning to have a pear or banana in the afternoon for dinner, maybe some more juice. I am not hungry at all. I will see how I feel in the evening. My goal is 59 kg. I have 3.6kg to work on, but I am planning to loose that more with raw veg. and fruits, healthy diet. I feel very good that I completed the full 30 days. The forth week is the hardest,but I had in mind 30 full days so I went with it. I will add some veg on the 3rd day of breaking the fast. I manage to work out as well, and felt great.
    I will post more results later.

    Thank you,

  423. keith101 says:

    WOW Ana thats nearly 16 lbs, you must feel great!
    Are you planning to go to the gym when you finnish your fast. I am on day 11 of a 40 day water fast, you can look at my dailly videos i have dragged from youtube and posted them on my site click on the link to view them
    Blessings and well done ana. Keith.

    • ana says:

      Thanks for the reply. I actually worked out during the fast. I went to gym 4 times a week for 40 minutes.I always work out.

      I will keep progress posted.

  424. lynn walker says:

    Im starting my fast today (Sunday), and I am neededing to lose about 60 lbs over the next 6 months. I am hoping to get a jump start on the weight loss with a water fast. However, I am more interested in cleansing my body from all the crazy food I’ve been eating in college to gain these last 60 lbs! I feel terrible, so, I know that cleansing will help both my weigh and my insides. I was wondering if I was too lose about 30 or 50 lbs with a 50 day water fast, should I exspect to gain 10 of it back-or if I completly change my lifestyle, exercise, and watch the calories i eat after the fast, could I keep all of it off after I finish the fast?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Lynn,
      A 50 day water fast is a serious undertaking that very few achieve. It is like saying I am going on my first climb to the top of everest.
      I think, mmmmm. ” I have heard that before.” The longer the fast the harder is is to break and the easier it is to get out of control.
      Yes you can lose the weight if you make it.
      Slow down and read. Buy a juicer. Try to eat healthy for 3 days. If you cannot do that how do your expect to break your fast correctly when you are hungry with limited digestive capacity.

      • keith101 says:

        Hi Lynn
        I Have been water fasting a few years now and have worked my way up the ladder to achieve a 40 day water fast which i started 17 days ago, this being day 17, trust me when i say you need 100% focus, not many people make it past day 5 never mind 50 days.
        I am really not trying to put you off but set your goals that are realistic, if this is your first fast then juice/veg fasting would benifit you.
        You can loose up to 30-40 lbs in 30 days if you know what you are doing. Read up on the wealth of information on this site before you decide on what you want to do.

        yes you will keep the weight off if you go to the gym once your fast is over, as long as you stick to a healthy diet.

        You can watch my water fasting videos from youtube.
        Click on
        Blessings Keith.

  425. lynn walker says:

    Thank you both for the quick response! I am impressed. Thank you for your comments and advise, however, I’ve had a calling to do this. I am very strong in my faith and I am led in the direction of this water fast. I have been the last three days on a juice fast from oranges, lemons, and grapes. So far I have lost 5 lbs, and it is thrilling and secures my faith in going on the water fast tomorrow. Truth is, I’m not sure if I will last 50 days, but I wont hurt to try. I’ve read this entire site and learned how to fast, what to exspect, and how to break the fast correctly. Thank you both and I will keep you posted!

  426. keith101 says:

    Hi Lynn
    Let me know your age, hight, weight?…
    If this is your first fast then you will feel fear. Its ok to read up on fasting, its putting it together that is the main thing, but if it is what your heart is set on then i will back you 100%

    One important think i have learned about water fasting is take it one day at a time and focus, set a goal, this may be getting to day 7, then reset your goal to another 7 days so forth and so on, instead of setting your mind to the 40-50 days
    Best wishes Keith.

  427. lynn walker says:

    I’m not a bit fearful, I am completly sure that this is what I am to do. But I do agree that I should take it one day at a time, and if at any point in time I feel like I should stop, I will. I am 22 years old and I weigh 160 (since the juice fast) and I’m 5’7. I do not have a set goal weight, rather just a way I would like to look. However, weight is not the only reason I am doing this-I have many reasons. It has been 3 hours on only water so far am im very excited.
    Best wishes as well,

  428. yogagirl2124 says:

    Hi Today is day 31 of my 40 day juice fast. on average I have been drinking 96oz of water, herbal tea a fresh juice about 10oz mid day, and another 16oz juice in the evening ( usually a naked 100% organic fruit) I know not the best, but my lifestyle makes it hard to juice again.

