Fasting Progress Report – (User: RopinC)

  • Age   33
  • Weight and Height  259   5’10”
  • Type of Fast  Water Fast
  • Any past experience with fasting.  None
  • Reason for the Fast  I have had a lot of stress and would like to clear my body of toxins and start fresh eating right.
  • Health Issues  None
  • Pre-fast diet.  None

I started my first fast and then found this site.  What a wonderful resource! So I am on day 3 of a water fast, well I started out on the Master Cleanse but the acid was just too much for my stomach.  Today is the most difficult day so far, my back is killing me, and I am pretty grouchy.  lol  I know day 3 is the hardest so that is motivation to keep going.

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4 Responses to Fasting Progress Report – (User: RopinC)

  1. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi RopinC
    So you are tackling your first fast…. a water fast from a toxic diet. MMMMM what can I say. You should read some more on this site. Water fasting is never recommended as your a first fast. But some fasters do not have problems. From me, it was a nightmare.

  2. bella83 says:

    My first fast was a water fast, and I lasted 10 days. Around 10 days I started noticing less of a weight reduction, and honestly that discouraged me and I quit. This time I plan to last at least 2x the amount of the first one, and possible try to last up to 40 days. I’m getting married in October too, and it’s time to do some wedding dress shopping.

    Post on here everyday, and you will find that being accountable to somebody will help you out tremendously. Also, as you will notice, you will not find too many people out there that support fasting. Don’t let that discourage you either. That happened to me too.

    So just giving you some advice from a 10 day fast experience. I wish I would have done this the first time; I think I would have stuck with it longer. I look forward to seeing your results. Good Luck!

  3. RopinC says:

    I started my water fast after finding out about juice fasting. I can say I am glad I have done it this way, it has strengthened my confidence toward food. I do want to switch over to a juice fast after my body tells me I am ready. I have not been overly hungry but have had a lot of body pain. This to shall pass…

  4. RopinC says:

    Day 4 is almost over! My back is feeling better this afternoon, this morning it was killer!! I find I don’t think about food all that much but I really miss the social aspect of food. I fix dinners and sit around while others each lunch will very little problem. Yes emotionally I want to eat but physically I don’t feel it.

    I think about breaking my fast because of scheduled events that I get afraid of. Like passing out driving to a client meeting. So I need to start researching juice recipes so I can get prepared. I also need to research if I can go straight from the water fast to a juice fast. I just want to get prepared!