    I weighed myself for the first time, and no weight loss???? if anything it says I gained 3lbs! Im very confused, and not sure what I have done wrong. the weight loss wasnt the main goal of the fast it was to break the cycle of bulimia. I now feel myself getting back into that mode of control and self abuse.

    I have not been taking the enemas reg, and cant stomach phys. husk. I wasnt doing the enemas bc I used to heavily abuse laxatives. I am thinking it may be good to pick up natural senna tea? and find a way to do fresh juice at night no more nakeds…

    I am trying to rationalize that this gain, or lack of loss is from lack of bowel movements ( litterally have not gone. and when I have its nothng at all). Also my metabolisim is shot anything I can do while on the fast to help that?

    thanks, I dont want this to throw me off, or send me into a spiral of self deprecation.

    all and any advice is needed and welcomed

  429. lynn walker says:

    I’ve been alternating 3 days of water fasting then 1 day of juice fasting (with the juice being strawberries or apples or carrots equaling to about 500 calories on that day). I have been losing a pound a day. I’ve been praying about it and feel as if I should keep going for a long time- hoping to go for 50 days. I already feel much better. I am spacy and have a bit of a cold, but that’s not to unusual for springtime anyway. So I wondering if I could expect the 1 pound a day to continue for the whole 30 days, that sure would be nice. Since I am still overweight but not by a lot (I am 5’7 and now weigh 155), do you think it will slow down to 1/2 lb a day? If so, how could i prevent this? I already walk 2 miles a day.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Lynn
      Fasting is not an exact science, you could loose 2-3 pounds one day then 1 lbs another day, best thing to do is up your exersice 1 mile per week to shock the body into loosing weight constantly.
      Blessings Keith.

  430. lynn walker says:

    Days 1-3 I’ve drank only water, then on day 4 this is what i did,

    (1 time daily) 8 oz of carrots=90 calories
    (2 times) 8 oz of apple slices=130 calories
    (2 times) 8 oz of strawberries=70 calories

    Blended with only water.
    Carrots were awful to drink.

    …….then days 5-7 only water.

    Should i keep going like this or just do only water for the remainder of the fast…?

  431. GML80 says:

    Hi Tom,

    Ive started a fast. Its more a trial run to justify what would be a reasonable goal to start at. Ive been at it 8 full days. I didnt expect to go past 3 days.
    To begin with my question; I am 215 lbs easy. female. Im in college 2nd year. In high school i spent most of my time out for sports. My weight wasnt affected at all. Basketball, soccer, softball, track were the sports i played. Youd think the excersice i did PLUS my hobby of weight lifting would help me live a healthy lifestyle. My eating Habits werent the greatest in high school. Nor are they now, but my weight actually lowered when i got out of highschool. Eating worse. i weighed 235-245 in high school. i dont excersice. I used to but it seems when i diet and workout my weight seems to just stay. it doesnt move. at all. idk why. SO like i said weight lifting is just a hobby of mine, so my question is… after this fast when I lose a bit of weight and KNOW i will gain. Would it be wise to get back into my weight lifting? would i make muscle progress? POSITIVE weight gaines if i could somehow transfer all that weight gain into muscle? would you have any advice for this? i gave some history because of my goals

    • GML80 says:

      Also, the muscle gain varied. this is how i know i should be concerned with this. I made SIGNIFICANT gaines but for my sports the fat stayed the same.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi GML80,
      What do you think is your daily calorie intake. How much starch and fat are you eating. Do you eat fried foods? Sure you can rip out like in the body building posters but will it last.
      Diet is the first defense against weight gain. Fasting is a huge boost in the right direction but not the cure.

  432. khoyt says:

    I have been eating foods now for two weeks and plan on another 40 day fast in another week…40 days on, 3 weeks off…until I lose the weight I want.
    My biggest problem is when I come off the fast and begin eating, I gain some of the lost weight back! I know that has to be normal and I am exercising, but it is bothersome.
    I don’t want fasting to become a necessity, but an alternative…any advise?

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Khotyu
      Unfortunately your body will hold more water and fiber when you eat. Weight loss programs are a lifetime system that is doable. So if you need to fast every few months to keep the weight off that will not work for long. How may calories a day do you think your are eating, and what types of food. Do you drink sugared drinks?

  433. Lilli says:

    I’m new in here and in need for some support.

    I have been on a restricting diet for the last two months, in addition to 3-4 workouts per week, and I lost only around 4 pounds! This is extremely frustrating.
    However, I’m starting a water fast tomorrow, hoping to lose minimum 15 lbs. in no longer than a month. I currently weigh 116 and I’m 19 years old
    I was wondering if I can lose around 15 lbs. in less than 30 days by water-fasting?
    Please let me know a soon as possible
    Thank You

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Lilli
      Sure you may lose that but any water fast over 2 weeks can have risks. (hormone imbalance, low levels of electrolyte, for example. Better to have some drinks of raw honey with lemon. Rather than straight fasting. How tall are you?

  434. framius says:

    Hey Tom,
    I want to try water fasting. I weigh 195 and my height is 5’11. I want to try fasting for 3 days, that is my goal. I want to lose fat but I really don’t want to lose muscle though. I also can’t control myself when I am hungry, do you have any tips that will control my hunger? I heard that a little bit of salt will help but I’m not sure if that’s true.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi framius,
      A thee day water fast can be hell. I puked over the toilet for 10 hours. Try juice fasting first. I would not worry about muscle loss on a 3 day fast.
      In general, hunger passes when you fast. If you are hungry on a juice fast just drink more juice.
      Fat is 3500 per pound and why use protein when fat is easy to convert.

  435. Ron says:

    Tom, You have the patience of a saint! Answering these same questions over and over again must be…well, hell too! Maybe you should put a sticky up on the main page for all the weight watchers?

    It seems the main reason to fast for most is weight loss! Well (EVERYONE), you can lose weight by changing your eating habits for one. 2) cut out fats, sugar, dairy and wheat. LOL..that would be as close to fasting as you get without fasting! And, 3) some moderate (30-45mins cardio) exercise 3-4 times a week! It will take about a week to start losing weight as your body adjusts. Then the pounds will melt off you like butter (pardon the pun)!

    Now, if detoxing and healing are your motives. As well as a spiritual experience…then FASTING is what you want! Don’t get me wrong…weight loss is a nice by-product of fasting…and a “good” reason to fast. BUT, it shouldn’t be the ONLY reason, as you will probably fall very hard when you return to eating.

    A lifestyle, and mindset change are needed before fasting…and weight loss!

    I suggest… now listen closely “newbies”, check this wonderful site “in depth”! There is great info here including: People who have done exactly what YOU are going to do! With RESULTS in writing! Just dig a little deeper in the “Progress Report” section(s)(there are 2!), And FAQ section is a real eye opener for even the experienced faster!

    Then get Tom’s books! They are priced right! Easy to download..and there is great information about “every” aspect of fasting (including diet)!!

    We are here to help you with your fast…and pray together for God’s grace and guidance!

    Good Luck and God Bless! Ron

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ron,
      I am going to come up with a obesity protocol that is indepth for people who cannot lose weight easily. But sooooo much work. too little time.
      Trying to recruit some full time writers from the university.

  436. kisss says:

    hi you guys, i allready posted once on the fasting club but nobody’s answering so here i go on this one:

    i’m on day 2 of my waterfast yeey
    i’m on wellbutrine so i do take that ( an antidepressivum)
    i work in a sandwich bar and i’m with my hands in food all day
    it sounds stupid but i had a cut in my finger and i was really worried that some food, nutrients, d go into my body through that cut…
    well i hope it doesnt but i know your body can absorb things trough skin, so what do you think?

    on day one, i went working, later on went to the gym, had an hour of vigorous cardio, oh god that felt good! i wanted to do more but then i thought hey don’t push yourself! you need to take it slower on a waterfast and you have to keep it up for 9 more days, so took a nice shower and had a diet coke,
    gosh that diet coke was a reward but i know its so bad for you,
    i hope diet coke doesn’t affect my weight loss, i think the aspartame in it makes you retain water, right?
    i’m not fat, have an BMI of 23 and have lots of muscles, but the sport i’m doing, requires me to have less weight on me, so thats what i’m aiming for, together with no obsession about food anymore, no more depression, getting rid of couperosis (redness of skin in my face)

    i have a question,
    how long do you thik i should waterfast to cure my couperosis? do you thinks its a curable condition on a waterfast?
    i sure hope so
    im now 62,6 kgs
    starting weight was 63,7 i think, not so sure anymore
    im 1m68
    good luck to you all

    best wishes

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Kisss
      I have witnessed juice fasting to be much more therapeutic than water fasting. Controlled catabolism and supporting molecular turnover at a cellular level is the reason.
      You want peppers, red and green in a veggie juice for the selenium, essential oils, B complex.
      Juice fasting 30 days and a rebuilding of your thought life will cure depression 95% of the time.
      Water fasting off a bad diet can cause more damage to the body as it has no reservoirs of nutrition.
      This is a journey of healing that cannot be rushed.
      All chemicals will affect the molecular integrity of your skin cells.
      I also recommend that you read more on the site.
      We want to see you happy healthy and thin but fasting is a science and a flexible process of healing that need to be specific your to needs and condition.

  437. Ron says:

    Hi Kisss. I would do some reading on this site, and consider purchasing Tom’s e-books. A water fast is very hard to do. Water fast means no soda. Especially chemical laden sodas.

    Try a juice fast for a few days. Seeing that you are taking antidepressants, a juice fast would help you more. A juice fast would clear up your skin a week or 2. Food would not be absorbed through yor skin! I would worry more about the soaps and chemicals on the surface of the things you are touching. Ron

  438. lolitalinda says:

    about a year ago, i had found a lump which ended up being benign but left me equally traumatized and i’ve gained a lot of weight since then. a lot of comments i’ve read are different from mine because weighing in at 170 and only 5 feet i cant find anyone that’s around this and i’m very curious to know about how much weight do you theorize i’d lose in a 10 day water fast (just plain water). losing weight has been fairly easy for me in the past, i’ve just been to lazy to even try. i’ve read 4 pounds to even 10 pounds but the comments i did read are of people that are not as heavy as i am. i thought maybe i’d be able to lose more..?

  439. Ron says:

    Hi LL, A water fast is very hard to do. If you research the site you will see that. I’m suggesting a juice fast for weight loss and healing. You will lose about a pound a day, and also flood your body with wonderful nutrients and enzymes!!

    The best thing to do is educate yourself with as much information as you can get before any attempt at fasting. It will make you more likely to succeed.

    I have many friends and relatives that have jumped into fasting. They always ask me the same questions about water fasting. I don’t know one of them that has completed a week on water. Never mind 10 days!

    I’m not trying to discourage you. You may be the one in a 100 who is able to do it! If water fasting is what you feel strongly motivated to do, we are here for guidance.

    Please read the sections here on “water fasting” first. If you have questions feel free to ask. Tom, or myself will respond. Welcome and good luck! Ron

  440. jg91093 says:

    Today i will start a 1 week water fasting is it ok if i eat some fruits?

  441. blackbird says:

    Isn’t rapid weight loss unhealthy though? i hear that per week it’s best lose 1 to 2 kilos max. is that true?

  442. Ron says:

    Hi bb, In a word, No.

    Rapid weight loss is usually associated with some ailment. Not the other way around.

  443. ihopethisworks says:

    is black coffee or tea allowed during a fast?

  444. Ron says:

    Hi ihope, Most herbal teas are fine. Coffee isn’t the worst thing during a juice fast, but is not recommended. Definitely a no-no during a water fast!

    The caffeine will make your nervous system jittery. And the chemicals used in processing coffee (especially decaf) slows the detoxing effects.

    I love coffee, but usually don’t touch it during any fast! While fasting, I do look forward to my herbal teas before bed tho! Ron

  445. ihopethisworks says:

    Just to get this straight, I CAN drink black or green tea during a water fast, but no coffee. Any types of teas in particular that you would recommend. Also, will it affect my weight loss? (slow it down). I’m fasting for detoxification and weight loss.

  446. Ron says:

    Hi ihopetw, Water fasts are usually just water. It also depends on what benefits you want from fasting. I’ve heard of water fasters drinking teas as a means of curing some ailments. But, if you want the full effects of a water fast, that’s all you should have.

    There is a lot of info here on on water and juice fasting.

  447. jewel4u86 says:


    I am 24 years old, my height is 163 cm and my weight is 74 kg and want to loose it. I am married. I take a glass of luke warm water with lemon everyday in the morning and I go to gym approx 5 days a week for an hour. I do cycling and walking and some stretches at gym. Can you please tell me how many glass of juice shall i intake. Please tell me what kind of Juice can be intake. I am Jain, Vegetarian. Can i continue the luke warm water with lemon during my juice fasting. I am working and my job timing are 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. Kindly suggest taking my job timings into consideration.

  448. Ron says:

    Hi jewel, Any fresh juice is good. Store bought is usually full of sugars. So get a juicer. There is no set amount or time to take your juice. Listen to your body. If you feel the need for more go for it. Lemon and water are fine. There are no rules to fasting. Only the one you make!

    I suggest reading the progress reports and articles here on this site. There are many insights to fasting and a wealth of information. Your questions are welcome. Ron

  449. annayuen says:

    Hi Jewel
    Regarding juice fasting, apart from fresh juices, I have one more rule – I rotate colors to ensure various nutrients and vitamins intake. My website has more details about this. Regarding exercise, five day a week doing stretches at the gym could be boring. How about replacing two days by some other aerobic exercises such as swimming?

  450. twittermonavie says:

    Interesting to read your thought of blog posting. I have got more reviews from people that they are feeling better than before and daily drinks MonaVie juice.

  451. Kiemoy says:

    Hey everyone. This site is so encouraging. I have wanted to start fasting for so long. I tried several times this week but after 12-18hrs I end up giving in and I eat more than I normally do 🙁 So i decided to do some research on fasting and I came across this. My fast begins now (well dinner was at 6pm) so now as a good as anytime to start. For me this is for weight loss, discipline and self empowerment. I started I started oral contraceptive in sept last yr and I realized within 9mths I went from 142lbs to 190lbs today. So in the past 2months (stopped oc) I’ve tried so many fads that don’t seem to work for me. Not to mention I am always sleepy/ tired which makes me more emotional stresssed leading to more eating and sleeping! hope this changes that.

  452. jvonhaugg says:

    I first lost weight when I was 18 with unintentional fasting. I would not eat breakfast, soup for lunch water or soda at work and then when I got home I wasn’t hungry. I ate normal meals when my family sat down and eat. I ate if I went out on a date. But for daily routine eating I didn’t eat when I wasn’t hungry. In 4 months I lost about 20lbs. My brother and parents were nervous cause I got so slim.155 to 134. I have an athletic body build or more muscular build for a girl.
    I’m now 28 with 2 children and 150. While pregnant I ate for 2 and didn’t regret it until the last weeks before delivery when the docs were watching my weight…and I was over 200lbs. For my 5’6″ frame it was overweight. I lost about 50lbs between babies with eating smaller meals. My husband was also deployed so I didn’t have many to cook for, my daughter only being less than a year. After my second child was weened, I was starting to really look at myself in wonder if I would ever loose the weight. I had maintained a 180lbs for a year with no more weight lose. Because of my Christian heritage I thought of fasting. So in 2009 I started my first fast. I didn’t tell anyone but my husband. He joined me 2 days later. We told our pastor and a few others. That taught us to not tell anyone because of the negative or highly cautious responses. We aimed for a 30 day fast. We broke it at 21 days because were were going on vacation with our 2 kids and would need the energy. We learned so much from the fast.
    Since then I’ve joined up with the Air Force Reserves. I was active duty before my first child. In the reserves there is a fitness requirement. So I have to stay in shape. I went on various fast to get my weight down for bettering my scores and overall health. My biggest weight drop was the first fast in 2009 of 19 lbs. Since then I’d lose 10lbs or so to my current weight of 150lbs.
    I have maintained a healthy life style to keep my weight off. My body looks good at 150lbs! I like it at that, but a bit of me would love to show my husband what I was in high school. He met me after I gained alot of muscle mass from Basic Training of the Air Force. He doesn’t know what his sweet Mother of 2 can look like. HOT!
    Thanks for letting me share my journey!

  453. brentmitchell says:

    I’m on Day 17 of a 30 day fast and am chugging right along. I have made a few modifications that have help me not go crazy with hunger. I added a banana smoothie with whey protein in the morning and night….not what the experts say to do, but I’m losing at a consistent rate and have been able to workout more as well.

    Adding a smoothie might be a good addition if you feel you can’t make it…

  454. Estella Denjean says:

    What is the average amount per day a person loses on a water fast?

  455. JJ says:

    Hi Tom

    I’ve done juice fasts yearly since 2008 my testimonial is on your site 🙂 I have a question I cannot seem to find an answer for, longest fast I’ve done is 40 days. I’ve done them yearly. This year I am doing 60 I’m on day 40 right now I realize weight loss varies ..I’ve lost less than 20 and I’ve been at a plateau for few weeks is this a common issue with longer fasts and why does the body go through plateaus? Thanks Jess